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      Best kind of appreciation..

      2 months ago

      Today I received a book in the mail. About five years ago I met a young man at our first RTX and we had one of those heart to heart conversations about life and his future. I remember it well and I remember encouraging to make the goal and go after it....well, much to my excitement, he did it...he wrote his book and sent me a copy. The proudest part is his kind words on the "Acknowledgments" page. Johathan, I am extremely proud and inspired by you and your achievement! May success follow you. @hesaves


    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      5 months ago

      I can't believe it is March 21st...I believe it's the first couple of days of spring...even though it is raining here in Austin, which I enjoy, it's spring!

      I have been on my school break this past week and enjoyed doing my art projects. I have been making the bottle cap art for probably 8 or 9 months now. image.php?id=3695599

      I working on a joint project with Griffin and I look forward to sharing it with all of you when it's complete.

      I decided to start a veggie and herb garden, I love fresh ingredients in all my food and hopefully this will be the beginning to a bigger endeavor down the road. ( Grape Vines ) image.php?id=3695602

      Looks like RTX 2015 tickets are out there....who is going this year?! I"m sure it will be amazing as always
      smiley0.gif Gus, Barbara and the team seem to have it down to a science now and will make sure it is a good time for all!

      Since deciding it is never too late to return to school, I have grown so much, in many ways...pursuing new dreams is very satisfying and I look forward to share this with you guys. I know that so many of you are in school and I know how hard it can be to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I'll say, it is all worth it. So many of you have asked what I am studying and I'm kind of keeping that close to the vest, once I get further down the road I will explain the plan smiley0.gif Here is a hint though...image.php?id=3695612

      I'm going to make a point to be better about making journal always I'd love to hear how you all are doing!

      Take care!

      Hugs, Kathleen

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      5 months ago

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      5 months ago

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      5 months ago

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      Thanksgiving Thanks

      9 months ago

      I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and for those of you who do not live in the USA, well, hopefully you enjoyed some turkey for the hell of it :)

      For the past month I have been packing and finally go all moved into my new place. It' s really lovely and close to some great walking trails. Titan has enjoyed watching all the little critters right out our window!

      Moving is soooo tiring and I don't plan on doing it again for a

      Thanksgiving was spent with loved ones and I had some really great left overs because it wasn't at my house ;(

      Anyone go out on Black Friday? What did you get?

      What's going on in your world? Gaming, video watching, school, shopping???

      Enjoy the weekend and your leftovers if you are lucky enough to have them!

      Hugs, Kathleen

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      Check out....

      10 months ago

      me on the Dudley and Bob show here in Austin Texas, this Friday morning at 8am CST....they are extremely funny radio guys and I'm honored to hang with them on 93.7 KLBJ.

      Shameless Promo

      Of course I decided to throw in a give away...but you need to listen in on Friday morning around 8am CST and you can do that by going to their website KBLJ OR just download their App and listen the live stream anywhere in the world :)

      So much going on around here....keep up!

      Hugs! Kathleen

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      October Already??

      10 months ago

      Hey all,

      Here we are already in October...change is in the air and I love it! I have some exciting changes happening in my world and ending 2014 in a pleasant way. I have been working a lot on my bottle top art...I have many requests and it's hard to keep up, I'm also working on my jewelry, I have an event on November 8th that I will be selling it for the holiday season :)

      Got a new car...I drive a bit more now a days so I opted for good gas mileage and zippy cute :) It's bright red and I'm enjoying it...I'm also moving to a new home in November.

      When I moved to Texas to work at Rooster Teeth, I was right across the street from the old's okay, but I wanted to be in a bit nicer environment. I'll be living near the Green Belt which is were you can hike along trails here in Austin and it's near the lake. Titan will really enjoy the place is pretty too, wood floors and vaulted ceilings...."I'm so fancyyyy" LOL. There is a dog park as well.

      I have a 2 year project coming up....I'll let you all know about it when it starts :) Again...change.

      LIve is good and I hope you all are doing well..

      I'm bummed I can't give out my award here anymore, but you guys keep sending me your GOOD DEEDS, and I'll figure something out!

      I really enjoyed my After Buzz TV interview for RWBY... if you missed it check it out

      I'll be doing another interview with them around the holidays....I'll keep you updated on that as well :)

      Hugs! Kathleen

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      Good Deeds...

      1 year ago

      Happy Tuesday! Wow, well I have finally figured out how to get views on my youtube channel...wear a bathing suit :) The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been amazing how it caught on and has helped out bringing recognition to the disease.

      I have been getting some really great good deeds from you all but for some reason can't access the awards on peoples profiles....but please keep doing them and keep sending them to me!

      With summer coming to an end and people going back to school, please update me on where you are in your schooling and what you are studying? I want to be in the know!

      hugs! Kathleen

    • kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

      Ice Bucket Challenge....

      1 year ago

      You are up Peyton. Enjoy!


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    • SteveJC


      3 weeks ago

      Just caught up on your panel live stream. As someone (like many, many others) who deals with depression, anxiety, insecurity, the works, I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for the panel, thanks for being able to express these issues with such care and heart, and thanks for generally being awesome Tex

      • kzuelch

        kzuelch Voice of Freelancer Tex

        2 weeks ago

        I'm so glad you were able to watch, it was a special day and I hope to be doing more to help others. Big hugs!

    • Tock


      2 months ago

      Happy birthday. Already seen it's been a good one for you just by browsing Twitter.


      THEDODGER Wookiee

      2 months ago

      Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day and that you enjoyed yourself! smiley0.gif

    • Higgmeister


      2 months ago

      Happy Birthday flower!! I hope that you have a great day!! smiley12.gifsmiley1.gif

    • huntdux


      2 months ago

      Thank you for being such a great role model. I appreciate everything you do for the RT community and people in need.

    • Ethan

      Ethan Graphic Designer

      2 months ago

      Hello! Did you know the image on the main part of your page is broken?

    • KrazyT


      5 months ago

      Hey, you're really cool and awesome! :)

    • Metaldragon5


      6 months ago

      Happy Warm Fuzzies Day, hope your having a great day. smiley0.gifsmiley13.gif

    • BostonPoke

      BostonPoke Zelda engagement ring

      6 months ago

      Happy Warm Fuzzies Day! Keep up the great volunteer work! I'll step it up a bit myself.

    • Audrey

      Audrey Spread The Love!

      6 months ago

      You are by far one of the sweetest ladies I know. Thank you for all the lovely positive work you do, both within and outside of our community. It was a pleasure getting to meet you at RTX last year, and I hope we run into each other again this year! smiley12.gif
      Spread the love with Warm Fuzzies of your own today!