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      likemice MoPaD

      I just wanted to post a little scene I've been working on for an OC over the past few days. I'm well aware that this bends canon nearly if not to the point of breaking, but it makes a good writing exercise. If anyone does see this, feedback is greatly appreciated. If this goes well, I may post more of these.

      There were the muffled sounds of laughter and voices outside the room. The dorm was warm and cozy, though the night’s wind had a nip to it. It lightly rattled the windows looking out at a clear view of the shattered moon. All the students were done with classes for the week. All the teams were free to goof off for the weekend. Team RWBY was probably playing board games in the library, Ren making pancakes while Nora drinks all the syrup, Jaune and Pyrrha getting in a little extra training on the rooftop, CRDL needlessly bullying some innocent Faunus. Emerald, Mercury, and Cinder walked into their dorm with quite a surprise waiting for them.


      Emerald and Mercury immediately readied their weapons at a man with long black hair and a black mask, featureless but for the eyeholes. The man came off as insane the way he was totally seriously pointing finger guns at them, sitting in a desk chair he had turned to face toward the door.

      “Easy there, kiddos. Put the toys down.”

      Mercury had to laugh at that. “Really? You expect us to be afraid of th—“

      With a thud, an inch-long needle embedded itself in the wall next to Mercury, so close that he could feel it rush past his right ear. “Next one goes in your neck, kid.”

      “Mercury, Emerald, lower your weapons,” Cinder said, calm as ever.

      “But Cinder,” Emerald tried to protest before being interrupted.

      “Put them down,” she repeated. Then, to the strange masked figure, “What do you want, Leo?”

      “Wait, you know this guy?” Mercury questioned.

      “No,” the man said. “She doesn’t. Didn’t you hear, Cinder? Leo died a year ago. My name is Famine.” The thought amused him that, even when they had met before, this woman, who liked to think she knew so much, still only knew him by his alias.

      “Regardless, why are you here?”

      “I’m looking for information. And you’re my best source.”

      “No thank you. Now I suggest you leave before I make you.”

      The man actually laughed at this. It was a cold, raspy sound. Clearly, his voice was being modified. “Oh, believe me, Cinder. I am far different than the man you met before.”

      “As am I, Leo. Now get out before this goes badly for you,” Cinder said, beginning to become annoyed.

      “Oh, I’m well aware of the half-Maiden power you wield, Cinder,” he said, pacing the room, hands behind his back.

      The woman did her best to hide her surprise.

      But Famine caught it. “What? Surprised? There’s very little I don’t know anymore.”

      “I suppose, then, you’d like me to tell you my plans.”

      The man snorted at this. “Don’t flatter yourself. I’ll admit, you’re a somewhat formidable threat, but we have more immediate issues than whatever little robbery you’re planning.”

      “Robbery?” Mercury chimed in. “You must seriously have no idea—“

      “That’s enough, Mercury,” Cinder said firmly, not entirely sure Leo wasn’t here for her and worried Mercury might let something slip.

      “Believe me, kiddo, when you do what I do, it might as well be one. Now, back to the matter at hand,” the man said, turning back to Cinder. “No, Cinder, I’m not here for you. Frankly I couldn’t care less what you’re up to at the moment. But I do need my information. The question is, will you be the one who gives it to me?”

      Cinder looked him over for a minute or so, gauging her options, before answering. “No.”

      Famine sighed. “I understand. I won’t force you to tell me anything.” Lightning fast, he pointed an outstretched arm at Emerald, making a finger gun and bringing his thumb down to meet his index finger. There was a puff of air, like a small silenced pistol going off, and Emerald fell to the ground, writhing in agony, before anyone had a chance to react. Her mouth was open like she was about to scream but no sound came out.

      “What the hell did you do to her?” Mercury demanded.

      Famine waved a hand at him. “Relax, Silver Boy. Your girlfriend’s not dead, just in pain. She’s been injected with an extremely volatile poison that causes intense agony and, though this isn’t an exact science, she’ll probably be dead sometime in the next few hours. Now, I do have the cure on me and I am willing to give it to you, but first I think we should have a little quid pro quo.”

      “What happened to not forcing us into giving you anything?” Mercury taunted. “What’s stopping us from just killing you and taking the cure?”

      “Well, for one, I was trained by Sibuna Sedah,” he said off-handedly.

      Both pairs of still-conscious eyes widened slightly. Of course they had heard that name. Everyone had heard that name.

      “And I haven’t taken away your choice. The way I see it, you have four options. One: you can tell me what I want to know, I can give you the cure, and we can be out of each other’s hair as soon as possible. Two: you can take the cure off my dead body. But before you choose this option, ask yourselves, are you really willing to blow your entire hand, this entire ‘robbery’ you’ve been planning for who knows how long, just to take what I have? Because I can guarantee you, that’s what it will take. Three: you can watch the girl die, in which case I will move on to you,” Famine said, pointing at Mercury. “And then you,” he said, pointing at Cinder. “Option four: you can attempt to leave, at which point Greenie here will die, Conquest will take you down as soon as you step into the hallway, and you will be transported to an undisclosed location where Death will force the information out of you. And believe me when I tell you that he is not nearly as merciful as I am.”

      He sat back in the chair again, elbows on the arms, chin resting on folded hands. “So, what’s your decision?”

      “What would you like to know?” Cinder asked, calm on the outside but seething in fury on the inside at the situation that had unfolded in front of her.

      “That’s what I like to hear.”

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      likemice MoPaD


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