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    • Hello from Cali!!!!

      13 years ago


      Hey everybody! :D

      I'm in Cali right now with my boyfriend, somewhere in Silicon Valley... god, I am bored. He goes to work from 7am - 5pm, and during that time, I have to find some stuff to occupy myself while leaving the suite at certain times so housekeeping can do their thing.

      So far I've been here for.... 5 days. O.o Wow, feels longer.

      I found out only today via e-mail that one of my brothers popped the question, and is now engaged. The wedding's not till August 2007. But, I guess that means Kim and I's bet (Kim is the 2nd brother) has failed, because we thought I'd probably end up engaged first before the other brother since he's kinda crap when it comes to understanding women.

      The subject of engagement brought up terror in my bf, Matt. Yay! I personally think 2 years to know someone then marry is a little short, but then again, my brother and his fiancee are soon hitting their 30s, so, I guess it's ok. Matt however thinks 2 years is fine, but it still weirds me. Again, it's a person's own preference. But, he said he did know of a couple who waited 12 years to get married.... granted their relationship started in highschool though... completely different situation. :P

      Matt also asked me if women have a general time limit on staying in a relationship before ditching it if a proposal is not given. I said it's probably 10 years, give or take more depending on how serious the relationship is and other factors. So technically by that rule, he has four more years left after June 3rd hits. XD He also suggested an extention because our relationship went on for 2 years without us meeting. He wanted an extention of 50 years. >_< I said if that's the case, I'd probably run off to stalk Antonio Banderas after one year. :P

      There's a running joke between my co-workers and I about Matt and I's anniversary coming up. What do I want as a gift? I said an mp3 player. Pam (my boss) asked what about an engagement ring? I said that's nice, but I stil want mp3 player. (Notice I said "mp3" player' not "ipod.") "Well, what if you already got one? What's the next thing you'd want? engagement ring?" That was followed by a blank stare then "... video games?"

      I'm so freakin romantic. >:P

    • Busy busy

      13 years ago


      It's almost grimly amusing that everytime I seem to plan to make a time unbusy so I don't get stressed, there's a lot more work than there should've been.

      What is that saying? The best plans of mice and men aft go aglay.... or something. I can't spell or guess what it should be.

      I'd rather have the mice plans, thank you. Eat cheese, run away to live another day :P

      Sooo... yeah. I have deadlines and crap to meet (like everyone else in the world) and instead I take up to scaring my parakeets with a flashlight and having fun with the DS. Which by the way, I've finished Harmony of Dissonance on that Castlevania double pack with the GOOD ending. :D And it ONLY took 13 hours :/ Now to move on to Aria of Sorrow on that.

      It's also amazing that it's already mid-March. Crap, one blink ago I thought it was still January. School is over for me in three weeks. THREE WEEKS??! And I have 3 projects/assignments that must be done within that time, when one of those projects is guaranteed to be 100hrs of work on average. O-o That's .... ::counts:: about 7 play throughs of Harmony of Dissonance! ::cackle:

      Also, my best friend, who lives in Sweden since september, is sulking over my going away to Cali to be with Matt because she plans on visiting here in July. Heh. Well, she didn't seem to care about being present when I came for a visit from my year in Toronto. I didn't mind either, she had to go visit her boyfriend in Sweden, so... yeah.

      Man... it's gonna be weird when I go see Matt. I've never been there for him for both his birthday and our upcoming anniversary (6 years on June 3rd). All Matt said was "Lots of sex." But no, that's not the point. We get that anyway, but it means a lot to me to be able to actually celebrate those events with him instead of just wishing him well over the phone, etc.

      On a subject that relates to sex, Matt's gonna face something from me he's never dealt with in person before.... Me during period and PMS time. I'm on pills (obviously) but last time I went to see him was three months, so I used the pills straight without tripping a period. (I don't know if most of you know how some birth control pills work, but it's usually three weeks of pills, one week to trip the period, then repeat all)

      Three months is usually what is considered ok to go on straight pills without tripping a period, but I'm going to be there for about four months, and my prescription only allows three months of pills in advance... so I have one saved on a month I accidentally skipped.

      So... Matt's going to face three times I will be PMS'ing and having period moments. God, I hope he stays sane. I've been known to cry over stupid shit during PMS.... really really stupid stuff that makes no sense to cry over.

      Bleh, anyways, I got class. Flee!

    • Please take my bank card away from me...

      13 years ago


      ...before I murder it any further.

      Apparently buying Castlevania GBA double pack, Viewtiful Joe DS and Arc The Lad wasn't enought that I felt it neccessary to pick up Animal Crossing W.W.. ::sighs:: ... Along with River City Ransom EX, the wifi connector and a pack of replacement stylus pens. >_<

    • The Plague

      13 years ago


      Rawrrr... Ok, a few days after I turned 23 (ew) I got sick with a nasty throat infection and have been under order not to stay at home and heal for about....10 days so far, and I'm still sick. :S

      On the brightside during my ill period, my bday and valentine's day gifts arrived from my bf. What did he get me this year?

      - Meteos
      - Electroplankton
      - A Fuze Crystal necklace from Thinkgeek
      - A really nice dangly crystal hairstick

      :) So, I've been farting around with my DS mostly and replaying the old Wild ARMS for PlayStation. I went out when I was a little better and bought several more games though: Doublc Pack Castlevania for GBA, Viewtiful Joe DS and Arc the Lad 1 for PS2.

      I hate being sick.... I've gotten done one of my major projects for graphic design, and am starting another project for a different class. ::sigh:: At least while I'm sick, I don't have any distractions (well... not too many) but the fatigue sucks. I can't seem to get my sleeping habits straight. I sleep from 2am to 2pm. I swear, I seem to need 12 hours of sleep, and it's driving me nuts since I gotta go back to school and work on Wednesday. :S

      ::sigh:: This cough pisses me off and makes my throat hurt more. :(

    • Life sucks

      13 years ago


      I hate my job, I hate school, I hate waking up.

      I think I'mm making up for all the teen angst I didn't experience years ago.

      I've become No-heart for today. Now where's a care bear I can defile?

    • Me trying to be Zen

      13 years ago


      I'm trying to approach a new perspective on relating people.

      If they are bitchy... they are not really bitchy, they've had a bad day, or someone's been bitchy to them. Perhaps by being kind to them and not thinking badly of them, they will not continue to be a bitch.

      And if that is not the case... then they are bitchy because they are really Skeletor.

      Or someone ate their cat. And if that isn't the case, someone WILL eat their cat. (PS. I am Asian, that is a threat.)

      (Yes, the evil cynical me is still there.)

      Oh, and I turn halfway to 46 on February 10th. Be sure to cry with me :)

    • Par-TAY!!!

      13 years ago


      OPERATION: GET RID OF PSYCHO BITCH BOSS is a success!!!! ^_______^

      My buddy has been promoted to manager position. I told her if she steps out of line, the other employees and I will band together and do mutiny :)

      Anyways, we're going to Applebee's on Sundays', their treat to me, since I helped a lot with the writing for the complaint letters to be sent to head office to get the biatch fired. Their arguing skills aren't as good as mine in writing, so, yeah. Huzzah. Below is my letter which was sent to head office... if you want to see what a crazy ass person my manager was.

      To the district manager

      Upon being given the opportunity to express my feelings in the matter with our shop location and its management, I could not refuse. The management which is the subject of this letter is Kristen. While I do not know under what circumstances she was given the position of management, I certainly do question how she could’ve earned it and why she continues to hold that position.I have been in employment here since September, and in mere weeks did I feel that she is incompetent as well as unsuited behaviour-wise and conduct-wise for the position. On several occasions I noticed her lack of participation with the store’s daily duties of stock, cleaning, and the unspoken and obvious belief that when one works they should be in the workplace location, rather than going from business to business, chatting up other people who are doing their work while she is clearly not immersed in hers.

      Several times I have witnessed violations of how a manager should conduct themselves. For example, she is not paid to nap in the backroom regardless of her saying she’s doing “paperwork.†Unless it changed since last time I checked, paperwork requires your eyes to remain wide open. Nor is she paid to visit friends at business next doors to gossip about her employees behind their backs. Not only does the previous example violate what should be work protocol, it destroys any sense of trust and respectability from her employees. We do not appreciate employees from other shops coming to us saying, “Did you know Kristen said so-and-so about you guys?†What worker would feel welcome at a place where her boss talks about her behind her back to other shops? Or worse, to the other employees? This brings me to my next point:

      Several times she’s spoken about the other coworkers behind their backs to me, saying unpleasant things about them. And I learned from them that they too hear things about me behind my back from her. I do not appreciate this nor do my coworkers. If she has a problem with me, I’d have more respect for her if she took the problem directly to me, rather than sabotage my integrity to my coworkers by “bitching†to them about my shortcomings and gossip. I’m sure the other employees would feel the same. In truth however, I feel it’s too late for her to have any shred of my respect whatsoever, as that has already been destroyed previously by her over-stepping boundaries that are understood between employer and employee. Violet, a previous employee, has quit because of the over-stepping of boundaries.

      First off all, if I am an employee, I leave it to a needs-to-know basis. I do not want to know about the darker things in your closet. I do not want to arrive depressed at work, nor leave like that, because you feel it is important to share your horrible mood with me. All she does is complain. Now, generally, I am a positive person, but when someone talks to me with only complaints, you wonder if there is anything happy in her life as well as seeking out the nearest location to possibly acquire ear plugs. If she had plants and talked to them, I’m certain they would wither and die from depression considering all of us have noticed how negative she is and are affected by it. Beyond in the workplace, a janitor in the mall who used to visit the shop to say hi and catch up does not do so when Kristen is around because he himself said she was so depressing and negative.

      In short, Kristen does not know how to relate to people beyond complaining, which is pretty bad for someone in a business that is required to keep a good customer rapport. On one occasion, I have been yelled at publicly, in front of Mcena, and a queue of customers. The yelling was over being unable to find a bag in the back, even though I had also sent in Mcena to help look for it to no avail. The back room is a mess, and Kristen is the only person who knows where everything is, and she turns into a foul mood if one of us tries to clean it because it is not to her desired specifications. I believe the state of the backroom is something she has been written up on before, check it out.

      With this much negativity in the workplace, it would be no surprise at all to see productivity of the workplace drop as well as the enthusiasm of the workplace. I know myself on several occasions have dreaded certain work days just because I would be working alone with Kristen with nothing to listen to but complaints.

      And now we move back to behavioural conduct of Kristen. She acts like a child, and, in saying so, I am possibly insulting my five-year old niece who displays more control over her own tantrums than Kristen ever could. Constantly, Pam, Mcena and I are on our toes, cautious of Kristen’s bad moods… which happen frequently and randomly. Kristen gets upset and “huffy†over various things that a manager should be prepared to face: Angry/uncompliant customers, returns/exchanges, massive amounts of stock, shoplifters, etc.
      Now, while it is ok to be upset about the previous, it is not acceptable to take it out on
      employees or acting on those emotions in childish ways: Slamming the door to the backroom, going to the backroom for “paperwork†(Really munching on food), being very irritable to customers and employees, deciding to go on breaks to walk around the mall while clocked in.

      (Other half to be added in the reply)

    • Bleargh

      13 years ago


      Bleh, standard new year's resolutions: Get organized and exercise more.

      Anyways, my boyfriend moved from SLO to the Bay area, and I'm laughing at him since he has issues with the word "hella" and its mutant cousin "hecka." First shop he goes to, a miniature gaming store, he's assaulted by so much use of hella. :3

      He moved up North for awhile because of an internship job he got at some research place that pays 19.50/hr!!! O_O. That is triple of what I make on my part time job, and he also has free housing for the internship. >_<;;; But reality is, the difference in what we make when we live together in the future will always be that great.

      Let's consider the following:

      Computer Engineer: Approx 40-60K/year (American estimate)
      Graphic Designer: Approx 20-25K/year (Canadian estimate)

      ............ I can buy groceries! >_<

      When I told Matt that he said, "Well crap, guess I can't be the stay at home dad when the kids are toddlers and growing." I said to him hell no, because I need to know the family has a dental package. He laughed and said I was a gold digger. If that's the case, I'm not a very good gold digger.... I mean, I don't think I've ever heard "I demand my teeth cleaned twice a year" being said at a divorce settlement of a qualified gold digger.

      I've been keeping Matt phone company while he's waiting to go to work.... which he starts today!! But, we had a conversation about costume play in the bedroom as well as the BDSM lifestyle.

      He said that for those people who were into the heavy dungeon stuff, it would be difficult to explain to the kids when it's time to be a domesticated family why there was a giant birdcage or stretcher being sold at their garage sale.

      I took it a different way: " Well, what if your parents died, and you had to go through all of their stuff and such. And you found costumes."

      Matt said, "Ok.

      "And say you find a Batman costume, an easter bunny outfit, a maid outfit, a submissive bitch outfit and... I dunno, a care bear costume. What're you supposed to think?"

      "... I was thinking that sounded pretty normal and standard kinky until you mentioned the care bear outfit. That's just fucked up. I don't want to know what the care bear countdown leads to anymore."

      "::laughs:: He's not grumpy bear anymore."

      But yeah, I'm sorry, the idea of anyone having to rummage through their parents' stuff when they pass away and finding sex stuff is creepy. I mean... eughghhhhh... ::shudders::

    • Operation: Get boss fired

      13 years ago


      Several coworkers and I have rallied together to get our boss fired and it is working well. The District manager has agreed to promote the assistant manager to manager once she passes her test that considers her eligible for it which will be taken after the new year.

      We have basically put up with her shit long enough. I really get pissed off when workers from other shops come in to tell us the gossip the boss has been spreading about all of us when she visits other shops. WTF? Grow up, you stupid n00b. Last I checked, gossip shit and toddler tactics should be left to grade schoolers to high schoolers.

      I hope you die in a car crash. (- Eddie Izzard) The tactics are really stupid. She's trying to now go to one of the upper upper management, bypassing the DM, to file complaints about the DM (real smart there, bitch) as well as writing her employees (three of us including myself) up on everything to get them fired before she herself is.

      I seriously cannot believe there's this much drama shit in a job that pays minimum wage. -_-; ::sigh:: I seriously need to go find a graphic design job now. If there was drama there, it'd be 9.00/hr drama.

    • Shit!!!!

      13 years ago


      I had a final exam on friday. I logged in thursday night onto the school system to check for any 11th hour posts... and post I found was "How did everyone do on their exams?" I got the date wrong, it was that morning, not the next day. Sooo... I have to go in early tomorrow to the faculty office to submit my form for a deferred exam.

      Deferred exams are only granted to medical or compassionate reasons. (Compassionate though is admittedly a broad range of things rather than just death.) My professor agreed he'd let me write the exam, but the psychology faculty is being anal and might not let me.

      If I don't get this exam worth 40%.. I fail this class. Passing is 50. I'm sitting at a 49.5 without my exam right now. Yeah... failling by 0.5 .... sucks major ass.

      ::sighs:: Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they let me take the exam. If I do fail, I don't know if I"ll be going back to school next year since one of the conditions for my trust fund is that I must pass EVERY class I take. :nervous::

      There is always the hope that if I don't get granted the exam, the professor will be kind enough to round my mark up to 50 at least.

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    • Microbe

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      I was just wondering if I could get your support on Google Idol. I'm the only Canadian contestant in this contest. You can vote once daily if you want. It would help a lot. The competition ends on June 2nd. No registration is required.

      Thanks! smiley0.gif

      P.S. Vote Edaz! smiley8.gif These kids are great too!

    • ladyrant

      13 years ago

      ::chuckles:: Yeppers :)

    • Lorrry Rawrie

      13 years ago

      South u live in Manitoba? smiley1.gifsmiley10.gif

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      b8d46627e178ce8d19ea13aaf198508f.gifMerry Christmasbb56b3f5e1ca86fbb23cd28b892d0d1e.gif

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      13 years ago

      happy halloween

    • jeffreyblaix

      14 years ago

      south central canada? is that like south central l.a.? hmmm, hahahaha

    • icecoldj

      14 years ago

      AWESOME avitar... funnny as hell. Plus, I just noticed you like old school transformers: $hit rocks! got all four seasons on DVD.

    • ladyrant

      14 years ago

      On a lighter note... I love this animation:

    • ladyrant

      14 years ago

      Thanks, I've been really lazy in my anime watching though for the past few months. O_o; For example... I've not even seen one episode of Naruto, Read or Die or even Full Metal Alchemist. >_<. Like I said, lazy. Lazy to download, and lazy to go to the bi-monthly anime club at my university... well... work has something to do with that. v_v;

    • Odanielbob

      14 years ago

      You have great taste in anime there. ^__^

    • ladyrant

      14 years ago

      My stories are currently found at . The stories were originally geared for an adult audience (less ignored, easier to get feedback from, though more of it was often a complaint of "put more sex in it!" -_-;;) but were re-edited for a R-rating when gave in to the soccer moms of the world and said they won't host NC-17 stories anymore. ::chuckle:: By the way, awesome squirrel picture.

    • Archinemnon

      14 years ago

      Diablo 2 is a really great game. I don't think I can recall ever seeing one of your fanfics... I check out most of the stuff on I'd love to read some of yours sometime, where do you publish them?

    • Dementia

      14 years ago

      Go old school Transformers.

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