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    • Woah...Things Have Changed

      1 year ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      I don't post on here often anymore. It's way easier to find me on Twitter (@kirstenlouisex). But yo, so I have brown hair now. Woah I know, I'm really living it up. I've got to calm it down.

      But also...

      1. I've written on my blog again woooo - DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN DEMO

      2. I write for this company called TenEighty which is pretty cool, they do British YouTubery things which is kinda awesome!

      3. I'm doing a walk for charity in July and you can sponsor me if ya like: SPONSOR MY CHARITY WALK

      Just a few updates if any friends are still here etc... See y'all at RTX London!!


    • New Blog Post

      1 year ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      writes about how she never posts on her blog then posts on her blog

      I am irony incarnate.

      But seriously, enjoy something a little different:



    • Life Has Not Been Kind To Me This Year

      1 year ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      What a self-pitying title this journal has? But I guess it is well deserved. I try to give as little insight into my feelings on here as possible but the RT site is actually somewhere I feel I can be completely honest about my mental state.

      As we come into December I have done a lot of reflecting recently. What has this year brought me? A lot of pain, a lot of sadness, some joy but mostly the former. If I'm completely honest, 2017 has been one of the worst years of my life.

      In the last month alone I have:

      - Been made homeless

      - Found a new place that is the opposite side of the city to my job

      - Been rejected from countless career prospects

      - Been dumped

      And much more in terms of my mental health.

      My blog went on the back-burner whilst I tried to fix my problems but every time one stress alleviated itself, another would appear. I've been in an endless cycle of misery. 

      It has been a long time since I have felt I wanted to die; I am not that person anymore. There is nothing on this earth that could make me want to give up so badly but my lord, 2017 really did get me on that brink again. Especially in the last week or so.

      I have been a bad friend to those of you I speak to on here and it's because I kept taking time away for myself.

      What good things have came of this year?

      - I was able to go to the USA for the very first time and attend RTX and meet some of my favourite creators

      - I was able to go to RTX again in October and meet some of my online friends in real life

      - I attended London Comic-Con for the very first time and made new friends

      - I was able to go to events I never imagined being able to go to before

      - I moved to London which was always my dream

      I can't say 2018 is going to be my year or start off well or any of those things. I am very sad, but that's okay.

      I want to start a YouTube channel where I can talk about things I want to talk about. I want to turn my reviews into videos that those of you who read my blog can enjoy. I want to do this. It doesn't need to be a career for me but I would love to do this for myself. That's my next goal. Get the equipment to do those things. I hope some of you come on this journey with me. 

      I am 21-years-old and although right now my mental health is a shit show and my career prospects look grim. I'm okay. I want to start brand new. I am not a lucky person but there's no reason I don't deserve the same happiness as everyone else.

      I love you all. 

      Also seriously please follow me on Twitter if you want to see more of what I do because I tend to reply more on there as it is so much easier to access on my phone: TWITTER


    • RTX London, YouTube and Other Life Updates

      1 year ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      I've disappeared the last few weeks. I'm sorry and I'm not sorry but life is a bit weird at the moment.

      I got a job at a secondhand entertainment store. Not what I want to be doing whatsoever but a job is a job, no matter how badly it pays.

      I'm debating going to university next year but I'm not sure what to study at all so that's also not fun.

      This past weekend, you may or may not have spotted me at RTX London (I have pink hair now so maybe not). I barely saw any panels and spent most of my time hanging out at the bean bags by center stage but I had an incredible time hanging out with some my friends.

      Next weekend I will be at MCM London (Saturday and Sunday) if anyone would like to stop by and say hello and hang out for a bit! I've never been to a Comic Con before so it would be cool to say hello to some RT fans if you're around. You may find me by the SitC stand or just wandering by myself!

      I'm really beginning to consider starting a YouTube channels of my own but possibly in a different direction to the reviews. I'd still like to do video reviews but I think I'd enjoy doing something more "fun". But we will see!

      My personal life has taken a weird turn but hey... More on that another time.


    • I Did Something Kind Of Cool? And Life Update

      1 year ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      So, I have been a ghost on this site lately. (oooo spoopy) But today I actually bought the domain for my blog and have changed a few things up on it to try and convince me to write on it more. (TRY

      To celebrate my little achievement, I'd be really grateful if people could go check it out! I'll be real, I'm not 100% happy with it and would LOVE a graphic/web designer to commission to help me out with my logo and stuff but hey, I do what I can so far.

      Here's the link: BLOG

      Now for the more interesting news, I guess? Depends on your perspective. Majority of you probably don't even care HA HA.


      Why did I disappear? Well secretly in the depths of the summer, I MOVED. Yes, I moved to London. Although, I'm unemployed so that kind of sucks BUT I'm here. One step at a time.

      To add to this, if you're in London or the UK or are going to be in October: Please come say hi to me at either RTX or MCM as I will be at both and love meeting people and obviously I'm famuzz enough to say that.

      you're really not you loser

      Well, that's all I have to update with.


    • Oh, Look It Didn't Die

      1 year ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      I finally wrote another blog post/review/please love me and read it I am desperate for validation. Though for real, in the midst of all the Destiny 2 hype, I wrote a review on a game that involves a lot of bisexual haircuts:

    • RTX Crushes Mystery VIP British Blonde Girl

      2 years ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      So, if you're cool enough to have been following the RTX Missed Connections Twitter page (@RTX_Crushes) then you may have noticed the mystery VIP British Blonde girl fiasco...

      I've been so overwhelmed by all the lovely comments and should probably reveal that my photo on here is actually over 2 years old. To have even Riot Rogers question my identity has made today by far the most interesting day of the year.

      Thank you again if you witnessed any of it and I hope to see any of you at RTX London! Also, I totally expect a meet or greet or panel now, k? thnx


    • Things I Learnt From My First RTX and What You Should Know When It's Yours

      2 years ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      What a long and totally up my own arse title, eh? But hey, I know a lot of people where RTX London is going to be their first RTX and although Austin is and will always be very different, many things will remain the same. So I'm gonna start by talking about what Austin, (in my opinion), got right and wrong:

      This year was the 7th (?) RTX. So by this point they've got the hang of it but this year was organised by new people. 

      What Was Good?

      Reminding you all, I was a VIP for this experience. The VIP Lounge was a lovely, chilled area for those who maybe needed a break from the action but wanted to stay in the venue. People were respectful of the quiet and they had a great arcade area.

      The exhibition hall, although crowded (expectantly), was laid out fabulously once you got your bearings and artists alley was filled with incredibly talented people. The arcade was constantly packed but crowds of people would surround a machine when someone was playing well.

      The atmosphere of the whole event was amazing. Everyone was excited and happy to speak to people; cosplayers were willing to take photos with everyone and it didn't feel like anyone was ever pushing their way to make it to that one RT member or special guest that happened to be walking the floor. Pre-panel parties are officially my new favourite thing.

      Finally, the guardians did an excellent job of keeping everyone's spirits up and looking after all of the attendees. During waits for panels they would offer water and make sure everyone was doing okay.

      What Was Not So Good?
      Lines. Queues. Whatever you want to call it, they weren't great. And I'm British. We're born for queuing. The registration line (I didn't have this problem) took far too long for some guests to the point panels, centre stage events and even signings were missed. The line for the exhibition hall on the first day was stupidly long and thankfully they fixed it with the help of more metal detectors but even then it was crazy. Safety is good. Security is good. People missing lunch and in the heat? Not so good. Also, the AH Escape Room had a 4 and a half hour waiting time. Jesus.
      What happened to VIP? When buying my VIP ticket, the selling point was queue skipping and priority seating. Well the priority seating happened, but queue skipping? Nope. For RT Podcast alone, I arrived 2 hours early and was stuck in a separate "unofficial" line because I was told there was no queue for the panel yet...except there was. And it was let in. Not once did people ask for VIPs to go first. The only time this queue skipping function seemed to work was for Theatre Mode Live where a guardian helpfully told me to go straight to the front and get a wrist band. I get it's unfair on other guests but...we paid over $500...for our tickets alone... Don't offer something that isn't available?m Separate queues were made for some panels for VIP holders which is a great idea if queue skipping isn't what they want. one or the other guys?

      Whilst still griping about the VIP thing, likewise, priority seating. PRIORITY. Within a panel there are 3 sections of seating: Exhibitioners/Special Guests/RT Family etc, VIPs and finally general seating. After incidents on Friday of special seating not being used, on Saturday they decided that if 5 minutes before a panel majority of the special seating isn't being used, the attendees can. Let's Play panel guardians executed this efficiently and effectively: moving us seating row at a time up until it was full. General attendees could then sit in some of the VIP seats, great! RT Podcast and Off Topic panel was mayhem! Those of us who had waited in line for hours and arrived early were told we could move up after a certain time limit when people from either side of the room suddenly started sprinting towards the special seating. Unfair and dangerous. A guardian then allowed the public to sit in VIP seating if they so choosed to move. Hundreds of bodies moved towards the seating causing so many people to lose their seat in general and had to sit at the back. It was disorganised and shouldn't have happened.

      What the f*ck (excuse my language) happened on Sunday? Off Topic happened. For Friday and Saturday there was a no queuing until 2 hours before the panel rule, on Sunday that went straight out of the window when Off Topic panel was allowed to line up and be let in to the room 3 and a half hours before the panel began. This caused people to leave panels they were already in that hadn't even started yet to go queue for something that wasn't happening for another 3 hours. It was unfair on the guests and unfair on those members who were holding the panels. MDB panel lost over 50 people an hour before the panel had started so they could go line up for it. It shouldn't have happened.

      So those are my main gripes. Now, if it's gonna be your first RTX, here's what you should know and prepare for:

      Bring water and snacks

      If you are a weekend ticketer you are going to be queuing a hell of a lot longer than VIP guests because your seat is not saved. Stay hydrated no matter where your RTX is and staying on your feet all day, you're gonna get hungry.

      Pick only 2/3 "Must See" panels.  

      The app is fabulous for organising this. You will not get to see everything you want to see. Don't be afraid to see the smaller panels as well, sometimes they're the best! And don't pick panels that back to back each other - you're probably not getting in. Don't be disappointed if you don't get in either, there are plenty of things to do!

      Don't be afraid to talk to people but don't be offended if they don't want to talk to you.

      Lines are great for talking to people and making new friends so don't be scared to start up a conversation with people. You have something in common already. But do not be offended if they don't want to speak back to you or are on their phone. Some people have anxiety and struggle with it. Or (personal issues time) for me, someone was moaning how I was on my phone the whole of a line and not talking, my brother had just been in a serious car accident, I was waiting for updates from home. You don't know why people are on their phones so don't expect them to be as confident as you.

      Know where you need to be and when and where you are.

      Nothing is worse than not knowing where the panel you want to see is so make sure you explore the venue first and know where you are in relation to the room you need. And if you need food, know where that is too else you will starve and die.

      Don't buy too many things unless you are comfortable carrying it & know you can get it home.

      If you're going to buy the life-size replica of the Master Sword, make sure you're cool with carrying it around all day and know you can get it home safely. The venue will be cramped. Things get damaged. It happens. You also will have to be prepared to take it to panels. There's no special area for people's shopping so be reasonable.

      Don't be a dickhead.
      We all hate slow walkers. We all hate people who just stand in the way. Don't stop in the middle of the hallway or the floor. If you wanna take a photo with someone, go to a location that isn't in people's way. The other attendees have places to be too and are just as excited as you. Just use your common sense. Be nice to people.

      Don't be nasty or rude to the Guardians.

      They do their best and they do a damn good job. All they want is for you to have a great time and be safe. They look after you no matter what. And they have the power to take away your badge so I suggest being as lovely to them as you can. Remember, they are fans too, they aren't hired help.

      Don't be rude or nasty to RT members and Special Guests.

      They're people too. They know you're excited but they have their boundaries too. Always ask before touching them, hugging them or doing anything. They will always be happy to chat to you but even then they might suffer from anxiety or struggle with socialising; they still love that you're a fan but some just like to know it from afar.

      HAVE FUN.

      I can't express this enough. Although we all want to meet our favourite RT member and pretend they're our best friend, there are real best friends to be made at RTX. There are so many fun things to do. It's a chance to experience something new and step out of your comfort zone while surrounded by things you love. You don't just have to spend time at the venue either! Explore the surrounding area with people! Just don't set your heart on everything RT. Signings, panels and spontaneous meet and greets are great but nothing beats being surrounded by thousands of people you love.

      I know these are things people say a thousand times before. It's been 7 years for goodness sake. But for some it's still new. It's still their first time. And for my friends who are reading this and will be at RTXL, I'll let you know when you're being a dick.


    • Where Did I Go? Did I Die? Likely...

      2 years ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      I have been gone a long while. Noticing the last thing I wrote about was budgets makes me realise I am, in fact, extremely boring. But despite the fact that I'm not worth reading about, let's talk about what I've been up to:

      I guess one of the things I should start by saying is... I'm moving? I know, it sounds weird to me too. I'm moving to London. Big city dreams and all that jazz. But to get a job in the industry I want, a move to the big city is probably best for me. I'm stuck in a dead end city with no prospects for my industry and no sign of changing that either so against all my fear and anxiety I am taking a plunge.

      But Kirsten, what about college? Oh yeah. I dropped out after the first year but it's fine because I ended with the highest grade I could get in Performing Arts! And London has amateur theatre companies... See. Prospects.

      Now, lets cut the niceties and move on to the thing you're all waiting for me to talk about. RTX. 

      Yup. I went to RTX. I suffered Austin, Texas' blistering heat (which totally isn't actually that bad) and have returned to the UK pastier than ever. I went and ate at such places as Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken (delicious) and IHOP. I even went to... Wal-Mart.

      In all seriousness, I do feel RTX really changed my perspective on my life. A lot has been going on in my head recently regarding my life decisions and moving away. Experiencing the family of this community first-hand and in person moved me. Dance parties before panels, random chats whilst waiting in lines, amazing cosplay and talent around every single corner. It reinforced the fact that what I want to do with my life is make things that make people happy. 

      I was introduced to so many new artists via the artist alley and these people are incredibly talented. I was able to meet some of the people who create the content I watch daily and have actual conversations with them from tattoos and video games to airlines and events. I took part in an amazing shoot and got to see the process of one of my favourite online shows being created and was amazed by the work and talent that surround it. It was incredible.

      So I'm going to work harder on making people laugh and happy. I'll write a separate post about my thoughts on RTX.

      You're still my favourite community in the entire world.


    • Budgeting and Sickness

      2 years ago

      kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

      This is more of an update than anything. Things I rarely do because I feel I don't have as much of an impact as I'd like to think I have to many people around these parts but hey, I like to write and this is one way to do it.

      On a very warm, spring day in England (precisely the 11th April) I came down with a terrible case of the sniffles. Now, I'm not one to be stopped or put down by the sniffles because I encounter them so often through hay fever that a sneeze or a dribbly nose is nothing. But these sniffles were unlike any sniffles I'd encountered ever before... I went to work the next day with what I thought was a bad cough (at worst a minor case of tonsillitis)... Oh, how I was wrong...

      Throughout the shift I was overcome with coughing fits, sneezing, dizziness and eventually gagging from the smallest things...someone put a milk jug in a glass of water and it mixed together to look like semen and I just couldn't cope. I went home that day and thought to myself, "This is no common cold...this is...THE FLU."

      So, for the past 5 days I've been in and out of consciousness, coughing up phlegm into a bucket because I'm so scared of being sick my body actively rejects the action of it, watching a lot of Pokémon and Pokémon theory videos on some damn cool channels (which if you're interested I'll link below) and procrastinating (but not really because I physically couldn't sit up for a long period of time) my assignment. 

      BUT, I feel better now. Which means I go back to work and college and have to finish the assignment which is actually due Thursday and I've done at best 40% of it hahahahaha I'm crying. What I really wanted to talk about was the most adult of adult-ing things:


      Now, Kirsten, why on earth would you want to talk about that? What a ridiculous topic! "No one cares!" they scream from the mountains of youth. "It must be nice being rich," they make remark at Gavin. Oh, sorry. Too soon?

      Because folks, I'm experiencing for the first time in my life an actual time where I have to budget. "Woe is me," the blessed and reasonably lucky woman-child cries as she looks at her bank account with over $100 in, "how on earth will I manage with such low monies?"

      Well, you'd be right with one thing; I am a woman-child.

      But also, yes, I'm pretty lucky. At almost 21-years-old, I still live with my parents. Parents who in fact don't expect me to pay rent or anything towards utility bills, the luckiest of all millennial children, y'see. I love my parents for this but this rule only applies because my brother never paid rent even though my mum wanted him too but my dad was too lenient on the rule so therefore I reap the benefits: second-child perks at their finest.

      However, this does mean I get other benefits. I have more disposable income than others do because all of the money I earn from my job is for me. This isn't always a great thing though as the bills I pay are: phone bill, phone insurance and credit card bills (for those expenses I've made at short notice such as buying a brand new computer at last minute because the last ones motherboard decided to fry, yes, I'm still bitter).

      Even with these factors, I've managed to have all this money due to just saving as a teenager from my parents giving me an "allowance", asking for money at birthdays and Christmas rather than gifts and storing it in my bank account and I really mean since I was about 13-years-old. Really, if you are a teenager and wondering how you can make that £5 or $5-a-week last, just save it! Store it away! If you have that option, I know some people don't but consider ways you can, if you need to get a bus, consider walking? I used to walk EVERYWHERE in my city and when the centre is 45 minutes to an hour away on foot depending on route, you actually end up saving that £1/£3 quite easily.

      Anyway, not the point. I've decided to use all of my savings (which was close to £6k if you want reference for how much I've saved) to go on a trip to Austin for RTX! It literally has put a major dent in my accounts and also this year (spoilers) I've decided to make an addition to my blog that hopefully some of you will be interested in but it requires buying new software. With all these things in mind, someone, it was me, may have forgot about her bills this and next month and this is how I've come to the very adulty thing of BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET

      Don't be me and get slightly comfortable with enough money to survive and actually go on the biggest adventure of your life and then forget that you actually have to pay for your life at home. This isn't to say I'm struggling with money, I really am not. I have enough to pay for my bills comfortably and for any more holiday expenses (which is increasing by the day) easily but it does mean that paying for anything else like games, books or music has to be put to the wayside.

      Adulting is hard even if you're mildly privileged by your own work ethic. Anyway, I hope this didn't sound like an "oh I have so much money" whinge because it wasn't meant to. I'm just lamenting the fact I'm officially an adult with money problems; something I'm lucky to have no experienced until the age of 21.

      So this was a long and a huge update. Check out my blog because I'm about to start (hopefully) posting on it way more now that I'm not sick and not doing as many assignments. I'm in a musical in May which is pretty cool and exciting; it's literally my acting debut lol. And I have an announcement for my blog hopefully soon, maybe? I don't know. I'm more active on here again for a while too so yo.

      Here's those cool Pokémon YouTubers if you're interested:

      Bird Keeper Toby



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    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      you still around?

    • Jim_Survak Ain't Nobody

      3 years ago

      So I'm sending you a FR because I read your QB review & thought it was very well written. Having not played the game, I can't say whether I agree with you or not, but I loved your penmanship (if that's a legitimate reference to make to a keyboard-typed essay). Then I read your "Thoughts On Current Events" - and I just love your attitude & view on the whole situation (it mirrors mine, I just didn't care to write about it as it wasn't really my business to be concerned with). Genuinely, truly fantastic writing you do. I just recently started doing some reviews myself but they're video reviews, not written, so that is awesome too to meet another up-and-comer in this regard.

      So, FR coming your way. Accept or decline - it's your choice. But either way I look forward to more of your writing.

      • kirstenxo FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Miles Luna Fangirl

        3 years ago

        Thank you!! This honestly means so much to me because my passion is writing and I have spent the last 2 years in a rut over it to the point I hadn't even tried writing anything for that time and I finally decided to jump back in to it. This has made my day so thank you so much! And I would love to do video reviews but I babble when I talk, I'd want to do lets plays though. It's nice to meet you, thank you!!

      • Jim_Survak Ain't Nobody

        3 years ago

        Haha my video reviews - the final product is usually attempt 5 or 6. I've got lots of little clips of me going "And I really like the ... uh... fuck." or "When I makephoenscallonthis - goddammit I'm talking too fast." XD - lots of grunts of frustration, that happens too... But keep at it! And definitely do some LPs. Practice makes perfect.

        Keep working at it & you'll be amazing before long (you're alreay pretty good)!

    • drew

      3 years ago

      Hey, thanks for the add!


    • Rad-Watson

      3 years ago

      I am trying to adult in Australia, does this mean we can be friends?

    • Retsushin

      3 years ago

      Thanks for accepting the friend request! Care to share your XBL tag?

      • kirstenxo FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Miles Luna Fangirl

        3 years ago

        Will message it to you!

      • Retsushin

        3 years ago

        Got it. I'll add it via my smartglass cuz I'm at work right meow :P

      • Retsushin

        3 years ago

        Alrighty got you added! Looking forward to playing a couple games with ya bud! First I gotta get the game though lmfao. What times do you usually play if you don't mind my asking? I'm curious because of the time difference from England and U.S.

  • Questions answered by kirstenxo

    Not gonna lie it used to be one of my favourite shows.

    Multiple ones. Mainly Xbox One but I do own a PS4 as well as a Wii U. I don't play online much anymore just out of lack of time. It's quite depressing. I don't even get to play games as much anymore!

    probably Yang because of her loss of hope at the end of the last season and idk I relate to that haha also her stubbornness is me all over but I also know when to quit

    I have literally JUST got it! My brother bought it and then passed it on to me when he was done and I have got as far as installing it on my Xbox haha! I will let everyone know my opinion when I have started playing it!

    What are you currently playing?

    | Asked by: LtTank 3 years ago

    Honestly? Nothing really at the moment. I finished Heavy Rain and replaying Beyond:Two Souls and haven't latched on to anything else yet. I think I'm just waiting for Quantum Break and Uncharted 4.

    Friend. Friend is my answer

    Haha this isn't my first year, but I've been far more active this year than any other year so it's been good

    It went...okay. That's the only way I can say it. I wasn't pleased with my ending but I got a "good" one so I did okay. Overall I really liked it; controls needed a bit of work but I liked the story a lot. First game since Until Dawn to have me completely hooked

    I actually tend to just run around the person I've just killed and cheer haha I'm pretty simple

    Got Milk? :D

    | Asked by: JDDouglas 3 years ago

    milk milk lemonade around the corner fudge is made