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    • nick!!!

      14 years ago


      ok so i no i haven't posted in like forever...lol...im sry brandon....

      so im goin out with nick!! yay! he's so freaking hot. im totally gonna post his pic on here soon.

      it was so great today...lol...he came up behind me when i was talking to jenn cause he had to go turn in his baseball forms....and he put his arms around my waist and held me against his chest and wispered in my ear.."hey baby i missed u..i love you"

      hehe..it was so cute..and jenn was like..damn i need to find some single friends..which is kinda funny cause she's not singe its just that her bf goes to curly and is a junior

      so now im waiting for nick to call my cell and tell me how he did at second try outs...first cuts are on saturday..and i hope he makes it..he said that i was his modivation on thursday for first try outs....he said when ever he thought of me he did better..lol..i was like awwwwwww...... he's so great...

      ....but i still think about jeff sometimes.....

      he apparently intarigated my friend tina about nick and scared her...lol...but she told me he said that he just wanted me to be happy and not get hurt....which is good i guess

    • mollz house

      14 years ago


      i am at mollz house and we had to go to work this morning so i had to get up really early.....grrr........ o will it was fun.

      so i talked to jeff...yay! it was fun. lol. i miss just talking to him and having an actual conversation or sitting on the phone and playing truth or truth. lol.

      but i think i gonna see if he wantsz to go to battle of the bands with us next weekend...hey creel you have to come too!!!

    • stuff

      14 years ago


      ok so v-day wasn't as bad as i thought it was gonna be.... it was pretty hard at the beginning cause everyone was like carrying around balloons and stuff and me and tina just sat down on the heater thingys at our lockers (u would have to see our skool to understand) and cried....but awwww...nick came over and gave me a box of chocolates..i was like aww nick whats this for..he's said i was one of his really good friends and he knew i had been feeling down lately so he figured this would cheer me up...then he gave me a kiss on the cheek..lol...it was so great.

      at my game on sunday i fucked up my knees pretty bad tho...IM me if u want to here the story i dont feel like typing it.

      but to get through v-day me and tina just talked about jeff and george the whole time

    • sux!

      14 years ago


      today is like just as bad as the day jeff broke up with me..... i seriously can't stop crying..i keep remembering things from when we went out or sumthin and there making me sad because i'll never be able to kiss him or haold his hand, and hell never hold me again when im sad....or be able to look into his eyes. GRR! it all sux.

      like i keep thinking about this stupid little thing that he always did when we were together.... sometimes when i thought he was gonna kiss me..he acted like he was gonna but then bit my nose...it sounds really stupid but it was really cute...

      and when we went to my skool to see pippin cause some of my friends were in it he got mad at me for sumthin and i just took his arm and put it around me and he squezzed me and gave me a peck on the lips and then my friend ali hit me cause she said she would kick me if she saw us makin out at the skool play. lol

      when we went ice skating he like brused his ass cause i fell and he tried to turn aroun and help me but he just fell down too....

      god i miss him so much......

      Smile 4 Me...
      ...Cuz i cant...
      ...My smile is broken
      ...Cuz of him!...

    • how do u like my poem?

      14 years ago


      Without him she is torn apart
      & full of pain that no one can see
      & at night all she can do is think of what will never be
      When she finally falls asleep she dreams of him
      his sexy smile and the way he makes her laugh
      This is the only time she is ever truly happy
      because in her dreams they`re not just friends
      he loves her back
      She wakes back up and knows she has to face reality
      he does not love her, the dream is just a cruel joke
      Played by the crushed heart he doesnt even know he broke

      i wish he knew..but when ever i talk to him i always have to just act kool and all and all i really want to do is scream......since i've been single i have found out that a couple guys like me....to bad i dont want any of them right.. mike packard has called my cell phone 11 times in the last 3 days and he is getting really annoying...mike rappazo said he wanted to be my valentine but i told him i had a valintine already and tina was sitting behind him and she said ME! lol. i love my girl tina shes the best. my friend nick gave me a kiss on the cheek today cause i was crying in math class cause i opened my planner and a picture of jeff was in it. tomorrow would have been me and jeffs 5 months....im gonna be such a mess. i will probably cry all day. and call tina and jenn. carnations for v-day were sent out today at skool and it made me and tina sad and we started crying at lunch and than lindsay made me eat..... i kinda haven't really been eating all that great lately...i guess its cause i've been so upset..but i guess i dont want to go through stupid anerexia and so i have to start eating...o yea..for all of u that didn't no i was unofficially anerexic....nobody knows but my close friends... i dont even no if jeff knew....its just when i get really upset i stop eating...so linds made me eat today and i was so unhungry that i wanted to puke after she made me eat.

      im looking at tinas xanga and i love the song she has in it...i have to figure out what it is...its like...its the way..that he makes u cry...its the way that he's in your mind...its the way..that he kisses u.its the way.... that makes u fall in love..
      i think it might be by sugar cult but im not sure. and my poor nick..he's madly in love with tina but she thinks of him as a brother so things will never work out and he's so sad...and then out of the blue he asked me if i still liked him..i was like yea kinda y? than he was like do u think i would be a good boyfriend.....i was like yea i know u would be.....he's like would u go out with me (he wasn't asking me out it was just like if i liked u like that would u go out with me) i was like not right now cause i dont want another relationship i still want time to get over jeff. and he was like damn..and it made me laugh...and he was like yes!!!! i mad eu laugh go me! he's such a good friend.he's like one of my best friends.

      *brandon your awsome dude..thanc for everything kidd*

    • jeffs mom

      14 years ago


      i love jeffs mom.she is like the best person in the whole world. i called his house and asked if he was there..and she was like yea but he's sleeping and he's been sleeping for hours.... and i tried to wake him up but he just said no gym tonight mom. and then i was like aww is he getting sick again. she said he was just exausted........ then....we started talking and she was like so how are you doing hun..i said ok..but she said it didn't sound to sincere...i said it wasn't...cause its been really ruff since jeff broke up with me.. and she was like. i no babe but you have been really good about it. and you've been a really good friend about it....and when ever i ask how you are doing to him he's always like shes doing ok... and she said that he was really upset when he did it...they were supposed to go out to dinner but he said all he wanted to do was go home.... then i was like.... its been really ruff but im glad i've had my friends..and she told me about how her and mr.rick (her husband/jeffs dad) got together and how they broke up like 4 times and they were engaged and then they broke up and then they got engaged later 6 months later. and like she actually set mr.rick up with her best friend and i was like...WOAH! i would never be able to do that with jeff.i would just be like grrr......she said the only reason she did it was so she could see him more and stuff...lol...and she told me how in middle skool mr.rick would put checks or starts in the girls yearbooks and she only got a check but he ended up marrying her...... she also told me that if another guy asked be out or asked me to a dance or something than i should deffinetly go with him... i was like i dont think im really ready for that yet..and she said she knew how it felt..like u couldn't trust anyone again..but she told me that i need to like jump in again....and plus if i go with another guy it might make jeff jealous...i was like woah ur talking bout ur son....and she just laughed and said well its true..... so maybe i'll try that tactic but over all i guess its just great to know that i can still talk to her and that jeff had a hard time breaking up with me

      but im still in love with him.... and i dont no if that is good or not..i told his mom that i still had a huge crush on him...and she said who wouldn't....lol

    • a poem

      14 years ago


      ...welcome to...

      remember when boys ment "yuck" and friends were new
      Dreams were unshattered and worries were few
      Recess was too short and life too long
      Decisions came easy w/o the need to belong
      Storks delivered babies and passions weren't so strong
      Friendships were unbroken right was right, wrong was wrong
      Bad things didn't happen, only skinned knees brought tears
      The nightlight in its socket quited all of our fears
      Farewell meant just for summer and real freinds didn't part.....
      the fun went on forever...and never left a broken heart....

    • someones

      14 years ago


      @ this very minute--
      someone is thinking of you
      someone cares about you.
      someone misses you/wants to be with you.
      someone wants to hold your hand.
      someone wants you to be happy.
      someone wants to hug you.
      someone will do anything for you.
      someone needs to know your love is unconditional.
      someone wants to tell you how much they care.
      someone wants to stay up watching movies w/ you.
      someone wants to hold you in their arms.
      someone wants to see you.
      someone wants to be your lover.
      someone loves you for who you are.
      someone loves the way you make them feel.
      someone wants to be with you.
      someone wants you to know they are there for you.
      someone is glad that you're their friend.
      someone is wishing you would notice them.
      someone wants to get to know you better.
      someone loves you.

      is he any of these someones?...... u no who im talking about

    • bored

      14 years ago


      ok so imbored so im gonna post some of the poetry i've written....some of it my friends wrote..and some of it i got from ppl's xangas.... if you want to see my xanga the site is http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=chickygirl609

      > within you i lose myself.
      > without you i find myself wanting to become lost again.

      º•. i have a bad craving for the taste of your lips:;.,___

      </3 why is it that no matter how much pain the heart endures by holding on, it still refuses to let go? </3

      my [smile] might be fake but my [tears] are real

      sometimes i swear i have a sign on my back that says b r e a k . m y . h e a r t

      *¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»* « ´ ` » *«´¨`·.¸¸.*¤*
      i wanna b the reason u smile
      *¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»* « ´ ` » *«´¨`·.¸¸ .*¤*

      ..& ill never forget that smile
      The only thing that could make my day worthwhile..
      ii miss you more than you know it
      So come back to me and let me show it..x3

      I Love You... the truth is i always did... when you were coming on strong it scared me...i guess i just never wanted to admit it to myself... i didn't want to be fragile and another one of those girls who become infatuated with a guy.... but honestly... with everything i have... i want to be with you, and only you.... to kiss you every chance i have... to hold hands... to smile... to feel special again.... i just want to be with you... even if i have to wait forever... with everything i have... I'll be waiting

      just like the [ rain ] ...
      the tears fall down...

      its' about time you realize that after all we've been through, i still only want y o u...

      i still love you with every b e a t of my h e a r t

      never like anybody,
      >> they will only make you frown.
      never care about anybody,
      >> they will only bring you down.
      never trust anybody,
      >> they will only tear you apart.
      never love anybody,
      >> they will only break your heart.

      &all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

      // i've felt this way for so long \\
      \\ it's like i've forgotten how to be happy //

      how can u / /
      s a y *` y o u
      L 0 V E M E
      when all you
      do is hurt me

      { + I know that after I left he sort of
      put me on this back shelf in his mind..
      this like, second row of his heart..
      but for me, he'll never be anything but first.. + }

      I always lie in my bed and think about you. I think about all the pain you put me through and all the tears that I cried over you. I think about why I still love you. And I think about how hard it is for me to know that I can never forget about you even though you already forgot about me.

      Y0U KN0W Y0U'
      love * someone
      +;when you want
      them to be happy*
      EVEN iF THEiR
      happiness means
      that Y 0 U are not
      ------[ a part of it ]

      life is too short to be anything but happy...
      so [ kiss slowly ]
      ( ( love deeply ) )

    • lately

      14 years ago


      so on friday me and mollz went to this dinner theatre place and had a couple drinks..it was so great..lol... we like passed out in the car. but we looked so hot. it was awsome. some kid our age came up to us and asked if we were from new york cause we dressed like it..... it was great. lol. a bunch of guys were flirting with us. some of them were hot.. but then some of them were not. lol. but i thought about jeff for a while. then mollie yelled at me and said i better get out there and flirt with some guys or she would beat my ass. and this sounded really funny coming from her cause i could so kick her ass.

      on saturday mollz and I went to the baltimore blast game and i thought that creel might be there cause it was boy scout night...lol.... but he was camping...grrr... o well... mollie walked up to this guy and was like " i think your hot" he was like "really? well i think your friend is hott" he was talking about me. and i started cracking up. me and mollie ran in the bathroom laughing our heads off.

      today.... sunday.... i had a soccer game at the maryland sports arena at 10 45 in the morning.. but i had to be there at 10 15. we won!!!.... we totally kicked there asses. it was 4 to 0. i played in goal 3/4 of the game and i didn't let anyballs by..hell yea. i made a bunch of great saves. i got into a fight with one girl but it was over in like 3 seconds. then the rest of the game i played out on the field. i got called once for a hand ball...once for a push..and once for a hold. i fucked up my thumb when i slid into the ball....and i think i fractured it. which sux cause i just broke my pinkie like a month ago and it still hurts. but when i was on the field i slid and sliced my knee open..i thought i was gonna need stiches but i didn't feel like goin to the hospital so i just put a bandage on it. i pulled my ass muscle to.lol.

      i've been really busy so thankfully i haven't had that much time to think about whats been happening in my life...like jeff.. but i called him today.so i was proud of me...i missed his voice... so i had to.lol.

      i broke my thumb and the tendon in it....now i have this gay cast thing on it and it is really hard and goes up my wrist...i'll proly claw it off later...lol

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