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    • The Killers are eating the flesh of the people they murdered...

      5 years ago


      OK, So I listened to the RT Podcast 283 today, (I'm not a sponsor, so I get it a day late) but what Burnie says about zombies made me drop my tea.

      No, the original definition of zombie is a being being brought back to life through voodoo magic. Clearly we have spiraled away from that original definition. Couldn't say why, but my guess is that (taking a note from American Horror Story: Coven) voodoo magic has fallen out of style, and that this country, being Christian based, doesn't like to really talk about witchcraft or voodoo magic. Besides the point, a zombie is a person being brought back to life by unnatural means. So now, I feel like we have three different definitions of zombies.

      1) A person being brought back by magic.
      *like I said above, it's fallen out of style, except in fantasy based stories, that being necromancy is the act of bringing the dead back to life.

      2) A person being brought back to life through a virus or disease.
      *Alright, so this is a touchy subject since the last type and this one are often mixed up.

      Let's take a second to look at the vampires from twilight (as much as I despise that series and all affiliations with it.) It's said in the books that to become a vampire it takes 3 days for the venom to circulate through the system, so let's apply this to the zombie virus. In World War Z, it takes 12 seconds for the virus to (I'm guessing) rush to the brain, kill it, and as the heart is still circulating blood through with the final few jolts of electric pulses, that's how the virus is spread through the circulatory system. (That or the virus instantly attacks the brain, kills it then takes over so that it can control the electrical pulses that keep the heart going and that's how it circulates itself around) It's a pretty damn smart virus if I do say so myself.
      Necromorphs from the Dead Space series, are interesting because these are dead flesh coming back to life, I don't believe I ever read anywhere that whatever it's taking over has to have a brain, it just has to be fleshy and dead. So that last thought might explain a little more about the bigger bosses, like the pregnant necromorphs that if you don't kill by (secret to gaming here, ONE OF THE MOST OBVIOUS IN THE GAME) shooting their limbs off, you'll get a bunch of painful little surprises. ( I think that was what killed me the most in that game).

      Guys, this is the big different between all three of these zombies.

      3) A person contracting the rabies virus and becoming rabid
      *alternative: a person who takes a psychoactive drug, causing serious hallucination and rabies like behavior)

      *OK this is it, this is where my microbiology, psychology and anatomy classes come into play here.
      *Alternative explanation: people just having a seriously screwed up reaction to drugs, which usually indicates something very wrong in the central nervous system.

      For a person that contracts the rabies virus, it takes time for the symptoms to reveal themselves. The incubation period for the rabies virus if bitten by a rabid animal can take up to 2 to 21 days to show any symptoms, most of the time, the time it takes to show any symptoms is usually when the wound is mostly healed. So the virus is already safe and cozy in your system, and taking over slowly. The CDC says that once a person begins to show symptoms, the survival rate is slim to none.

      Symptoms include conbatitiveness, aggitation, hallucinations, drooling, muscle convulsions, difficulty swallowing (which causes the person to become hydrophobic due to throat spasms, usually extremely painful and itching at the site of the bite.) Combativeness and aggitation (i'm guessing from the constant itching) being the two similar symptoms that we see in the reality of the rabies virus and the fantasy that we've created with zombies.

      I do enjoy reading or watching videos about people who are on drugs and they start attacking people, it just goes to show that you should never do drugs, kids. This is relating to my alternative explanation, if we consider these people zombies then they deserve an explanation just like the rest. Usually, drugs are tested for human consumption, and a majority of those that are being experimented on, show signs of improvement from whatever disease they are being treated for. But there are a select few people, who are immune to the affects of the drugs, so they are usually the one that react badly because their systems don't recognize the drug as something that was supposed to help them. So that's my best guess for why people are so strangely affected by using drugs and therefore why people show signs of zombiefication.

      A few counterpoints. The Last of Us game shows that the fungus, Ophiocordyceps, is the cause of the zombification, but it kills it's victims slowly. There are some benefits though, (if you can call them benefits) the fungus also acts as an immune system for the ant to prevent any infections (probably to protect itself) while the ant is still functioning as its own being. Then it dies, attached, securely, to an area which the fungus is easily allowed to reproduce.

      Now there are no cases of humans being infected with the Ophiocordyceps fungus, except in the Last of Us game, but like the podcast crew on #283 said, scientists are bringing back people who are infected with the ebola virus for research, and that we have several different diseases that could wipe out a lot of the population if they were to ever get out, in little glass viles hidden behind metal doors in coolers, so who knows, our scientists may have mutated the fungus so that it could affect human beings. One can only hope, I do enjoy headshots.

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