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    • Um...

      11 years ago


      I was abducted by aliens?!!


      Holy Hell....Sorry ya'll,

    • Yes I'm Alive

      12 years ago


      Hey, I've been busy?

      And tired.

      And give me a "ring".

    • Um...I'm back?

      12 years ago


      And I'm single!

      Not a great thing that I'm proud of....if you want the gritty details, maybe if you suck up to me enough I'll let you in on them.

      God knows, I could use some freakin' joy here.

    • I'm taking Off

      13 years ago


      Dear God!

      So much shit to do, so why am I on here?

      Anyway, I'm heading up north to join my mom's family reunion.

      But here are the basics:

      My Brother + Girlfriend

      My ARMY sister

      My Mom

      Me + the Babe

      + Dad

      x a case of Tequila


      @.@ + >:-O

      Yeah....pray for us. Pray for the family we are going to......

      More info as the drunkeness and evil in-laws situations develop.

    • Where I Have Been.....

      13 years ago


      Wow, I swear I didn't fall off the face of the planet. If I did I'd have an awesome story about how I got back, wouldn't I?

      Anyway, work. Work. Work.

      And Rhythm & Booms being canceled, and me and iluvria w/ Hacky being grounded since we FLEW down there. DAMN WEATHER. ARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WERE FREAKING 350 ft from the launch site. SO CLOSE, YET SO CRUEL THAT IT WAS BLOODY CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!

      More details on that story when the Babe isn't crawling all over me.


    • I Fell Off the Face of the Planet B/C...

      13 years ago


      ....I now work at Sears Grand in my town, working frieght from 4am-12.


      I've been at it for three weeks and I'm about to DIE.

      Luckily, I got my shift switched from 4 to 8. So I will be on more often yet again.

      Just wanted to let the few (if they even exist) people who read my pathetic excuse for a journal know that I did not die, or that Xeno finally managed to trap me in his room. *shakes fist threateningly*

      So, um, I have to get to bed since I work tomorrow (thru Sat) @ 4am.


      Shoot me....but not in the face...or somewhere where I will not be forced to linger in pain and bleed to death.....maybe someone should smother, any ideas? Preferably painless, and done before 4 am tomorrow.....

    • Got Bored A While Ago.....

      13 years ago


      ....and I found this hiding on the hard drive. This is my dad:

      dadonbadday23hv.png a nutshell. No lie., he's Italian. That answers every possible question any of you dorks have about him.

    • *le sigh*

      13 years ago


      iluvria is in Milwaukee. Enjoying some school for his Aflac thingy, and is currently partying in his hotel room with a surplus of chicks and beer.

      ......I feel so sad.


      *loads shotgun in case of hanky panky*

      Okay, I feel better.

    • Okay, all better now!

      13 years ago


      I feel good again.

      Check out Aeryn's sexy bod!!!

    • *slams head against desk*

      13 years ago


      I thought I was on top of my game today with my art. But sadly, when I went over it with ink, the drawing looked like it sucked ass.

      Check out my pic of Biolith if you don't believe me.

      Anyway, making myself feel better by downloading old 1990s dance/party music off of LimeWire.

      It's cool to hear "Come N Ride It (the Train)" and "Mambo No. 5" again. Ahh, pre-middle school days.....*shudders in horror at memories of Private Catholic Elementary School*

      It wasn't that bad. I was the outcast in a class of wasn't so bad later on. I had more sense than half of the class...until 2004, and I got with iluvria.....oh, well. Fun times!!!

      Feeling better now.
      *gazes at pic on the desk*

      WAH!!!!!!!!! NO I AM NOT!!!!!!

      *sniffles and goes to find some JD*

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      11 years ago

      abandon page

      spam spam spam

    • RoninGunner

      11 years ago

      Hey there. I don't know if you remember me or not but im back

    • killer24k

      12 years ago

      you know there is a new war thread right?

    • hastid

      13 years ago

      wow you haven't had a comment in a while, here you go.

    • 1pkr2ruleall

      13 years ago


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