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    • do you still use this?

      9 years ago


      hey.. just wondering.. if anybody still is on rvb... cos i never see poeple much. but yah..
      of course.. always the one to finish last ; )
      (pardon my vulgar ways) i just wanted to see how everybody is..
      got some news.. moved from london to the coast..its not as sea scenty as youd think.
      i finally got my passport sorted and it arrived today.. thats good because i already
      baught tickets to go norway. im going to norway. it shall be awesome.
      im going to lick some cold metal.

    • hola.. It seems times a changing..

      9 years ago


      hey all. Yah, ive been absent for a while because im moving withmy gf.. From london, to a seaside town called portsmouth. Cos my lady is going to uni there. Today we move, and im able to progress and be happy. How are you all?

    • hey tharrrrrr

      10 years ago


      hello... sorry ive been away for a while... you know.. pimping aint easy. jokes... it is.

      ahem. anyways.. how you all been? much metal loving in the system?

      just wondering... is anyone a fan/avid collector of the Sandman Graphic novels?
      cos the missus would love some pictures/websites to visit to obtain more of it.
      i dont mean the sandman as in smpiderman/ fantastic 4 usual enemy either.

      well... i shall catch you shortly.... much metals to you all... got some pics to post soon too.
      strangly one....where i am sewn up to a dolphins back....my head...right over the blowhole.


    • Video Killed the Radio Star

      10 years ago


      hello thar.. ive JUST put up some videos on my youtube...
      ive put up "The Cheated" and the followup to it..."The Highwayman"

      basically..its what i was meant to do for some time.. but.. my lady has made fit me doing so..
      thank her for it...bigtime. her mad skills are unserpassed. lol. no lie.
      annnnyyyyyyways.. get your arses over there and show some loving to my virgin arse of a page.



    • 21 years ago............

      10 years ago


      21 years ago.... around 4am GMT in London.. a blonde haired baby was born..
      his name was Danny Frederick Barry-Russell. he lived happy.. throughout some hard times..
      his mother getting ill... having to leave when he was 4.. having to fight in a rough estate..
      thankfully he died 3 years ago.. and the Grim Lord left before you.. inhabitating his shell
      executes his ways forgetting the worthless danny b-r.

      happy biological bday to me. im dressing up in a full suit.. black with a red shirt
      going to watch watchmen.. go pubbing.. then club. love to you all. shall post pics

    • hmmm Kontemplation!!!

      10 years ago


      mmmm.. yep.. i know i spelt it wrong...
      it has meaning you know.

      i was on youtube looking at themes someone did on mario paint..
      anyways.. i came across one in particular then jumped to the original..

      i get images of previous fights.. and it has a fucking imense soundtrack...
      for example.. korn... with killing.

      and then randomly i imagined doing my shopping... in a hulking frenzy...
      with this playing in the backround....


      doesnt it make you happy im no longer under section as of tuesday..

    • PORN MUSIC!!!!

      10 years ago


      yeah! Fucking Give It To Me!

      ahem.. sorry about that. yah.. well.. i like to link titles to content... so viola...

      Torpedo *my drummer in Loyalties Lie* approached a record label...ok.. its obvious we arnt ready
      to be signed... but he wanted some pointers. the dude from earache records said our music is
      "awesome" but we needed more interest... so he gave a weblink.

      torps made us a page... and the input has been flying in...
      anywhoo...this russian radio station wants to play our stuff.... but we need to send a
      press pack..

      Just Wondering...... Naked shots of Grim Hernandez.... yes or no? smiley8.gif

      and as for thinking to lure in more interest.. ive decided to write a porn song...actual music
      cliche quotations and everything. the video should be fun. lol.


      10 years ago


      fuck kid rock and his messed up idea of ruining songs..
      needs more incinerator.

      anyways. i have been released from hospital... under section 17...
      this means i have to have home visits and take meds in front of
      people. delicious
      so in order to combat the takedness of these meds.... i throw up
      straight after they leave... and it works. just means i might have to
      negotiate loosing mass weight. which might rock.

      so.. im still a danger to you.. but in a nice... cuddly way.

      also.. on a more shocking note..
      i just put my finger in an electric socket...and you know what...
      i kinda liked it. i think i need to get me hooked up to the national grid
      or something.. i remember licking a toaster once..........


    • Serious Post.

      10 years ago


      hi there. as the title sais... its serious.
      i am 100% not joking with you.

      today i had a meeting with my psychiatrist..
      he brang in lots of other doctors and social workers..
      in the end they decided to put me under section 2 of the mental health act.
      basically means they want to lock me up in a hospital.
      and how am i speaking to you?
      i escaped. after they revealed thier plans... and set off the alarm..
      i broke through the door and sprinted.

      i have the police and doctors after me.
      if i dont get on so much.. im either hiding...
      attacking.. or ive been aprehended.

    • were in the money...wargh.

      10 years ago


      hello strangers... have any sweets? *i dont say candy.. im English so i say sweets*
      so... another little hello.. let you know how things are going.
      i know were into the new year.. but damnit. the festivities were decent.
      heres a picture of me and my friend Stynee.. not drunk at his house.


      i got bladdered. bigtime ended up storming off pissed.. cos of something. i kicked a pint glass.. shattering it..
      all over people standing at a bus stop. ewil. EWIL.

      last night..i went out clubbing..wasnt the best but still was cool. i ended up in north london.. when i live south west.

      tonight i have band practice.. after so long. we shall be finishing the follow up song to "the Cheated" called
      "the Highwayman" with this.. we shall be getting some videos and pics done tonight.. to post here and myspace.
      it will probably contain a video of me doing a special metal. ahem.
      also... our EP is on itunes. i dont agree with the price.. its £4.74. roughly $7 i think.
      BUUUUUT cos im not money hungry ive put all the tracks for free download on our myspace page..
      youve got to be quick in getting hold becuase the other band members will clock on.
      alright.. im off to practice. but remember.. get to our space.. ayyeee?!


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