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      4 years ago

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      I realize bashing the negativity in the YouTube comments section has already been done, and not revolutionary at all, but it pains me to see the people/company I love get shredded by such undeserved hatred for just trying to branch out, and give us new content.

      I was reading the comments on the first "The Know It All," and the amount of hurtful comments that resided there deeply weighed me down. I couldn't stop reading, though, both shocked and curious at how harsh the supposed "community" could be.

      I no longer wish to even glance at the comments section on YouTube. I will stick to the website here, where if there is criticism, it is at least constructive. My thoughts go out to any and all RT staff members who are affected by the venomous hatred from a slim minority of the community. I just hope that there is a great enough outpouring of positive reinforcement that will cancel out all the shit.

    • 2019 years ago

      kitdoctor Beer Drinker
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