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    • Marvel Unlimited

      4 years ago


      So Marvel has a deal until like maybe a few hours from now??? Where you get Marvel Unlimited (usually $10 a month) for the first month costing a cent. Which is pretty rad, I'm reading Ms. Marvel (2014) at the moment. Going well.

    • Birthday (a haiku)

      4 years ago


      I am older now.
      Birthdays come and go so fast.
      I am 20. Fuck.

      (This is best I can do at 12:50 am... sue me).

    • E3

      4 years ago


      God, so many games I want. I'm so poor, my bank account cannot handle this.

    • Two years // Hey guys!

      4 years ago


      So I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth for two years or so, I mean I've known of them since The Strangerhood, but got more interested in them since 2013 when I was in my last year of high school. Two years and four months later I got SPONSORSHIP! Thanks to @TheKusari for an early birthday present so yeah I can now do the sponsorship stuff which is rad.

      It's been a while since my last post which was about the passing of Monty, so it's been some time and things have changed. I've got two weeks of my course and I'll have a certificate four in library, information and cultural services which basically means I can be a library technician (they're the behind the scenes kind of guys) and then I'll go on and do a diploma of library, information and cultural services which should be fun then I can go off and do uni. I also obtained a boyfriend, well I mean he kind of obtained me I guess, he's a total sweetheart who loves Rooster Teeth and we met up at a Roo Teeth (Australian street team) event last November. It'll be three months on the 21st of June (a day before my birthday funnily enough).

      What else has happened to me, I don't think there's anything ground breaking I can really think of in all honesty. But I hope you are all well, and I'll talk to you in another couple of months! Kidding, I'll keep you updated but yeah... Welp, signing off.

    • 4 years ago

    • 4 years ago

    • Monty.

      4 years ago


      So I'm going to make another journal entry about him, (well in the sense that so many people are making journals about him and how they affected him and such).

      I've known about RT since Strangerhood days (because I was a massive sims fan) but I never really signed up or joined the fandom since around two years ago and I didn't know of Monty till I got heavily into RT. I introduced a lot of my friends to RWBY, and the two closest friends I have who aren't too into RT I told them about Monty's passing and they're both sad because they enjoyed RWBY too.

      I met both Jordan and Monty when they came down to ACMI in Melbourne (and Jordan actually spoke about ACMI briefly in his journal), I met both Monty and Jordan in Minotaur but I didn't speak to Monty like I did with Jordan when we were there. I just gave them both a wave when they left. But I spoke to Monty when he was signing things and I spoke to him, and he's very humble and very cool.

      I'm not an animator, I'm in no way shape or form going to be one. But I am a writer, and I hope that no matter what genre of writing I do, I hope my storytelling is as amazing as Monty's. He might not be an inspiration for me in the form of animation, but he will be for the way he tells stories, and how he works on these stories, and he provides fun for his family, friends and us community members.

      You'll always be an inspiration Monty, you'll be missed.

      I'm not excited to tell my sister. Hopefully we can watch RWBY together.

    • Sunburn

      4 years ago


      Okay so going out in Australian weather with no sunscreen was a bad idea.


      That was two nights ago, and now it's worseeeee (I don't know it just fucking hurts tough I was tipsy so it didn't hurt as much), but I'm sunburnt on my face, chest, back of the neck, arms and legs (those two are a first). I've had cold showers and I've put on aloe vera.

      Ughhhhhhhh fuck my life. I'm naturally pink anyways, god damn I'm so white.

    • Sleep.

      4 years ago


      edit; the morning after:
      So it's the morning after and I've had three hours sleep. Ugh, I better get some decent sleep on the bus. Fucking Logan.


      I can't sleep, and I have to wake up in four hours to meet @TheKusari on a bus for a Roo Teeth gathering.


      God fucking damn it Logan. I fucking hate you.


    • Writing commissions

      4 years ago


      So I'm a writer, and I like money... basically this is my journal entry for my writing commissions. So if you want to get a piece of writing then read ahead!

      Hello everyone, my name is Melissa! Basically I need money. I have a certificate IV (4) in Professional Writing and Editing, I've also had one piece published (non-fiction) and another non-fiction piece in the works to be published. I'm living with my parents, so I do have to give back in bills. If you can't give, signal boost it around that would be amazing and I would love you forever and ever!

      '¢ Give me at least a month to finish the commission. I'm happy to send you e-mails on current word count or a small snippet of what I'm working on.
      '¢ I ask for payments before I send you the commissioned piece. I don't want to send the piece and have no payment when I could have spent working on others pieces.
      '¢ I accept trades, of equal pay.
      '¢ I have the right to not write/accept something that is against my morals, I'm not apart of said fandom and what I said I will not write.

      I will not write
      '¢ Rape (both non con and dub con) and self-inserts.
      '¢ Things that you have to hand in. Plagiarism is bad.
      '¢ BDSM unless it's dom/sub type thing.
      '¢ Non-canon incest. (e.g. George and Fred Weasley are a no go, Jamie and Cersei Lannister I can do.)
      '¢ I won't say I won't write it, but I don't have a ton of experience in writing m/m smut so I might put that on hold.

      '¢ Harry Potter
      '¢ Doctor Who [New!Who]
      '¢ Mass Effect
      '¢ Assassins Creed
      '¢ Bioshock Infinite
      '¢ Game of Thrones [tv verse]
      '¢ Marvel and DC, Young Justice
      '¢ Avatar: The Last Airbender | Legend of Korra

      I'm happy to write canon and au as well as putting in OC's, whether they be the main character or a side character. I will write for any ship (even my notps) and your ot3/4/5/6/whatever. All genre's are on the table, for example, smut, fluff, angst, you name it. Anything smut will be $2 dollar more (It's something I don't write often). Kinks can be discussed. AU's and crossover's are an A+ with me. Crossover's will each be .50 cents each with each fandom you add (say you want Doctor Who fanfiction and you want Mass Effect added, that'll be .50 for Mass Effect, then you want to add in Borderlands - that'll be another .50 etc).

      Original fiction:-
      '¢ Mythology (I know more on Greek mythology, though I can do Roman and Egyptian)
      '¢ Fantasy/Supernatural (Urban & High)
      '¢ Historical
      '¢ Romance (smut included)
      '¢ Sci-fi
      '¢ Humour
      '¢ Adventure/Action

      I'm more then happy to insert original characters, but I'm fine with making a character up. (If you want your character I did for character building, I can put them in the story - no added cost). I'm can do a combination of genre's (mythology and romance - or sci-fi and historical) no extra cost. $2 AUD extra for smut included in this package.

      World & character building
      If you have an idea for a world, or a setting I'm happy to put your thoughts on paper. Basically, you tell me the setting (or what you want it to look like in some aspects e.g. you want a world that looks like New York City found in an apocalypse), era (or year), and I'll create a world out of it. I'd love to make a character for you, or I'm even happy to have them in an original story/fanfiction I write. It can be brief or in-depth.

      I love reading other people's work! I love to edit and look over other people's work. Now, I do have to stress this, I am not a professional editor - so I may skip things, I'm only human.Please when contacting me provide what country you live in, because I live in Australia and we add u's to everything (not really), so I don't want you to be American and have 'mum wanted to colour the centre' as well as the slang.


      Fanfiction and original fiction:

      '¢ $1 AUD dollar every 100 words (converter go AUD to USD). Once I hit 1,000 words, then it becomes $2 AUD every 300. e.g. You wanted a story that's 1,900 words that would be $16 AUD ($15.02 USD). Once it hits over 10,000 we would compromise.
      '¢ Smut will go for $2 AUD extra.
      '¢ Crossovers are an extra .50 cents with each crossover.
      '¢ Chapters will be $2 AUD extra (I won't do a over 15 chapters)

      World building:
      '¢ Simple $5 AUD
      '¢ Detailed $10 AUD

      Character building:
      '¢ Simple $2 AUD (Full name, age, looks - breif, a little history)
      '¢ Detail $7 AUD (Full name, age, looks - in detail, a lot of history)
      '¢ Additional characters will .50 cents more.
      '¢ Any other details (friends, home, parents, etc) will be $1 AUD extra.

      Editing/proof reading
      '¢ $12 AUD dollars each hour I spend proof reading.

      How to contact me:
      My tumblr ask
      My e-mail:
      Direct to pay me at paypal.

      Examples: ao3 account, writing blog, drabble tag and writing tag

      When e-mailing me please tell me what you want specifically, including what type of writing practice you want, country (in the case of editing), the word count you want (it can be exact, around about or under/over a specific amount), a prompt (if there is one - this can be a few words or even a paragraph) and anything you feel is important.

      Thank you so much if you choose to pay for my writings, and thank you if you signal boosted it!

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    • HalfricanBush Halfrican Warrior

      5 years ago

      Hello and welcome to the community! Feel free to join the RT/AH Welcoming Committee and join us in welcoming other new members in the introductions thread!

      Also, if you get bored or have watched all the videos on this site, check out my YouTube and let me know what you think!

      Thanks and enjoy your stay!
      ~Randall (aka MasterSgtBush)

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