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      2 years ago


      Hey guys, so I've been pretty quiet on the site recently, and I thought I should share why...

      I started streaming!

      Just a couple times a week, but I've been having fun so far. 

      Except the weirdest thing happened on tonight's not-stream. I went to play Bioshock: Infinite, as I am one of probably the only people who has never played it, and, what's more, never had it spoiled for me. So I thought it would be cool to do the reacting to whatever 'surprise ending' everyone says happens live for people. Only, you can't.

      I couldn't stream it. I thought it was an issue with my xbox, or my twitch account, but then I googled it, and you just. cant. 

      You're literally not allowed to stream ANY of the Bioshock games, from what the internet has told me.

      Not at all.


      The last one came out like three years ago, why on earth is it automatically blocked from streaming? How is that a thing? Unless you're like me, and have been living under a rock for the past half-decade, I imagine you've already played it.

      But I'm not bitter. No, not at all.

      Anyway, moving past that, if you guys wanted to check out what I'm up to, the link to my streaming channel is

      Just don't expect my playthough of Bioshock Infinite to be on there.

      Because it's not allowed.


    • System Overload

      2 years ago


      So, a while back, I made a tumblr account. I never really used it, because I'm not big into tumblr, but I wanted to have the option, you know? Anyways, tonight I was just thinking, 'Why not give tumblr a try? Not like I have anything else going on'. 

      This. Was. A. Mistake.

      Sometime since I made that account, the process to log into Tumblr must have been overhauled or something, because I typed in my username and password, and rather than take me to my page, the Yahoo/Tumblr hybrid beast literally created a new account for me. 

      This led me to think that maybe I hadn't actually made an account, and was just hallucinating that vividly, so I went on my secondary email (the one I keep for spam and crap) and sure enough, there was my original account. I logged in through an email in there, and just figured I would add my new email so as to avoid confusion in the future. 

      This is where I learned that a person can apparently only have one tumblr account attached to an email at one time. Annoying, but whatever. I quick-googled how to delete the one I made accidentally, and logged back into that.

      The delete button. ISN'T. THERE.

      It just doesn't exist.

      I even logged into my other account to see if google was lying to me.

      It wasn't. I could delete my old account.

      But not this new, unwanted one hogging my email address. 

      I ended up emailing tumblr's tech people. Hopefully they just delete the accursed blog for me, because it is seriously making me question why I wanted to go on tumblr in the first place.

      At least this website functions. Guess I'm spending the rest of the night on here!!

    • Why I'm Here

      3 years ago


      This is a story of how I found myself here, watching Roosterteeth content literally every day, and generally worrying my family by living on the internet. I've often wondered how it came to this, and today, I'm gonna write it all out so it can be understood when my therapist asks where my life took a turn.

      First off, I would like to blame my college roommate. This is all her fault. Really, it is.

      I was just a simple little sophomore, trying to decide what to major in, when one day she calls me over to her desk to listen to an audio file someone on her blog sent her. It's a clip someone has made of a RageQuit, specifically, the Surgeon Simulator video of 2013. I listen, and immediately know I must see this footage. So I do. Then, to be daring, I watch a couple of other Rage Quits. I laugh, I subscribe to see more, and I get on with my life.

      Fast forward a week or two....I am out of Rage Quits to watch, and am now left trying to fill that space. Thankfully, YouTube does it for me, by suggesting videos based on my watch patterns. And that is how I found the Minecraft Let's Plays. There's probably about eighty or so out when I discover them, and I'm hooked. But just on those. I don't watch any other Let's Plays, I tell myself. I don't need to do that. I don't even really like video games all that much.

      And then, something magical happens. One day, bored of waiting for the next Minecraft to come out, I watch a GTA Let's Play. And it's all downhill from there. I suck up old RT content like some people drink water. I find the animes, the shows, the live-action stuff. I find out they have a website where I can get content faster. Life as I know it ceases to be. I get all my friends hooked on Let's Plays, they become our main topic of bonding. My syntax becomes 90% Roosterteeth filth, 10% other.

      Has it been a weird couple of years? You bet your ass it has. Would I take it back, and never see that first Rage Quit if I could? Absolutely fucking not. I've laughed more in the past two years than I think is reasonably healthy. And I don't intend to stop anytime soon.

    • 3 years ago

    • Extra Ticket For Lazer Team!

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      Hey guys, so I know everybody's getting super excited for the premiere of Lazer Team this week (I know I am!). I was wondering if anybody wanted a ticket? I bought three, but due to having to work, one of my friends isn't going to make it. It's for the Thursday, Jan 28 showing at Mann Theatre in Saint Paul. I don't want it to go to waste, so if you're interested, just message me!

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    • thaidanh FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 years ago

      Well seeing that you joined a while ago but didn't really interacted with the community, I'm going to say "Welcome to the community, hope you meet all the cool amazing people!"

      • kirstianity FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Thanks man! I hope I do as well :)

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