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    • 2016 Sucked Balls

      2 years ago


      One year and one hair change later, I return.

      At the beginning of last year, the belief that simply making a promise to myself to work hard would motivate me to pursue such ventures was all that was keeping me going. Yet on the inside, I was falling apart, because unfortunately life is just not that simple. While I didn't think any of it would be easy in the slightest, I hit an all time low, and my confidence and drive seemed nowhere to be found.

      Shall we review the tasks that I had given myself last year?

      1. Graduate uni - This has been delayed by a year, I'm returning to studies in August to attempt this again. I was fortunate enough that my circumstances and the University proved that I was not at fault for the errors that came up last year, and they have allowed me the opportunity to repeat my final year without penalty.

      2. Write at least two articles a week for The Bulb Games - Creative differences and clashing timetables meant that my brother and I have struggled to create the content we desired to release on to the internet. As such, my involvement with The Bulb Games has come to an end - whether indefinitely or not is still up for debate - and I am starting to look into starting my own site from scratch. It was a difficult decision to come to as I did enjoy working with my brother, but these things happen sometimes. I shall still be editing his content on occasion, and you never know, I may return to the site in the future.

      3. Start recording personal vlogs for my own YouTube channel - While I did start recording and editing content, I never got round to finishing an edit, and now all of the backlog content I have is either severely outdated or is a little scrappy. I may release them under a test bracket to get some feedback before recording some new content.

      4. Reach out for more voice acting roles - Lacking the required recording equipment prevented this as I never felt my performance would stand up over a shitty iPad recording. However, I still intend to do this now that I have returned.

      5. Lose some weight - This one I actually did stick to! I have almost lost a stone from the last time I was on the site, and I feel significantly better and stronger for it.

      The strange thing is, this started as a "everything sucks and I'm back at square one" sort of post, but now that I'm writing it and have gone through those goals I set, I realise they aren't that unrealistic after all. I was simply looking at the end goal of where I wanted to be in a year, instead of setting the every day goals that would get me there. And that's the plan for 2017. Plan one day at a time.

      If that means simply planning what I'm going to wear the night before, then that's something. If it's planning a meeting before going to my waitressing/bartending job in the evening, it'll push me forward. If it's designating a specific day when I absolutely have to do some writing, that's what I've got to do. One step at a time.

      So here's 2017's spot goals, because now I'm in the mood to do some:

      1. Begin studying in preparation for returning to uni.

      2. Set a designated writing day for any kind of writing - prose, script, song, whatever.

      3. Learn how to edit on my new MacBook Pro.

      4. Make new contacts through the site and through attending conventions near me.

      I suppose that'll do for now. I'll come up with more each day, but I won't clog up your feeds by sharing them every day. I'm just happy that I've come out of writing this feeling better than I thought I would.

      So hello again everyone. Hope to see you all around.

    • The Bulb Plays Presents... Unravel!

      3 years ago


      Ladies and gents... we're live!

      That's right, The Bulb Games' first Let's Play is live on our official YouTube channel.

      We decided to test out Unravel with EA Access, and we really enjoyed the game. I feel like I should point out, that we've only just started out, so it might sound a little stilted. And we both felt a little awkward. We definitely do better at solo Let's Plays and are scared to use our own styles around each other in case one makes fun of the other, but we'll get used to it.

      We're also both still learning how to edit as well, so the audio is a little low, but just pump up the volume a bit and it should be fine. We would really appreciate the support, so check out the video here. Thanks, guys!

    • Guess What?

      3 years ago


      The Bulb Games got early access to Homefront: The Revolution's closed beta. That's right, we're official now.

      Currently recording some footage for a Let's Play. Exciting things to come. Some stupid things too, but mostly exciting

    • Updates on Life

      3 years ago


      I'm back, and this time I'm back with a vengeance.

      Here's the thing. My life is pretty unpredictable, as are most of yours, I assume. Things got turned a little upside down as of late, so let's talk about it.

      I had a pretty serious health scare about three months ago, was in and out of hospital appointments, getting a lot of scans and exams done. Basically, not to labour a point, I thought I had pelvic inflammatory disease and when they did a pelvic scan, they noticed an abnormality that turned out to be irritation in one of my Fallopian tubes. After a series of scans and x-rays, it turned out it was being caused by my pelvic bone being knocked out of alignment from falling off a horse two years ago. The bone was putting pressure on my uterus area, and on my sciatic nerve. The result is I have to take medication for the irritation and have to go to physio for six weeks to help naturally realign my hips. Honestly, I was pretty relieved when I found out it was pelvic inflammatory, because it can lead to other issues such as infertility and the like. I managed to find some entertainment in the doctor's appointments, though, as demonstrated here when I posed in a hospital gown:

      [If someone could tell me how to add images to posts now, that would be greeeeeeat.]

      All of this hospital time did take its toll though, and I was left pretty mentally exhausted. I lost motivation for a lot of my activities and slept for over 12 hours every night, but from 4am to 4pm instead of at a more reasonable time. I wouldn't say I was depressed, but having been down that road before I had all the tell tale signs of falling back in to bad habits.

      It got to a point where people were beginning to worry about me, and that's when I realised something would have to change. I didn't want people to get concerned, it frustrates me when people hang about me. Despite knowing that all they want to do is make sure I'm ok, I don't want people to worry, I want the space to recover. Which is why I had to get up off my ass and keep striving to better myself.

      I took up Pilates again. Sounds stupid, but the endorphins really did make me feel better first thing in the morning. I tried to get up earlier, and stick to a routine, which so far as been pretty successful. I started eating healthier and doing more to kickstart my uni work. And, to top it all off, my brother and I managed to get The Bulb Games back to the place we wanted to be with it, and kept going while we were on a roll.

      So, what does this all mean? Better to discuss what's happening in 2016 rather than waffle on and on about what led me to these revelations:

      1. Graduate uni - with obvious implications.
      2. Write at least two articles a week for The Bulb Games - got to put in the work to build up an audience.
      3. Start recording personal vlogs for my own YouTube channel - if I want to be in this industry, I have to learn how to do it all myself. Editing, lighting, the whole package.
      4. Reach out for more voice acting roles - with a little help from you guys and the right threads on the RT site, because I enjoy doing it and it'll keep me from going insane from so much writing.
      5. Lose some weight - for personal health, any exercise will help strengthen my hip anyway.
      6. Have a good ol' time!

      So yeah. Welcome back me. You're gonna have a great time.

    • 3 years ago

    • That's Christmas to Me

      3 years ago


      It's cold enough in Ireland for there to be snow on top of the hills, which means I have officially entered winter mode. What does winter mode entail, I hear you ask? Well, let me enlighten you.

      Wardrobe overhaul is essential. This begins in early autumn/fall and continues right through until late November time. This generally means putting away those light, flowery tops in favour of chunky knits and muted colours. Don't get me wrong, I'll wear any colours at any time of the year, but I definitely prefer rich burgundies and decadent creams over crisp whites and pale pinks. Hats and scarves re-emerge to accessorise the looks.

      The bright blonde highlights I add to my cool brown hair are replaced by a warm caramel lowlight. Two caramel to one blonde. As my skin tone grows ever cooler, I need to keep my hair warmed up. The aforementioned cooler skin tone also results in replacing my Fairly Medium BareMinerals Matte Foundation with the Fairly Light shade. Lighter contour, deeper lip colours, a little more shimmer to my eye shadow.

      Out comes the heavy duty moisturiser, my trusty Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream. Body and face get lathered alike, the cool air wreaking havoc with my sensitive skin. Can't put on makeup properly if my skin's too dry for it to sit on. I try not to neglect shaving my legs, but now that I'm wearing long bottoms and tights pretty much every day, there hardly seems the need.

      The dark evenings mean warmer dinners: chilli, stew, Shepard's pie. Plenty of tea, festive Starbucks drinks - I have a preference for toffee nut lattes - and lots and lots of hot chocolate. With cream and marshmallows. The only acceptable way to have hot chocolate. Especially when picked up at the Christmas Continental Market in Belfast, amongst fellow spirited holiday-goers.

      Christmas presents that are organised far too early sit in the bottom of my wardrobe, awaiting the right moment. Christmas music starts to erupt from speakers around the house, and on the car radio. 24 hour Christmas movies are played in the background of every chore. Every evening is spent in front of the fire with my family, then up to bed to encase myself in blankets, watch The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe on repeat, and play video games late into the night.

      And it got me wondering. That's Christmas to me. Relaxing with my family, enjoying the comfort of my own home, waking on Christmas morning to be grateful for that which we receive and preparing to tuck in to the best feast of the year. But what is Christmas to you? I would love to know, so share your Christmas experience and traditions with me.

      And yes, I did steal the title from Pentatonix. I may be a little obsessed with them.

    • 3 years ago

    • Triforce Heroes Demo Code Available!

      3 years ago


      Looking for a code to play the Triforce Heroes demo? We've got one for you over on The Bulb Games Twitter. Get it before any one else gets their hands on it, we only have one left!

    • Writing is Frustrating

      3 years ago


      I've currently spent around 36 hours trying to write an article on downloadable content for The Bulb Games. While putting in the hours is the whole point, I am under a lot of pressure right now. I have a dissertation to write on top of my other assignments, and I have a job in a Subway to help make some money. This doesn't mean I want to spend every single spare hour working on stuff for the website. I love working on it, I love gaming, and I am dedicated to making this site the best it can be. There has to be a happy medium though. I am still a university student who has anxiety and needs to prioritise.

      Never feel like you have to commit to everything. If you need time to recharge, make sure people know it. Your circumstances and situation are not the same as anyone else's. You are entitled to look after yourself.

      Words of wisdom for the day. Regardless of how obvious it seems.

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    • Raf Raf

      4 years ago

      Thank you for the add, lady! smiley13.gif

      • Raf Raf

        4 years ago

        smiley0.gif Happy to hear you had a good time! Thank you for stopping by! smiley13.gif

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        4 years ago

        Not a problem, thoroughly enjoyed the stream yesterday! :)

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