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    • Hey it's been awhile

      1 year ago

      landon_castro That one guy

      Hey all!

      It's been a good bit, and well…things have been a little rough. However also really good if that makes sense? 

      Let me break it down for you. So the things with my best friend ended up ramping up really fast, we hung out a bunch about 2 weeks ago, seemed like we were on track to maybe really be serious about taking steps towards being together, and well, it fell through. Which the circumstances of it are basically just that she still is having trouble dealing with the other girl that's been on her mind, and I can't really blame her ya know? So (for now) things between us are on hold but who knows, maybe in the future it will all work out :) 

      Other than that work has been pretty demanding as you can see with my last entry being over a month ago. Learned a lot so far but nothing really due to my work actually, I've been diving into some graphic design videos on a channel called The Futur and I really just love their approach to teaching and helping and creating a community all centered around artists doing what they love and making a business be successful for them. I picked up a bunch of books when I visited my friend that weekend and so far haven't had a chance to really go in on them aside from the color key book I got awhile back. 

      As for now, things are just sailing along and I'm just trying to soak in as much information as I can. Until next time RoosterPeeps ^__^

    • The feels start coming and they don't stop coming

      1 year ago

      landon_castro That one guy

      WELL boy has it been the same as last week lol 

      Still dealing with the feels and conflicts from the previous journal, and still in my let me binge my feelings into something mood so all week I've worked probably 12-16 hour days just to be away from everyone and everything. I've been working on an Adwords course for my boss so he can get the company Google Partner certified and it is for sure a one way ticket to sucksville. Boring, long, and I missed 2 questions more on the exam then I could get for a passing grade. 50/65 questions. So all day today has been restudying and waiting to take the exam again. I have to pull an all nighter for some Facebook content for a client that I needed to work on all week so thats going to just be "wonderful". 

      Yea that's all I'm gonna put this week..

      Hope you guys are doing well and things are looking up! 

    • I hope you guys are doing better than I have this week

      1 year ago

      landon_castro That one guy

      Guys it's been such a crazy week that I just don't really know how to express it. 

      Long time friend that I met through school like 4 years ago now, (so like not actually long time but it feels like a lifetime) I ended up over the years having mild feelings for that then progressed into just head over heels love for. After expressing how I felt maybe like 3 months ago she was shocked first of all, but then was very unsure about it all because she had the same feelings but for someone else in our friend group. Devastating blow to the feels for sure but hey if there's anything I've learned through loving someone in the past is that to truly love and care for someone, in part, is to see them just be happy. So the last month or so has been trying to do all that. Fast forward to last week after I got back from visiting them and other friends for the weekend, the whole week just felt off. The girl she's been in love with has been visiting as well but for 3 weeks now (leaves this weekend) and she's just been dying over the same problem I have with her. (now I'm just going to give fake names because its just going to be easier for the rest of the story.) (Girl I love = Rae , Girl Rae loves = Ashley , Boy Ashley loves and is currently dating = Bryan Ashley is also polyamorous so there's that...) 

      Ok so Ashley and Rae had somewhat of a thing and then didn't but then did, so now Rae is incredibly confused. Ashley has been a part of our friend group for a good while and lately hasn't been feeling super good about herself so Rae and I decided to fly Ashley down to Rae's house for a little bit to just be around people who care about her and to just decompress from the stresses of life and stuff. Well that didn't really help Rae all that much and so it was off and on again for a tiny bit, but that just kind of made things worse relationship wise between them. Rae now feels like garbage because it's her first real heartbreak so I feel man like that shit sucks. 

      Rae and myself both are in similar situations of emotion and yet there isn't really a whole lot I can do aside from just support my best friend in trying to feel better. We have had moments where it seemed like a possibility that we could maybe be together but she just couldn't shake her feelings about Ashley so I understood. It sucked major ass, but I understood. 

      Essentially this past week has just been filled with a lot of internal conflict and dealing with heartbreak and stuffs so of course in my natural "I'm sad" tendencies I binged learning a bunch of shit lol. I've been powering through the Blender course I got from Udemy and now I have a decent understanding of the UI BUTTTT I feel a lot of the processes are just kind of way more involved than it needs to be just to preform a small task. Now I'm not totally writing it off because I mean I'm only 8% through the entire course so I'm sure theres more to understanding it. However it just makes me even more wanting to spend the 190$ a month on a Maya subscription and just deal with eating barely lol (totally a joke cuz bruh I need to eat like food is amazing) 

      I also started doing the Facebook business courses and its actually pretty helpful if you want to learn about the platform. Also free via Facebook if anyone is wondering about it. 

      Anyways this entry is mostly just a venting piece because it's just draining not to at least let it out. 

    • Things are looking up, oh finally! (totally a Paramore reference)

      1 year ago

      landon_castro That one guy

      So week one has passed at this new job I'm at and dude it's amazing! I haven't ever felt stressed one bit, aside from like actual pressure of deadlines, and I thoroughly enjoy everything I've been doing. Also my boss gave me his Creative Cloud!!! I have it all again!  <3 

       I had to create a marketing strategy for Facebook for a client so that was cool. (Probably semi-shitty but oh well lol. I've been making sure what things are broken on websites for clients, tweaking small things of design and sending the feedback to the dev guy over seas. All in all I'm so many of the excite that I might just do a heckin heck. (doge meme for those that for some reason don't either remember the doge memes or never have seen them before) 

      I also just got some Udemy courses so hopefully those turn out to be good and not a waste of money lol, but they do have a money back guarantee so thats sick. I got a blender course, because no money for Maya like bruh that shit is speeennnsiiiveee. I got a Python course because why not right? I also got a Digital Marketing course so hopefully I can help do better at this job, and then translate it to my actual art stuff to get noticed or sell better when I start that back up again.  

      Things are really looking up guys and for the first time in such a long time I'm really really happy. 

      I am dealing with some skeletons though back from when I was in school and a lot of shit happened that really made me want to quit doing art and just creative stuff in general, but I'm moving through it and slowly feeling good again. I really hope my 2018 just keeps getting better, but part of me knows for sure it will.

      I've even been thinking about, after I think one of the podcasts or other show, something where Geoff was on and he was talking about how people just come up to him not just as a fan or a potential friend or anything in everyday life, but as a "hey I just wanna talk to you and be nice to get a job because I want a job." It's really had me thinking about why I'm really even on the site and why I'm pushing myself so much lately and I took a step back and really thought that so what if I never get a job at RT, this isn't why I want to be here. This isn't why I want to interact with everyone in the community and even those that work at RT. After really taking a look at why I'm here, I've just come to the realization that I love being actually a part of a community. If I never work at RT I'm totally ok with it because I'd rather know myself, as well as they know, that I'm here because I'm proud of them for creating such amazing content and watching them grow both as individuals as well as a company. It just makes me so happy to see other people do what they love to do with people they love, and I just hope that no matter where I end up, that I find myself in the same position.  I love RT and if ever they said "hey man we'd love to have you" I would probably say "yea sure I'm game", but more than likely I might not take it and just want to support them to be the best they can be because that's what really matters. 

      Much love everyone and thank you all so very much for being a part of my life! 

    • Well a lot has happened since my first post so let me fill you in...

      1 year ago

      landon_castro That one guy

      (I wrote this yesterday but my computer died and I had to go watch infinity war so I’m finishing it today.)

      Also It’s obviously hella long so be prepared for a novel homies…

      So to start off I finally got the ball rolling on being at and doing what I love to do. 

      Let's take a step back though. I hated my job more than life it self and constantly wished for the sweet relief of death. Relatable for some but for myself it was just a boiling point ready to explode daily. Horrendous depression and bouts of constant “what the actual fuck am I going to do with my life?” type things. I was stuck in a place I hated and had no light or hope of being where I wanted to be. Then my uncle suggested (keep in mind dude is career army and has been hounding my ass since before I graduated high school.) that I join the coast guard because that was the one branch I had ever "expressed interest" in. There's quotations because I literally have never cared about the military every in my life and just finally had enough of my shitty job at Starbucks that I only stuck with because I was a young dumb kid who didn't know his worth at the time. So I finally took him up on the idea and we went forward with it.  

      Fast forward about 6 months and I'm nearing the end of the paper work stage and I have to take a fitness test to see if I meet the recruiters qualifications and can move on to basic training. At this point my family has moved into a new house with my sister, mom and two dogs. So I offered to just sleep on the couch until I leave and they can have adequate space for all of them.  Shit you not the DAY before this test I fall into a friend's pool and tear the cartilage in my wrist and bruised my back and hip. Shit ruined my chances and I lost all hope, but just went to the doctor and tried to get it all fixed so I could try again and get the fuck outta dodge you feel? Fast forward another six months and I'm "healed" and try again and barely pass this shit, like literally barely… All cool I leave Starbucks and I'm fucking pumped because now I have hardly any new bills and can focus on my stable new income and get out of this hole of massive debt I'm in. I finally make it to the training center and then just utterly flop. I couldn’t even do 5 pushups come time for the fitness test there and the sit-ups were a joke…the run was the only thing I “completed” yea 15 minutes for a mile and a half is hardly saying I “completed” it. So they discharged me and sent me home for failure to meet physical standards. At this point I REALLY think my life is just in every sense of the word, fucked.  

      So now we are at the semi-recent point of this story and entry.

      I came home from the training center with literally no money, back logs of bills and just an even deeper hole of depression but knew that I didn’t have the luxury of just sitting there and moping about it. I had resorted to being back on my moms couch with 90% of my belongings purged before I went. So here I am with a handful of clothes and a small bucket of my random other belongings I was going to put in storage. That’s it. No bed, no room, no nothing. The cliché is at top tier now and here I am at what I assume is a good starting point for my “origin story” as a serious artist. I canceled the internet and cable for the house because I was previously paying for them and now I obviously couldn’t and neither could my family. The electric was the other only bill I was paying before then because I had come back from Full Sail on the basis that my family needed financial help and well I’m all they’ve got. So mom took care of rent and other expenses and I took care of on occasion groceries, power, and cable/internet. 

      When I realized that I needed a job and needed one fast I was quick to entertain the idea of trying to get my old job back but decided I’d rather literally eat dog shit 3 square a day than ever work there again. Crossed that shit off the “list” and moved on to just bumming their internet instead because fuck the system right?

      Mind you this is the same store that I worked at so obviously there’s a sense  of shame in myself and I’m sure that radiated from me whenever I came. I even got the bullshit “everything will be ok for you” from my old manager. (90% of the reason I was even leaving was because of her. Not because she was mean or anything but man was I under appreciated and constantly taken advantage of as a worker). Point being I was a sad sack of shit who sat in his old job for 8+ hours a day on Indeed looking for any jobs that I could find.  There was always a sign for the gas station around the corner from my house though that always had a hiring sign for third shift, it was a last resort and unfortunately, I took it after about a week of looking with no avail. Minimum bullshit wage but it paid weekly and I could walk there if I really needed to.  Having so many bullshit offers and wasted interviews I was almost out of gas and literally out of money from my change jar that I picked clean, as well as the cliché couch cushions and in my car seats. At this point I was fully ready to suck dick for money guys…not even just as the joke but with all hope lost I was ready to steal Vaseline and ready my lips…

      Now working at the gas station had it’s perks, and I did enjoy some of it but it got bullshit quick and I was still looking for something better while I was working there. I mean after learning my lesson with Starbucks I knew I didn’t ever want to be stuck in something like that again, and an 8$ per hour job sure as shit wasn’t going to pay my bills let alone my debt down.  About 2 weeks after getting the job at the gas station I got a reply from a pool company, the picture that hopefully attaches to this post, it was 12$ per hour and I would be alone 95% of my time in a company truck and a consistent route with consistent weekly pay. Fucking rad deal right? Well….  I put in the application and get the response for an interview and I’m hyped. I get dressed all snazzy after blowing the last bit of money I had that week on gas and nice clothes I lucked out on at Goodwill and head out to this interview right? Wrong. These fuckers made me drive 45 minutes across Jacksonville, Florida to resubmit the SAME application and resume I had JUST SENT THEM… and proceed with no interview after waiting for 30 minutes for that… It wasn’t until I waited 20 more minutes and then said fuck it and drove home that they called me as I’m pulling into the parking space at the house asking if I wanted to come in right then for an interview. I told them no I will come tomorrow because I’m not fighting the same traffic and wasting gas and time in my hot ass car with no A/C in humidity hell Florida.

      I go in the next day for this interview despite my preservations and nail it. Easy enough because I’ve never been the type to worry about an interview itself; just about getting one.  Fast-forward a bit and I’m all trained up and ready to clean some pools, and it’s going pretty great. That is until they start showing signs of complete disorganization and disregard to quality. Mind you this is a 20-year-old company building pools and an 8-year-old service department (my department) so you would think they have their shit together generally at this point. At least a little bit one would think. Constant miscommunication or blatant lack of communication at all, so I gave it a couple weeks to sort itself out and boy it gets worse. I had had enough at that point and just felt I was locked into bullshit yet again, but at this point Avengers Infinity War had just come out so me not wanting to be spoiled I deleted all my social media and only kept Facebook messenger to talk to friends.  Almost a month later now I get a text from my mom who sees an ad on Facebook about someone who needs an assistant and it pays the same as what I’m making now. I chat the guy up via text and LinkedIn and we seem to hit it off for sure. Things are going great and we set up a meeting, and BAM I land it. SEO/Digital Marketing and some Production Management position/assistant for this guy who is rebuilding his company and want to expand in all the right ways.

      Now we are at the absolute present day (day of post) and I start this new job on Monday.  Not sure what it holds for me but after the last two weeks of me getting back into drawing and 3D modeling, in Blender instead of Maya because money, I am nothing but excited to finally get into doing something I enjoy and can really put my talents to use and expand them.  I’ll keep updating as things happen but as of right now I’m loving life and I’m finally happy once again. I think this may be the start of a great origin story for how I make it to RoosterTeeth if ever I make it, OR if I make it to another production company that I really enjoy!  Let’s be real though RT is the best.

      Finishing update to the post is that I watched infinity war and my actual heart is ripped in half. I loved the movie and there are also parts I hated, but I’m not going to spoil anything because I’m not a jerk.  For those that have seen it you understand, and for those that haven’t seen it it’s an emotional ride you aren’t prepared to take…  Also the picture I mentioned earlier I cant figure out how to put it in the post so its in my images. (blue shirt and RT15 hat)

    • RT here I come

      1 year ago

      landon_castro That one guy

      Today I'm marking as the start of a long road of hard work to eventually and hopefully work in the animation department. Hope I can look back at this in 5 years and see that something that I'm truly proud to work on and something I absolutely love. 

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