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    • Happy Valentine's Day To My Lovely Friends

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      Please note: I don't sing. I haven't been professionally trained. It's not a thing I do.

    • jackiebot asked kriss a question

      Wanna help me make a live-action Game of Thrones fan fiction series featuring bunnies? We could call it Game of Thumps.

      Answered: Feb 13, 2016

      I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of sex.

    • You guys are mean

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      I don't have a beard.

      sad black cry lilo and stitch stitch

    • Room Share

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      kriss Community Manager

      If you would like to coordinate with other RTX attendees on sharing a hotel room, condo, etc... feel free to use this thread.

      Please note that it will be your responsibility to coordinate with other attendees/community members. This thread should be used to either request a room or offer availability of one. Actual discussion of terms, payment and such should be discussed privately and off of this thread. This is merely to keep the posts as consolidated as possible and convenient for people to find rooms.

      If you are no longer offering availability, update your post, and state clearly that your room is no longer available.

      Per Bethany's latest journal: We have secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Hilton and JW Marriott. We will post more info on how to book your room(s) next week when tickets go on sale.

      EDIT as of 2/17/16: @DarkBowler has created a google doc which can be found here: I will reiterate that it will be individual's responsibility to edit the document as appropriate.

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    • RTX TICKETS!!!

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      WHOOOOOOOOO! Straight from the leading lady herself! (That's @Bethany)

      Hi friends!

      RTX/SGC 2016 tickets will go on sale Tuesday, February 16th at 10:00am CST! Please tell us you are as excited as we are!!!

      We will offer 3 types of badges:

      1. VIP (access Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) - $500 (priority line for panel seatings, early access to autograph signings, access to VIP Lounge, admission into VIP party) ***LIMITED badges available for VIP***
      2. WEEKEND (access Friday, Saturday and Sunday) - $85
      3. DAY (Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday) - $45

      ***SPONSORS*** This year, Rooster Teeth Sponsors receive 5% off any type of badge to RTX/SGC. Start your FREE trial now:

      Remember, all RTX badges grant you access into RTX AND SGC events! How awesome is that?!?

      DATES: July 1, 2 and 3, 2016

      LOCATION: Austin Convention Center, Hilton Downtown Austin, and JW Marriott (Austin, TX - DUH!)

      HOTEL: We have secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Hilton and JW Marriott. We will post more info on how to book your room(s) next week when tickets go on sale.


      We can’t wait to take over the city of Austin and see all of your lovely faces!



    • Sidequest!

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      I um... I don't have many pictures of the 2015 charity auction from the Sidequest event since I was helping hosting on the interview side, but here are a couple of silly photos!




      Now that RTX hype is happening, a lot of new attendees (WELCOME TO YOU, MY LOVELIES) have been asking about things to do outside of the actual convention. Well, my friends, I will always refer you to the lovely community built group known as SIDEQUEST. Things may be a little bit different this year due to some slight changes in the group, but for those who are unaware of this group, please take a look. Sidequest and its volunteers schedule community events based around RTX and you can attend gatherings such as the charity auction, the Barlympics, and the goodbye luncheon. It really is one of my favorite things about RTX weekend, and it is a great way to break the ice with a lot of other attendees.

      The ever so handsome and awesome @Count3D (pictured above) has been with the community for many years and he is always helpful and friendly to everyone who would like to help grow the community.

      If you are thinking of attending RTX, I hope to see you at these events this year! <3

      Here are some awesome videos shot and edited by @Alec

      Sidequest's 4th anniversary:

      2014 Charity Auction:

      2013 goodbye luncheon:

    • 3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager
    • 3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager
    • 3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager
    • The evolution of RWBY

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      I wrote this in November 2013. At the time of writing, I had hit a snapping point while reading all the heavy criticism RWBY and its team had been receiving. Like with anything new, the internet can respond in a negative and violent manner, but I am happy to see all the progress that RWBY has made and how the general public has accepted it. I can't believe all that time has passed since I wrote that post and how much has changed since then.

      If you have caught up with the latest episode of RWBY, you know exactly how much of a pivotal point this weekend's episode has made for the series as a whole. And if you have not read it yet, I will encourage you to read @Gray 's journal post regarding the gradual change in RWBY's tone and themes.

      I honestly haven't read some of the feedback other than people are losing their minds over the episode, but I imagine that some people dislike this change. I like that this progression is happening. It's true that the beginning of RWBY was mostly about the cute-ness of the leading ladies and being introduced to other silly characters, but it was also easy to see that a lot of these characters have intriguing stories. I think an important concept to remember of the ladies is that while they are young, they are hardly children. They are students, essentially learning how to save the world. They understood early on that they would be putting their lives at risk on a daily basis. In the beginning, all they had in common was that each of them have come from what I will loosely call "broken" families; however, they somehow managed to create their own family with each other.

      They each have dark histories, but they also have a brightness that seems to become stronger with each episode, especially if they continue to rely on each other and strengthen their friendships. The paths that they now find themselves on will be brutal and today's episode only marks the beginning of the new stages in their lives. Of course, this is just my speculation, but I fully anticipate some very down to earth, we are keeping this shit real, volumes as RWBY continues. This weekend was a bit rough as far as violence, but I don't believe that same level will be present in every upcoming episode. I believe this was more of a sudden jolt to tell the audience "you've signed up for one hell of a ride." I'm looking forward to the emotional rollercoasters that I see building up.

      One of my favorite things about RWBY is the complexity of the villains. It's very easy to hate them (ESPECIALLY THAT ONE DUDE IN TODAY'S EPISODE), but if you pull back just a little bit and think about why they are the way they are, you will appreciate the writing and the narrative of RWBY all that much more. RWBY is far more than flashy fight scenes and cool weapons. It is a unique gift bestowed upon us by some pretty damn brilliant minds. Perhaps, I am biased, but I don't care. It is wonderful to see this grow from episode 1 and I eagerly await what happens in the episodes to come.

      My review of this weekend's episode: I ugly cried so badly that I put a newly announced prom queen to shame.

      I fucking hate you @Miles and @Kerry


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