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      I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys! I just posted a little intro on my profile and just wanted to check in here as well. I would love to get to know you all and get involved.

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    • Hello Community!

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      Hello all!

      I've been a pretty big fan of Rooster Teeth content for a while and decided it was finally time to get involved with this wonderful community. I've never been the best at introductions but I'll do my best!

      My name is Logan (as you might have already gathered) and am a student at the University of Oklahoma. For the uninformed, Oklahoma is the state directly above the one who most of our beloved content spews from. I am a Creative Media Production major and for the past 6 years of my life have been heavily involved with both video and film production. I've run the gamut on these, starting with a crappy handheld video camera skits with buddies to recently interning on a feature film. I like to spend my free time fiddling with photoshop and editing whatever footage ends in my lap on any given day. I hope to one day become a employee at Rooster Teeth but am building up my knowledge, experience, and wealth of fart jokes so I can be the best candidate available.

      Oh and the video games.. I mostly find myself gaming on PC but you can catch me on playstation as well. My PSN ID is lo21x.

      I hope to make some lasting memories with you all and am also extremely excited for what is to come!

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