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    • RTX Tickets are now live... but you probably already knew that

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      Here are somethings that you may not know.

      VIP tickets are sold out.

      Weekend passes are $85 + $13 service fee

      Day passes are $45 + $9 service fee

      The passes work for both RTX and SGC (Screw Attack) events.

      You can find them here: I cannot stress this enough, but I highly recommend you read up on the policies and procedures as far as buying tickets in bulk and how to transfer information to another individual. RT cannot process anything for you. Go to Frontgate.

      Paypal is not an option but all major credit cards are accepted

      The hotel blocks can be found on the RTX website towards the bottom. If you've ever traveled before, you know to take advantage of the room blocks as soon as you can. Just because there is a "book your room before this date" does not mean that rooms will be available at the price until the very last day. Rooms fill up. That's how it works.

      There is a hotel room share thread:

      There is a general FAQ thread:

      There is a "how much will things cost thread:

      If you are a sponsor, you should have received a 5% discount code via email which can be applied to the purchase of an RTX pass.

      RT will NOT be mailing badges this year. Just like last year, they will have badge pickup onsite at one of the three venues (Convention Center, Hilton, JW Marriott). Because of this, while you can certainly buy a badge as a gift for a friend, you would need to call Front Gate PRIOR to RTX to update your name to your friend's name. This is the only way they will be able to pick up their badge once onsite since you would not be with them. (per @Bethany's journal)

      The limit is 10 tickets per transaction.

      That being said, I highly encourage you take a look through Bethany's journal post here: because it seems to have formed into an FAQ forum, and she has been wonderful in answering many questions (some I am sure you may have as well!). So before you ask an RTX related question, read through the posts in that journal or feel free to post in the RTX 2016 forums. That's what they are there for.

      I know a lot of you are either attending RTX or traveling by yourself for the first time. Trust me, don't worry. Take baby steps, plan ahead, read up on information that may serve as guidance to both travel arrangements and the convention itself and you will be fine. The unique thing about RTX is that you will have something in common with everyone there. So you automatically have friends! And the community has got your back. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but also don't be afraid to take the initiative and learn some pretty valuable adult knowledge. Traveling and convention attendance is a HUGE learning experience, so don't feel discouraged if you run into a few bumps in the road. It's happened to all of us. The bottom line is that you are embarking on a journey to meet up with one of the best communities in the world. Embrace that and all the struggles of getting there will disappear.

      I am very much looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can during RTX. Who's all going?

    • Today

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      I had this long ass post about how Vday should be a day about love in general. If you're in a relationship, great! If not, also great! Just don't forget to love yourself and those in your life, etc... It was a LONG ASS post and I was writing it while waiting to see Deadpool.

      But stuff has come up and it has adjusted my perspective. A few days ago, my friend Shelly asked me about a video we created four years ago. It was for the Red vs Blue Season 9 community contest and it was basically creating a music video to go along with any of the S9 OST songs that were created by @williams. I had no idea what I was doing when it came down to video editing software, but I had an idea and I went with it. I called Shelly up and asked her if she could play a part in the video and we had so much fun creating it. It's not spectacular or mind blowing. But the memories I have with her are most cherished.

      I had wondered why this was brought up. Today, I found out. Recently, Shelly received some distressing news about her health. Not going to really sugar coat it. She has colon cancer and she is months behind fighting it. She goes in for surgery in a few days. In light of this, I want her to be surrounded by nothing but good memories that will strengthen her and constant reminders that she is loved. She totally kicked ass in this video and to me, has become part of the RT family. I had to read her message a few times to fully process it, so I can't even imagine how she must be feeling. She's a true fighter, and if you believe in positive thoughts, karma any of that, please wish her well.

      Even if you don't "celebrate" Vday, take the time to remind someone you love them and always take the time to create memories to cherish.

    • Happy Valentine's Day To My Lovely Friends

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      Please note: I don't sing. I haven't been professionally trained. It's not a thing I do.

    • jackiebot asked kriss a question

      Wanna help me make a live-action Game of Thrones fan fiction series featuring bunnies? We could call it Game of Thumps.

      Answered: Feb 13, 2016

      I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of sex.

    • You guys are mean

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      I don't have a beard.

      sad black cry lilo and stitch stitch

    • Room Share

      in Forums > Room Share | Follow this topic

      kriss Community Manager

      If you would like to coordinate with other RTX attendees on sharing a hotel room, condo, etc... feel free to use this thread.

      Please note that it will be your responsibility to coordinate with other attendees/community members. This thread should be used to either request a room or offer availability of one. Actual discussion of terms, payment and such should be discussed privately and off of this thread. This is merely to keep the posts as consolidated as possible and convenient for people to find rooms.

      If you are no longer offering availability, update your post, and state clearly that your room is no longer available.

      Per Bethany's latest journal: We have secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Hilton and JW Marriott. We will post more info on how to book your room(s) next week when tickets go on sale.

      EDIT as of 2/17/16: @DarkBowler has created a google doc which can be found here: I will reiterate that it will be individual's responsibility to edit the document as appropriate.

      254 replies

    • RTX TICKETS!!!

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      WHOOOOOOOOO! Straight from the leading lady herself! (That's @Bethany)

      Hi friends!

      RTX/SGC 2016 tickets will go on sale Tuesday, February 16th at 10:00am CST! Please tell us you are as excited as we are!!!

      We will offer 3 types of badges:

      1. VIP (access Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) - $500 (priority line for panel seatings, early access to autograph signings, access to VIP Lounge, admission into VIP party) ***LIMITED badges available for VIP***
      2. WEEKEND (access Friday, Saturday and Sunday) - $85
      3. DAY (Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday) - $45

      ***SPONSORS*** This year, Rooster Teeth Sponsors receive 5% off any type of badge to RTX/SGC. Start your FREE trial now:

      Remember, all RTX badges grant you access into RTX AND SGC events! How awesome is that?!?

      DATES: July 1, 2 and 3, 2016

      LOCATION: Austin Convention Center, Hilton Downtown Austin, and JW Marriott (Austin, TX - DUH!)

      HOTEL: We have secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Hilton and JW Marriott. We will post more info on how to book your room(s) next week when tickets go on sale.


      We can’t wait to take over the city of Austin and see all of your lovely faces!



    • Sidequest!

      3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager

      I um... I don't have many pictures of the 2015 charity auction from the Sidequest event since I was helping hosting on the interview side, but here are a couple of silly photos!




      Now that RTX hype is happening, a lot of new attendees (WELCOME TO YOU, MY LOVELIES) have been asking about things to do outside of the actual convention. Well, my friends, I will always refer you to the lovely community built group known as SIDEQUEST. Things may be a little bit different this year due to some slight changes in the group, but for those who are unaware of this group, please take a look. Sidequest and its volunteers schedule community events based around RTX and you can attend gatherings such as the charity auction, the Barlympics, and the goodbye luncheon. It really is one of my favorite things about RTX weekend, and it is a great way to break the ice with a lot of other attendees.

      The ever so handsome and awesome @Count3D (pictured above) has been with the community for many years and he is always helpful and friendly to everyone who would like to help grow the community.

      If you are thinking of attending RTX, I hope to see you at these events this year! <3

      Here are some awesome videos shot and edited by @Alec

      Sidequest's 4th anniversary:

      2014 Charity Auction:

      2013 goodbye luncheon:

    • 3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager
    • 3 years ago

      kriss Community Manager
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