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    • Some American History

      13 years ago


      Since SargeV2 thinks he knows a little about German history I'm gonna write up some American history. So Sarge, this is for you. hope you enjoy it. And if anyone has any problems with it, let me know and we can talk it out.

      1492- Columbus "discovers" America

      1585- Roanoake was founded (first English colony)

      1600's- colonial expansion by English

      1753- George Washington and his men fire the first shots of the French and Indian War.

      1763- Treaty of Paris (official end to War)

      1763- England broke from war, begins to tax colonies

      1765- Stamp Act

      1767- Townsend Acts

      1700- Boston Massacre

      1773- A bunch of drunk idiots dress up like Indians and dump 342 chests of tea in Boston harbor.

      1775- Lexington and Concord (Start of the revolutionary War. Notice how its not July 4, 1776???)

      1776- America claims independence

      1781- American Revolution ends

      1805- US Marines rescue sailors in Tripoli harbor

      1812-1814 War of 1812, White house burned, Francis Scott Key writes National Anthem, Andrew Jackson defeats a British army in New Orleans after peace had been declared. These two years assure our independence from England.

      1860- South Carolina seceeds from the Union. Quickly followed by the rest of the southern colonies

      1861- April 12, Fort Sumpter is attacked by Confederates. Lincoln goes to war (the last time a Republican president would do so until Bush).

      1862- September 17, battle of Antietam. Still the greatest single loss of American loss in a single day.

      1863- Gettysburg (July 1-4)

      1865- Appamattox courthouse, Confederate forces surrender to Union. Confederates killed more than twice as many as the Union did. more than 1 out of every 11 people were killed in just four years.

      1890- Wounded Knee. Last major battle between Indians and Americans. After almost four hundred years of lies and persecution, the Native Americans are defeated. Hundreds of treaties written and signed by America were broken during this time. Perhaps one of the most sucessful genocide campaigns ever.

      1898- U.S.S. Maine's magazine explodes in Havana harbor. US naval report neither confirms nor denies that this is true. Theodore Roosevelt forms Rough riders.

      1904- Construction on Panama Canal.

      1914-17 US secretly sends munitions to England to help the war effort.

      1917- Lusitania sunk by German U-boat. Her hull was filled with munitions which is why she sank so fast. Germans sent fair warning to America before incident that U.S. ships would be attacked. America goes to war.

      1918- Woodrow Wilson tells Enlgand and France not to piss off Germany at Treaty of Versailles. He is not listened to. Germans restricted to 1,000 ground troops and tiny air force and navy. Germany forced to pay world millions for the war they did not start. That was Serbia SargeV2! Hmm I wonder why they would be so upset.

      1929- Stock Market crashes in America after years of terrible German inflation causing the world's economies to go bankrupt.

      1932- FDR elected president

      1940- FDR asks for a written up plan for the easiest way to be attacked by Japan. Plan worked perfectly and 3,000 Americans paid with their lives

      1941-Dec 7, America attacked by Japan (not Germany SargeV2).

      1945- 2 atomic bombs dropped killing almost 200,000 altoegether. Fire raids on Japanese homeland kill hundreds of thousands more. (300,000 in just one raid)

      1945- Allies secure victory in both Germany and Japan.

      1947- NATO formed to secure peace in the world. Country of Israel formed to help displaced Jews after WWII.

      1951-53 Korean War

      1960's- America becomes increasingly involved in the Vietnam POLICE ACTION not a war. This is not meant to slam on any vets. What they did over there should never be forgotten. But America never officially declared war.

      1960's- America funds secret war in Laos and Cambodia with CIA and FBI drug money. Number of tonage of bombs dropped in Vietnam was outweighed by the number dropped in Laos.

      1963- Kennedy assasinated

      1968- Martin Luther King assasinated. Nixon elected... bombs the vietenamese to the negotiating table by 1973

      1973- Last U.S. troops pull out of Vietnam.

      1991- Bush senior forms coalition against Saddam Hussein in Kuwait. End of Soviet Russia.

      1992- Clinton elected.... Why?

      1998- CNN shows 5,000 Kurdish dead from a Iraqi chemical weapon.... hmm foreshadowing for later? Its not like Saddam never had/used them before.... or is it?

      2000- Bush wins election even after they recounted the florida votes hundreds of times.

      2001- September 11, if you dont know this one you've been living under a rock for the past five years. American losses outnumber those lost during Pearl Harbor.

      2003- Bush forms larger coalition to invade Iraq. Mass grave of 300,000 people found, but no weapons of mass destruction.

      2004- Bush wins again. Did Michael Moore leave??? I havent heard from that fat ass in a while.

      2005- I write this to set the record straight. Well I hope that you've learned a little, and like I said if you wanna contest something I wrote down go ahead, but be sure to talk to me about it first. Its not a complete list so dont give me crap about leaving some things out. Later

    • What's up?

      14 years ago


      Hey there all, how are we doing? So here it is, the start of yet another school year for most of us. For those of you who dont know, I'm a sophomore. I myself have been hard at work for the last week. I trained to become a group leader for a class called freshman seminar. Why you ask? Cause I'm a dumbass, thats why. I think the earliest I got home the last week was about 11:30p.m. and we started at around eight or nine that morning. Not fun.
      I spent ten hours of my life, moving in freshman kids on floors 6-9 of our worst dormitory. I was not happy about it and neither was the rest of my body. For some reason though, I actually enjoyed myself. Isnt that weird? We had to be extremely excited at every car we saw in order to make the freshies feel welcome and wanted. So what do I get for all my work? I get a nasty cold, thats what. This weekend will be the end of welcome week, and thus the end of all the hard work. During the semester however, I must meet with my freshman seminar group for one hour and talk about important things that are going on in the world.
      So how are all my lovely people doing? I havent heard from a lot of you in a long time. Why? Dont you like me? I like all of you. That makes me so sad. Actually I'm not that worried about it, cause I didnt spend more than a coupld of hours online the whole summer.
      Well I must get going now, but I look forward to reading all of your beautiful responses. Later.

    • Camping is the shit and the butt gravy!

      14 years ago


      So camping was freaking awesome! We went to Two rivers State Recreation area. We caught about 35 fish and one frog in two days. The greatest part about the trip was the bond I formed with the people there. There's just something about sitting around a campfire. We made a sculpture of Richard Nixon outta a piece of fire wood. We used a hachet to crop his hair, along with used up fishing line, and we even made him an ass crack. On the last night, he started off the fire ceremony. He was practically bathed in liter fluid. Then we used bug spray bottle with a liter as the ignition (40% DEET so he went up like you wouldnt believe!) We established this as a new tradition in our yearly camping trip. We'll carve a president outta wood and then set him on fire., sounds like fun yes? I think so ans if you dont, you can suck my left nut, I have spare time. We need to get more people involved though. When I say we, I mean the group I went with and myself. I have never spent so much time around a campfire bullshitting with two of the coolest people I've known. Next year will be even better though, especially if we can get more people involved. Matt this means you if you're willing. Girls are also encouraged. (actually preferred since it was a sausage factory this time around).
      Well see you all later. Have a fun time with whatever you're doing.

    • Camping

      14 years ago


      So tomorrow, I'm gonna go camping for the first time in like five years. I plan to have a hella good time fishing and doing everything else that a person can do while camping.
      The thing I hate the most about camping or going anywhere else for that matter is having to pack all that stuff. I'm bound to forget some of the most important items that one might need to survive. for instance, underwear, frisbee, and a deck of cards. So this time, I broke down and made myself a list. Isnt that just freaking wonderful? I've never made a camping list in my life. I felt so, organized, and frankly, thats really not my style. I found myself running up and down the floors of my house looking for things on my list. Unfortunately, I did not remember to label which thing would be on which floor so that I would only have to make one trip instead of the thirty thousand trips that I made. I wore myself out on going up the stairs. guess that means I'm outta shape.
      Neways, how's everyone doing? I never type out journals or write back anyone on this thing. Probably because my friend just brought over the expansion kit for Halo2 and i about had an orgy! I have a new found addiction to it yet again. Its taking over my life! Someone save me! Give me the third one now so I can finish my purpose in life! Okay so its not that bad yet, but sometimes I think I'm the Master Chief.... Those are pretty awesome dreams.
      K so, now that I have that outta my system, I'm gonna leave you all for the next few days.... Please please no tears, you must be strong, and I promise to return to see all of your beautiful faces. Later people.

    • Oh where are you Matt?

      14 years ago


      This one goes out to my good friend Matt. Dude if you're out there and you're reading this.... TALK TO ME!!!!! I miss you man!
      For those of you who arent as sexy or as cool as Matt (yes I'm completely heterosexual so ladies dont be put off by that) I miss you too. Where have all of you gone? Its bad enough that I dont have any friends and I have to talk to you through this little magic box...Okay so I havent exactly been holding up my end of the bargain here, but that's besides the point.
      You ever have the weirdest and stupidest song stuck in your freaking head all day and it wont get out? That was basically my day. How was everyone elses? Good I assume since all I here is silence. I was watching this show called Beauty and the Geek. Its pretty damn funny for anyone with a sick sense of humor and people who like to watch the Geeks sweat bullets because they're close to a hot chick. Sor some reason, I never got that way, maybe because... I dont know why? I grew up around a lot of other kids in my daycare so talking to people is pretty much what I do. Call me crazy, but its' true.
      K I'm bored outta my skull right now, so I'm gonna leave. Later people.

    • Hello again

      14 years ago


      So its been so freaking long since I wrote one of these. I've been a little busy so deal with it! Neways, I decided that I would change my image because I got a couple of complaints, isnt that just so nice of me? I thought so too. For anyone who doesnt know who the guys in the new image are, you should hold your head in shame. Actually, I dont think many if any of you would know who they are because you dont live, eat sleep, and breathe drums like I do. They are the Cavalier Drumcorp from Rosemont Ill., and you should all bow down to them as if they are gods! My dream in life is to be one of them. But that wont happen. Neways, thats all I got for today, so I'll see you later.

    • Superstition

      14 years ago


      Very Superstitious, wrinting on the wall..... very superstitious, letters bout to fall..... Thriteen month old baby, broke the looking glass.... Seven years of bad luck....
      Neways, one point to those who actually read this and know what song it is without looking it up on a website. I hate when people do that.

      So how do the guys like my pic? Any one want to meet her. Me too, if you see her around, let me know. She's mine damnit.
      so here's a new segment of my journal called "joke of the day"
      So three guys go up to heaven and are greeted at the gates by Saint Peter. He says to them, "Guys heaven's gettin kinda full so the person who died in the most haneous way will be the only allowed into heaven."
      First guy comes up and says, "I got this one in the bag. So I found out that my wife was cheating on me. I raced home from work to my apartment complex on the 38th floor to catch her in the act. I ran up the stairs to the room and burst open the door. Clothes were everywhere, but I could not find the man. My wife began so yell at me about how unhappy she was. As I looked out on the balcony, I saw a pair of hands on the rail so naturally I knew it was the other man. I beat on his hands with my fists but he would not let go, so I grabbed a hammer and smashed his fingers till he fell. I figured the job was done when I saw him begin to move on the concrete below. filled with rage, I ripped our fridge away from the wall and threw it on top of his body. Realizing what I had just done, I decided to throw myself off the balcony to end my misery. And thats how I got here."
      Peter says, "Wow that is pretty fucked up"
      Second guys says. "ha I got that beat. So I was doing my yoga rutine on the 39th floor of my apartment building. While is an unusual stretch I fell off my balcony. I grabbed onto the rails of the balcony on the floor below mine. This dude, came up and started yelling at me and banging my hands with his fists. I screamed for him to stop, but I dont think he heard me. Discouraged that he could not get me to let go, he left. I thought it was all over, so I was just about to clmib over the rail, when the dude bashed me in the head with a hammer and banged on my hands again. I figured that I should just fall, so I did. I hit the ground and surprising ly, was still alive. The next thing I knew, this giant frigde hit me in the head and here I am."
      Peter says "Wow, thats even more fucked up than the other dude."
      Third guys walks up and says, "Peter, imagine yourself, naked in a fridge....."
      Dont get it? Too bad. dot as kme to describe it to you. Okay, the third guy was the dude who the wife was cheating with. get it now? Good. Later.

    • Another Monday

      14 years ago


      So here we are, and its another glorious Monday. Oh wait, thats not possible. Neways, so how's everyone uot there doing?..... I thought so.... My weekend was the shit and the butt gravy! I had way too much fun and not nearly enough sleep.
      So I was balls deep in this camel last night........ and then I woke up........ the stupid camel took my covers so of course I threw the bitch out and jacked my blankets back. Silly camel.... tricks are for kids. I'll give you about two more seconds on that one.... Done? good.... cause onward and upward (thats what the camel said too).
      This little segment of the journal will be futher known as, song for Matt. If you dont know who Matt is (1RedGuy1BlueGuy) you should get hit upside the head with a freakin hammer. That man is one of the coolest people in the world, and you should be ashamed for not knowing who he is. neways, back to what's important.....
      Are you gonna take me home tonight
      Ah down by the red firelight
      Are you gonna let it all hang out
      Fat bottom girls you make the rocking world go round... (I love that song)

      So yeah, i hope that you enjoyed that, cause if you didnt, I cant really help you. Later

    • And then there was one

      14 years ago


      One is the loniest number that you'll ever dooo.......... Matt, that was for you. Neways, how is everyone doing? I was very disappointed about the lack of comments from my last journal entry. I thought that I would have gotten some hate mail or some mods for that...... What the hell do I have to do for you people???????? I mean I poured my heart and soul out to all of you about my feelings and I get jack! What the hell!? And dont be giving me any sympathy mods for that, its too late, my confidence is shot, or like in Bruce Almighty says, MY LIFE IS ERODING BENEATH ME! ERODING! EROOODING!!!!!!

      K so really, I dont care that I didnt get any points earlier. I figured that you people who read these might appreciate a little humor about the newest pimp in purple. His cane is bigger, his hat is better, his car is hotter, and his vernacular is more unrecognizable. Does anyone else find it ironic that he was a Hitler youth, who was elected the day before Hitler's birthday, and he's the first German pope in almost a thousand years???? I think so. But then again, what the hell do I know?

    • POPE!!!!

      14 years ago


      SO why the hell does it take so long for a bunch of confused old people to elect someone??? One of the prime candidates is a German and was a Hitler Youth. Now in his defense, all young boys in the German population were placed in the Hitler youth, no matter what. But the main problem I'm having with this is that he is supposed to be very conservative (that is to say pre Vatican II, not like republican). This could mean that if he is elected, then he could undo all of the progress that John Paul II has done with the Catholic church. hahaha Church....... Neways, my solution

      I become the pope.... Yeah thats right, me.... Why you ask? Because I like the freaking hat and how else do you get the hot catholic school girls??? I mean they pratically freaking worship the man.. I would allow hot chick priests into the Vatican. Think of it like a giant Catholic orgy in the holy city.... but w/o the little boys. By the way, for all of you offended by that comment, let me say that I myself am catholic and I think that the way they handled the scandal was wrong. Wasnt it God who said, "I for an eye?" So they should be raped in the butt and have their nuts cut off and set alight in front of their bloody eyes... then stopmed out and flushed down a toilet. Then maybe, that shit would stop. Neways, yeah enough with that. Oh and by the way, I really would allow women priests for reasons that are completely non-sexual. Later boys and girls.

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