Don't know where better to post this. So i just finished eps.3 of Gen:Lock and a question popped in my head. What about Blain's Holon? Since the wrote Blain's character out quite quickly what is going to happen with the Holon reserved for him? The Vanguard won't scrap it, it was probably a pretty penny. Also it seems like a waste if the writers don't use it for anything other than a grim reminder on why the remaining 5 Gen:Lock pilots are special. so my ( this is my own personal take and not a spoiler/ prediction or anything of the sort) take on how to use the remaining Holon for the story goes as such.

As a season finally or second to last episode. The Union's push west had landed on the Anvil's doorstep. after several successful skirmishes the Gen:Lock squad has became a coherent and competent combat unit. The squad is sent out on a perimeter assurance to cover the exfil of the Anvil. Miranda is tasked to provide security for the real bodies of the Gen:Lock squad as the base is being exfiled. Towards the middle end of the episode something starts to beat the squad. (be it a rival Gen:Lock squad or any other big baddie, whatever). Miranda , fearing of losing Chase again, decides to try and upload herself to the last Holon. Either with or without Dr. Weller's help/blessing. She gets in the pod(tank?) and starts the Gen;Lock sync. now for the cliff hanger bit; the sync seems to be going smoothly, enter warning alarms and beeps. Cut the episode/ season here. (ending the season like this would be really shitty but they did "kill" the lead character off in the first episode)

next episode opens with the squad being mopped by the baddies and Chase hears over the radio that Miranda had attempted to Gen:Lock and the alarm beeps are coming over the radio. Now fearing that he has lost Miranda he starts to emotionally shut down. tearfully Chase starts to sing the "let's the good time roll" song to himself (kinda over the open radio channel), and much like the first episode, Miranda finishes the line in the song. At this point the last Holon breaks through the Trees and saves the day. (yay) after the Anvil is saved and the Union is push back, Chase and Miranda have a heartfelt moment professing their love for each other and everyone heads back to the base. upon arriving at the base the squad finds the main character in mourning. Before Chase and Miranda walks into the screen the Colonel reports to the Squad that Miranda is dead. Cue Chase and Miranda's Holons. now there is a whole hubbub on how Miranda is alive in the Holon yet her body is dead. Dr. Weller tries to explain it but is left fascinated yet befuddled. It is then relieved that Miranda is stuck in the Holon. dun dun daaa. end season on that cliffhanger. 

That is my crazy way that i would end the first season of Gen:Lock. I am open to thoughts and feeling.