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      Run, run,
      As fast as you can.
      Never looking back,
      Never taking a chance.

      Cold night,
      Rainy days.
      Hot summer nights,
      Dry days.

      Run, run,
      As fast as you can.
      Never looking back,
      Never taking a chance.

      Broken hearted,
      Lonely nights.
      Want to go home,
      But don’t want to fight.

      Run, run,
      As fast as you can.
      Never looking back,
      Never taking a chance.

      Hungry belly,
      Dry lips.
      Need to run farther ,
      Farther then this.

      Run, run,
      As fast as you can.
      Never looking back,
      Never taking a chance.

      by Margaret Lucier

    • funny names quiz

      10 years ago


      This is wicked funny, enjoy as much as i did.. Love you!! BYEEEEEEEEE

      1. YOUR REAL NAME:
      2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle.)
      3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color and favorite animal)
      green monkey
      4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (your middle name & street you live on/or neighborhood if it's a #)
      Mae Blandin

      STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your firstname)
      UR SUPERHERO/CRIMINAL NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and fav drink)
      black rootbeer

      7. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, 1st letter of your last name , 2nd letter of your mom's maiden name , 3rd letter of your dads name , 1st letter of a siblings first name, and last letter of your moms first name)
      8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (parents middle names)
      Mae Anthony

      9. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)..
      Black Stubby (lol)
      10. YOUR HOOD NAME: (first 3 letters of your first name, then add "iqua").

      , paste, and send on to all your crazy friends.
      C'mon do it and send it back to me and MAKE ME LAUGH! :-)

    • dont

      10 years ago



      Don’t care so much for me,

      I may get used to it.

      Don’t come so near to me,

      I may not be able to detach from it.

      Don’t put so much faith in me,

      I may not be able to handle it.

      Don’t touch me the way u do,

      I may not be able to get over it.

      Don’t become a part of my life,

      Coz without u, I won’t be able to live it.

      Don’t make me fall for u,

      I may not be able to fall out of it.

      Don’t come into my life,

      If u have to leave one day.

      Don’t give me the hope,

      That it’s forever u r gonna stay.

      Coz love is an emotion

      I won’t be able to hide,

      When love isn’t reciprocated with love,

      It hurts deep down inside.

      Don’t start something

      That I won’t be able to end.

      Don’t make me believe

      That u can be more than a friend.

      Coz at the end of it all,

      I don’t wanna hear u say,

      That,†I’m sorry,â€Â

      “ but I never felt the same way!â€Â

    • the first day

      10 years ago


      The bell had just rung, I ran as fast as I could to be the first person out, so I could make sure I wasn’t going to lose my friend. We had plans to go down to the library and hang out. I really didn’t know where I was going I had just moved to this town 1 year ago and still hadn’t been showed around but it doesn’t surprise me. I am really shy. That wasn’t the case for my friend Christen she was the first person to say any thing to me and so she was my first friend.
      I finally found her. She was running out the two doors. She had a huge smile on her face, as she joined me by my side. We started to walk down the hill. As we walked, she talked to me about what happened in her day. I always loved hearing her talk, she had a way with words you could say, but I loved her voice it was like listening to the wind blowing on the chimes hanging out side my door. It was a peaceful sound, when ever I get mad I go straight to her because I know that hearing her voice and wisdom of word would be enough to calm me down.
      We finally arrived at the library. I was so exited ! I had never been to a library before. We walked up the big stairs and she looked over to me and said,
      “What’s wrong are you scared?â€Â
      “No, it’s just my first time ever going to a library†I said, scared that she might laugh at me.
      “Well don’t worry, it’s not that scary.†She said
      In a way that made me feel better I knew she would never do anything to hurt me, we were just too good of friends.
      “So why are we here?†I said in a confused tone.
      With a cheerful voice she said “I am going to make you your first email address at vampirefreaks.com.â€Â
      I was so happy I had never even used computers but I had always told her how I wished I could talk to people who lived in other countries, but didn’t know how to. We walked in through the doors and walked up to the desk where a tall man that looked like he was in his late 30’s, and a girl that looked like she was still in high school, stood working
      “Hello Christen, long time no see†the man had said.
      “Hello Sarg missed you to†she replied sarcastically.
      “Who’s this?†the girl had asked courisly.
      “Oh, this is my friend Margaret. She is new here, moved here last year. I'm just showing her around, thought I would start off here at the library.†Christen said in her cheery voice again.
      “Well it’s very nice to meet you Margaret†he said.
      “You too.†I replied
      “Got a computer for us?†she asked.
      “Let me see.†He pulled out a clipboard from under the desk and traced his finger down the list.
      “Just your luck I have oneâ€Â
      “Thanks†we both told him
      There were already two chairs at the computer that we were assigned to. She stared up at the computer and started to get on the website that she needed.
      We had been sitting there for a half an hour and my profile was almost done. I was really proud of how it came out. The whole time people had been coming and going from the library. I didn’t really pay much attention until I heard a male's voice. It was like no other I had ever heard before. it was a velvety manly voice that also had a type of ring to it, and it sent shivers down my spine.
      The man at the desk replied†No sorry not at the moment but soon.â€Â
      “Ill just wait in there until someone gets off†the mysterious man said
      He then walked through the walk way and my mouth dropped. He was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He had short ruffled brownish red hair, beautiful blue eyes that reminded me of the clear summer sky. His body was like a new world for me I wanted to explore every detail of his being. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed every definition of his body and black jeans that I guessed were from Hot Topic. So far I was loving him. As I looked him up and down I slowly made my eyes meet his and I felt this chill run through me like we were connected. I saw him smile, I thought that my heart was going to rip out of my chest
      “Hey Christen what’s up, didn’t think I was going to ever see you again.†He said. I thought I was going to melt into a puddle of joy. I was so happy that she knew this beautiful creature.
      “Oh hey, what’s up I missed you too big brother†she said with a sound of longing for him.
      “Who’s your little friend?â€Â
      “Oh sorry, this is my friend Margaret she’s new to the town†she said
      He slowly walked over to me and took my hand in his and in a gentlemanly way, he kissed it. I knew that was it I was going to melt I could feel the heat inside me escape to my checks. I could feel them burning.
      “Nice to meet you, Margaret†he said with that smile I had first seen him with and his velvet voice that ringed in my ears for what seemed like hours.
      “My name is Edward Dorval†he said.
      He had pulled up a chair next to mine, to see what we were up to. He had notice that she was making me a vampierfreaks.com. It seemed that he was happy about that, but I really didn’t pay much attention to it. All I could think of was how close he was next to me inches away from me. I could smell the sweet perfumes of his skin, the sound of his low breath brushing up against my skin giving me Goosebumps.
      “Margaret, Margaret, earth to Margaret†I heard some one say.
      “What, what†I said with alert I could hear him giggling behind me I hadn’t realize that I was so wrapped up in my daydream about him.
      “Would you like to go out side with us I saidâ€Â
      “Oh! Yes I would love to†I said and she slowly rose from her seat and so did Edward and me. I started to go out the way we came.
      “No Margaret not that way†she said and I saw her walk past the desk. I followed willingly. Behind the desk were rows and rows of books, all labeled alphabetically? We went through another door that led us to a set of stairs. Edward glanced back at me, probably making sure that I hadn’t gotten lost. I gave him a smile and in return I got a wink it made me feel all warm inside. Once we got to the bottom of the stairs there was a double door that led outside behind the library. Edward was the first to go outside, as he held the door open for Christen and me to get out. She led us to this tree where a carved old picnic table was and sat down. As I walk

    • isolated islands

      10 years ago


      Margaret Lucier 10/13/08 English 9B

      It was the final minutes before the bell was going to ring, I didn’t want school to end. I would have to say that today was really hard to comprehend. I thought I was going to go crazy. It was my last day of school and I was moving away. As I thought of this my puffy eyes started to water up again. I had been crying all day and so were my friends when they had found out, but the worst was when I told my boy friend, Edward, I couldn’t stop from the tears rolling down my face but some how it was able to come out. When he herd me say it, he took me into his arms and hugged me for what seemed hours, never losing his grip on me. It only made me cry even more.

      I thought to my self in that moment, if I could leave all this pain where would I go, and like a dream it all hit me at once. I imagined that I was on an isolated island where no one else lives, but Edward and me. I can imagine the sun, beating on my skin and every nerve responding to the heat in different ways. The air lightly blowing through my hair letting it brush my shoulders. Like someone taking a feather and lightly brushing it up and down my arms, the sound of the magnificent waves crashing up against the intricately shaped rocks. The spraying of the sea water every where, the sound of the seagulls flying above me, I could imagine walking over to some fallen coconuts and cracking them open to taste the sweet milk inside to help kill the thirst t that I had. After, I would walk over to the middle of the beach and lie down, picking up the sand with my hand and letting it fall through my fingers, as every grain tries to slip away. As I would lie there I would be able to smell ever thing, taking them in one by one! The sea salt, the green of the forest, the coconuts, and in some weird way the smell of peace. I thought to myself, I would spend and share all of this with Edward, for the rest of are lives.

      Suddenly I could feel his grip on me soften, and he no longer had his arms around me but now his hand were on my face. We were both staring at each other until he slowly brought his lips to mine and kissed me as if it was our last, and in some way it was. He slowly moved his forehead to mine and disconnecting our lips, resting it there for a minute. He brought his lips to my ear and told me “I will always love you and no one will ever take that away from us.†The tears started to flow faster down both of our faces and I replied “no one.â€Â

    • when does life get better

      10 years ago


      have you ever felt so empty that you ask your self every second whats the point?
      do you ever wounder why your life is so fuckin hard?
      do you feel all alone and that no one in the world loves you ?

      well i do all the time every day, every minute, abd every second of my life.and i never get and answer to my quiestions and it pisses me off . i know you must be thinking wow shes crazy and the truth is i feel crazy i am almost 15 and i am in place meant at nnhys {nothern New Hampshire yougth services} i havent been able to see my friends in almost two years and i miss them alot. i also live wtih 12 other girls and they drive me crazy. i have no life no friends and ..no family becuase my mother rather be with a man who likes to rap girls then be with her daughter all i have to say is

      life sucks and then you die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • life sucks

      11 years ago


      ok life sucks so much
      i just found out that i am not aloud to go home any more because of my stupied ass step dad
      im really starting to hate the guys i think that they could all go to hell i mean why pleace tell me why they always have to be mean and such pigs it drives me crazy
      all this guys has been doing is making my life a living hell and i cant stand it any more

    • grade

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      May 18th, 2007

      GRADE ME

      grade me
      F-= Damn what happened to you?
      F= Damn your ugly.
      D-= Your parents must be hated.
      C-= Your just someone I don't want to talk to ok?
      C=Your ok, but you need work...
      C+= Your just average.
      B-=Your kinda cute and your cool I guess.
      B+=Pretty damn attractive, and I'd hit that.
      A-=Your etremely attractive and your awesome.
      A+=Will you go out with me seriously?
      A++= Will you marry me?

      YOU ARE afraid to see what people think of you if you dont repost this!!!!

      Reply to me the grade you think I deserve.

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      haha i know, is it physically possible for someone to NOT love him?

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