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    • Trying to get back into this

      3 years ago


      I try to visit the site as often as possible. I tend to forget though. Adult responsibilities keep getting in the way and when I feel the need to watch a video from roosterteeth I tend to go straight to youtube. The one thing that I wish I would see more of on this site is what got me here. People arent asking for as much help in getting achivements any more. I also for some reason feel like I never see people challenging others to achievement races. Hope I can keep visiting and get back into this. going out and watching Lazer Team made me realize how big of a community this is.

    • walking dead game season 2 episode 4

      5 years ago


      The fourth part of telltales walking dead season 2 kicked off and leaves you waiting for more. The one thing I can truly say about this series is I am sad that they went away from the first seasons month to month content release. The waiting for news month by month in between each episode which has been multiple months apart has hurt my opinion on the game as it feels like the period in between playing hurts my decision making and how I talk to people in the game. People I hated in episode 3 I realized too late that I was being incredibly nice to them the next episode. While this can be fixed by a replay I always feel like these telltale games are more of a life like scenarios where you choose your own adventure and thats how it has to be. the one thing I can truly say before spoilers about the episode is that this penultimate episode is really just a lot of catching up and not really getting to the meaty part of the story. This of course leading into hopes that the best parts of the season have been left for the season finale and not been left behind with episode 3. My spoilers will show what the big decisions are and what I picked. the one thing i can say though is I looked online for both endings and if your like me, you may feel after this episode is all said and done like you may have made some big mistakes. The worst part of it all being you dont get the one thing you expect with the ending. There is no preview for the Finale which will make this wait for the announcement of the last episode that much harder. These games always get me with their 2 hours of great entertainment. My only hopes are that just like Game of Thrones, my favorite characters don't go out gruesomely.
      The big choices in the game that show up at the end are
      1. Left Sarah at the Trailer Park - I did
      2. Robbed Arvo?- I did
      3. Crawled through ticket booth?- I did
      4. Held the baby?- I did
      5. Shot Rebecca?- YUP

    • Review suggestions.

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      If anyone has any ideas for a certain game that they want reviewed. Leave it here. Being a slow summer I'm doing a backlog on games and reviewing those. My only future review is walking dead season 2 episode 4. I will cover up spoilers on that and will take any 360 or xbone suggestions

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    • Outlast and Whistleblower DLC review.

      5 years ago


      I played Outlast and the whistleblower DLC over the span of about a week. The only thing I had known about the game was what I had seen on 15 minutes of a lets play. The game itself is beautiful graphics wise and the story is very straight and to the point. You are a journalist who gets an e-mail saying to check out an asylum for its treatment of patients. the game has a style that it sticks to and it works as a one play through game. Both in the main story and DLC the game is filled with moments that will make you jump. With the right audio setting (headphones or suround sound) and a dark environment to play in. You may actually end up screaming. The one thing that can be said about this game is that where it is meant to be dark, you have to use your camera which has a night vision setting in order to even have a clue as to where you need to be going. While the game does have its moments, it almost can get frustrating depending on the difficulty level you are playing on. while dying is something that can happen on normal it will just reload you back a few minutes. The true terror of this game is Insane mode which will not care how close you are to the end of the game. Death in this mode means starting back at the beginning and getting to experience it all over again especially if you want those achievements. Overall, this game is amazing on the first play through. you spend time not wanting to turn every corner as you are unsure what is going to be there. The fear is real when you start out. however on other playthroughs it becomes less so as most scare moments in game are scripted and easy to see coming after one playthrough. overall the game by itself will take possibly 6-10 hours depending on how thorough you are. While the DLC which can be described the same way just with creepier antagonists and even creepier moments rounds out at about 2-3 hours to finish. I still say for the price which is 20 for the main game and 8 for the DLC I consider this a game you can enjoy and go after achievements in

      I can say I have the full 1500/1500 available for this game and its DLC. While the game as said before will take time on the first playthrough to enjoy the scares and the story. A second playthrough on normal may be needed to pick up all collectibles, which are moments you have to record with your camcorder and documents you need to find and pick up. Big achievements in both parts require you to run through the game on insane mode. The easiest way to help with this is to take the Gamma all the way up in the options for the game. This will help you with running around in the game and seeing enemies. This will also help with the Energiser achievement which is not reloading your camcorders batteries at all on insane mode. This is when you will find out how much of the game you can safely run through. researching on youtube can also help you by finding videos for speed runs on both the main game and DLC. These runs take a little over an hour a piece but are the best possible ways to help in perfecting this amazing game.

    • Started a blog

      5 years ago


      I started a blog where I talk about what game I'm playing and my opinion on the game story wise and style wise.. I also have a second part where I talk about how easy or difficult it is to perfect the games achievements go to chevogamer.blogspot.com I will sooner or later make it my journal entries but for now I'll stick with what I know

    • getting started

      6 years ago


      well to start things off i haven't really had that much free time. I am wrapping up my degree finally and with fewer classes in the future, I believe there will be time to do such things as capture. I started the process about a month ago and continue to get used to making clips correctly. Hoping that by the time more games come out my youtube chanel ( not active yet) will finally have content and I can also start loading stuff for CH if i can get them done quick enough. Well either way this will lead to a great summer with lots of time to keep improving me.

    • 2019 years ago

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