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    • aRTistic Users group

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      So, I started my own group. It only took three years...

      It's basically a group to help network artists throughout the site. I know there are a couple of threads that allow the artists here to share their work, but I thought a group that featured a small Q&A for each artist would be a good idea for fans and admirers to get to know the people who are drawing them. There isn't much to the group yet as I just started it yesterday, but I'm hoping that it will build.

    • How this group works

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      kriss Community Manager

      Hi guys!

      This group is pretty self explanatory. There are a lot of gifted people on this site, and I just wanted to present a small opportunity for you guys to know the artists a bit better. Each thread that is made will feature one single artist. The first post will be the Q&A, and comments can be posted afterward.

      General forum rules apply. Anything positive and constructive is certainly welcome. Anything negative will not be tolerated. If you or a friend want to be included in the Q&A, please feel free to contact me. There are TONS of people on here. I can't catch everyone, so any networking to other artists is encouraged. Thanks for everything, and enjoy!

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    • Who wants a new girl RvB girl shirt?!

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      One New Girl Shirt Group

      Please join and submit ideas! We need more girl shirts in the store. smiley0.gif Thank you to all those who are willing to participate.

    • Shoyu Chicken Recipe

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      2lbs of chicken (with or without bone and skin is up to you)
      1/2 cup of shoyu (Soy Sauce) for the love of God don't use Maggi sauce.
      1/2 cup of sugar to cancel out the soy sauce flavor
      3/4 cup of water
      2 Tbsp Oyster Sauce (you can find that at an Albertsons or Walmart or whatever convenience store is near you
      Garlic/Ginger just chop up
      1/4 cup cornstarch (add in later)

      Mix all ingredient together in a big ass pot (except the cornstarch). Medium fire, cook for one hour or until chicken is cooked. Add in cornstarch to solidify the "gravy".

      I'm using the recipe right now. Hope it comes out tasty. You can follow the recipe above to your liking, or you can add another whole pound of chicken and just make up the rest of the measurements like I did. Wish me luck!

      PS- if fire occurs, contact Joel Heyman.

      UPDATE: Turned out pretty good. Probably should use 1/4 cup of sugar.

    • Do I really want to go to Anime Vegas?

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      Current dilema. Vegas is known for its casinos and conventions, but definitely not known for its anime cons. I believe this year marks AV's fifth year, and although it is getting progressively bigger each year, finding the location to hold the event is the biggest problem.

      1) Holding an anime con on the strip is a bad idea. The demographic for the AV con is generally teenagers. Individuals under 21 are not allowed to linger in the casinos (for good reason), and the hotel/restaurant prices are quite pricey. Also having cosplay all over the place might make security uncomfortable. We had a toy convention (no, not that kinds of toys) a couple years back, and a security guard saw someone walk into an elevator with a rifle. It could have been an airsoft toy, but they locked down the whole casino to find the guy. I can only imagine what would happen with the cosplays that people show up in.

      2) This year, they will be using Cashmen Center. It's not a bad place, but because the con is so small, everything that you want to do can be accomplished in one day, if that. The dealer's hall can be walked in about ten minutes. That's if you were skimming through some booths.

      3) Vegas kids are... different. Some of these guys just don't understand personal space. I'm all for the glomping and random hugs, but this girl just came up to me last year:

      Girl: Can I molest you?
      Me: Excuse m-???
      Girl grabs my chest and runs off before I could even acknowledge the question.

      So in short, I was violated by a 14 year old girl. Now, the con is something that supposed to be fun and crazy things happen, so I didn't really pay any mind to it. Would have been a completely different story if it was a 50 year old man. However, I know for a fact that many people will not be attending this year because of violations of personal space.

      4) Pros of AV. For those who are thinking of going and networking, you never know who you will meet. Sometimes, these cons are just surprising. I do suggest going if you are an artist, writer, filmaker, photographer, whatever. Make as many bridges as you can, especially in this industry. You just never know who you will run into. Making contacts is always a good thing.

      Being a native Las Vegan-ite-ese, I will probably go for one day or a second day depending on what events will be taking place. Luckily, I don't have to worry about rooms or food. If you want something fun to do while you're in Vegas in September, go to AV. If not, you can always empty your coin purse and poke a screen for two hours.

    • Mail Anticipation

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      1) Grifball Figure
      2) Alliance video game
      3) Second wireless controller for my 360
      4) I think I bought a shirt from somewhere... I forgot.

    • Watching The Office today

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      Finally, broke into season 3. I know I'm hella late, but I have to start somewhere. Brings back old memories of my old office job. And I have to say that it's really not that much different from the series. I was pretty much like Pam, but I managed to sneak in some WOW time on my laptop when no one was looking.

      Quote of the day: "I'm always thinking one step ahead. Like a carpenter that builds stairs."

    • Edgar Allan Poe

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      If anyone is a fan of Criminal Minds, Matthew Gubler recites the poem "Annabel Lee" on his official website. It's a very bittersweet poem, but the sound effects he added to the audio track really makes you feel the words. I bought the completed tales and poems by Poe at Borders, and I have yet to finish it. If you have not read any of his compositions, I recommend to give him a try. "Masqueof the Red Death" and "Tell-Tale Heart" are the more popular short stories. And "The Raven" is probably his most popular poem. Well, there's a bit of a literature lesson for you. Have a good night everyone.

    • Once a blue...

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      kriss Community Manager

      What was the deciding factor that made you want to be a blue?

      For me, it was the very first conversation between Church and Tucker. Caboose and Tex only made the team better. No turning back for me now.

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    • Las Vegas Heat

      10 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      It's actually not that bad today. Only 94 degrees as opposed to the 115 record highs. However, today was especially hot due to the a 15 foot promotional display we had to drag around. It was just me and Kristy attempting to carry a 120lb display, and put it in a rental van, in the sun. I don't have a lot of upper body strength, and Kristy just had her baby, so she's healing. I wish I had my camera on me at the time.

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