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    • A Survey for "Adults"

      11 years ago


      1. What bill do you hate paying the most?
      all of them

      2. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?
      hrm...i'll have to think about that one....

      3. Do you ever go the movies alone?
      no, i usually go with patrick

      4. Do you own a guitar?
      yes, i have two.

      5. Name of your first grade teacher?
      i think her name was miss dawson...but i can't be positive...that was so long ago and i have a crappy memory

      6. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
      a few times

      7. Do you own a piggy bank shaped like a pig?
      no, no i don't.

      8. How many colleges did you attend?

      9. Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?
      because i felt like it

      10. What are your thoughts on gas prices?
      what does it matter, prices will continue to go up no matter what we do, but if you have any ideas, by all means, please share...

      11. Do you shower facing the shower head or with your back to it?
      i start facing the shower head and then turn to the left slowly and then get the really hot water on my back...

      12. First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
      why won't this cat stop walking all over me while i'm trying to sleep?

      13. Last thought before going to sleep last night?
      i hope patrick doesn't get too frustrated with me for sleeping at his back so much...i can't help it

      14. Do you have anything in your pockets right now?
      no, but i still have my badge hanging off my pocket with one of those stretchy string clip things..

      15. How many windows are open on your computer?
      two windows, one with three tabs

      16. What errand/chore do you despise?
      sometimes none of them..sometimes all of them...sometimes chore A a whole bunch, or B, or C...it really varies...

      17. If you didn't have to work, would you volunteer?
      i am genetically predisposed to earning my keep

      18. Get up early or sleep in?
      sleep...lots of sleep

      19. What is your favorite cartoon character?
      when i was growing up i loved bugs bunny and daffy duck

      20. Who was the last text you received from?
      i haven't done that in so long, i couldn't really tell you...

      21. Are you a daydreamer?
      almost to a fault

      22. When did you first start feeling old?
      when i wasn't 18 anymore

      23. Favorite 80's movie?

      24. Your favorite lunch meat?
      it's a toss up between salami and honey ham

      25. What do you get every time you go to Costco?
      i've been there once, didn't buy anything

      26. Beach or lake?

      27. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?
      absolutely not

      28. Do you own property?
      unfortunately no

      29. Favorite guilty pleasure?
      all of them

      30. Favorite movie you wouldn't want anyone to find out about?
      i'll actually talk about every movie i remember seeing...and whatever i can remember from it...

      31. What's your drink at the bar?
      long island ice tea or mexican martini

      32. Cowboys or Indians?
      the children's game, the actual people, the football team? i'm not sure what this question is asking...

      33. Are you sarcastic?
      to a fault

      34. Are you shy?
      to some extent..i sometimes feel like i have social anxiety disorder or something...

      35. In the past week have you gotten sick?
      yes, one of the other supervisors got me sick and then left on vacation...

      36. Norm or Cliff from Cheers?
      i don't remember too much of that show, but i do know which one it is...i liked the mailman...he was funny...reminded me of some funny uncle...

      37. In the past week have you felt stupid?
      not really...i've really been given a chance to prove my intelligence at work and really show my employer and their client that i'm not just another one of the sheep..i have a system and it works..here *hands you some paper* i wrote it down for you...

      38. Worst relationship mistake that you wish you could take back?
      you mean my favorite mistake or the actual most embarrasing/uncomfortable/regrettable/and/or/poor mistake? well, the first would be my entire relationship with james...he turned out alright...as for the second, well...i'll just keep that to myself...

      39. In the past week have you gotten your hair cut?
      no, but i need one...

      40. What famous person would you like to have dinner with?

      41. Indoors or Outdoor?
      to live? to dine? to bathe? again with the choices...

      42. Have you ever crashed your vehicle?
      yes, once and not since

      43. Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purpose?
      can't say that i've ever had to use a fire extinguisher...

      44. Last book you read for real
      hrm...i started on Room Full of Mirrors over a year ago...not that it's boring, i just have a very very short attention span when it comes to reading...

      45. Has someone disappointed you recently?
      yes, quite a few people actually...

      46. What was the last film you watched?
      it was one about that new zealand guy who broke the world landspeed record...

      47. Somewhere in California you've never been and would like to go?
      how about somewhere in california...i've never traveled that way before...

      48. Have you been outside the USA?
      a couple of times, but only to mexico...

      49. At this point in your life would you rather start a new career or a new relationship?
      i've been looking for the career and my relationship is still kinda new...goin on 2 years...

      50. Just how OLD are you?
      25 now

      yay...*rolls eyes*

    • Free Beer Night

      12 years ago


      of course i took part in Free Beer Night...duh!

      so there was this movie called Secret. not entirely sure what it's about. kirk seems to think it's one of those scientology videos attempting to attract more victims. the movie description was pretty ambiguous, even by my standards.

      there is a porn section in this movie place. i myself do not find any gratification from porn. i don't see how other people do. it's strange to watch people go ga-ga over something that really isn't all that interesting or mind developing for that matter. maybe that's what wrong with the world today. *shrug* i just don't get it.

      i scored three cups of beer. typically they only give 2. but when shift changes coems about, it's time to get another! *evil grin*

      This Week's Beer :
      Live Oak Pilsner

      This Week's Rentals :
      When the Levees Broke
      Jackie Brown
      Taxi Driver

    • Today Is Going To Be A Long Day

      12 years ago


      So, today is Tuesday. That means 3 things.

      Supervisor Training
      I get to take part of a training for my new Supervisor position. It's something all Supervisors have to go through. But all the information I have been given thus far has been very helpful and I'm so glad it has been given to me. 2 - 4 pm

      Tier 2 Training
      So after I get to listen to someone teach, it's my turn to be the teacher. I will be teaching a class of Tier 2 Agents. Tier 2 assists the Tier 1 agents and the occasional customer if Tier 1 is having difficulty. 4 - 7 PM

      This would be my favorite day of the week. After work, three of us go to I Love Video. I Love Video is a videostore that has Free Beer Night every Tuesday night. The owner gets a keg and anyone over 21 can have two cups of free beer. This beer is not typically what I would drink, because I aquired my beer taste by drinking Budweiser. The beer they pick is usually something I've never had before. The past few weeks it's been Live Oak Pale Ale and I have figured out that I actually like it. So we have to return the movies we rented last week.

      Last Week's Rentals :
      Coacaine Cowboys
      Waking Life

    • Updates

      12 years ago


      Wowie! another long period of time away from RvB... i'm a terrible person...
      and now for the updates

      I finally got that promotion. I'm a Supervisor now. But not without irritations. I don't have a computer at my new desk yet. It was supposed to be there like two days ago. I put in a Helpdesk ticket to get that taken care of but people are so busy, we'll just have to see how long it takes. So for now, I'm at this other new desk I moved to because they kicked us out of our other area. Meh. Will it ever end? I doubt it.

      Still in Austin. Still alive. Can't really complain about too much. I am getting a little stir crazy. A little bored with the way things are. *shrug* ah well. Not much I can really do about it. So I guess I'll just wait.

      I haven't had internet access for a while. Apparently for more than 6 months. But rest assured, I'm still here.

    • Geez Louise!

      12 years ago


      it has been a while since i updated this thing, so i decided to write a quick line or two.

      i've been working. a lot. it's like when i get to work the world falls apart and i get it put back together just in time before i go home at the end of the day. this whole week i have been in training. i am in charge of training 20 new people to be prepared to hit the floor in a week. well, apparently the boss decided to change facilitators in the middle of this two week training ordeal. this is to "acclimate all the other trainers into a training environment". i call bullshit. the only thing it's going to do is fuck with the heads of the agents who are in the training class. *sigh* alas, there is nothing i can do. the only thing i can do is show up 2 hours before my shift to more or less help the transition for the new trainer and my class. i hope it works out. *Shrug* we shall see.

      i'm hoping for a promotion soon. i've been there for over a year and have made some serious progress. i think it's about time for another bump up the ladder.

    • Party Over Here!

      13 years ago



      i do not want to tell you my opinion about any of this. i would like for you to come to your own. i just wanted to show you these links so in the event you do decide to get into a discussion about this, you will know this "other" information is floating around out there too.

    • Holy Crapola!

      13 years ago


      sorry to keep you so long without an update.


      go to this website. watch the video. it's an hour and a half long. make sure you have time to watch it. then come back here and tell me what you think.

    • where you been so long?

      13 years ago


      yeah, sorry about the long absence...i know how you guys get being all monkeyless for too long...

      things have been rough lately...that and my boyfriend decided to completely remove the os from the computer and restart it and do some other random shit to it...all while under the influence...so...yeah, it's been a while...

      he and i went through a bit of a rough patch there...but we're doin better...he sent me a myspace message with "IOVEYOU!" a gazillion times....so i guess we're okay.. :o) he's so funny...

      at work they're about to change my schedule...and move my team to another location...that means farther to drive to get to work...it sucks...and as soon as i physically see my social security card, i am totally looking for another job...*sigh* maybe it's just the lack of sleep for the past few days...who knows...*shrug*

      i play around on myspace alot, so add me as a friend...


    • I Miss Her Too Much

      13 years ago


      so at the funeral it finally dawned on me that she's gone forever. call it a delayed reaction. i felt way too many emotions this weekend. a system overload if you will. i did get a hold of a picture of her. from a time before she got sick. and how i prefer to remember her.

      when i was younger i remember her trying to potty train my sisters and i. she would wake us up in the middle of the night and take us to the bathroom one at a time. she'd put us up there and leave us there for about 5 minutes, then take us back to bed. i remember she would always bring food over every time she came to visit. and she kept every little thing we did.

      i played for her about two weeks before she died. i don't know if she even knew i was there, but i hope she did. because i love her so much and i miss her.

      okay, this is too hard. i gotta go.

    • Home Again Home Again Jiggidy Jig

      13 years ago


      so i'm home at my parent's...the drive was terrible...way too long...so i was so incredibly annoyed and frustrated...i snapped at my mom and sister because i was on the phone trying to talk to someone, but they kept getting louder and louder...i don't think they understand how tired i was from the long drive...the last thing i want are people yelling over each other to be heard...i fell asleep on the couch by accident...you'd think that someone would at least give me a blanket or a pillow...you know as a courtesy because i am tired...no, i woke up in the middle of the night freezing my ass off...

      tonight i'm sleeping in the bed...with a pillow and a blanket...i'm pretty sure when my mom gets home she and the kids are going to be incredibly loud...yeah...not looking forward to that...

      ever since i got here it's like everytime someone asks me what i've been up to, they get this "i don't really care but i'm being polite by asking" look on their face when i try to answer them...some of them get up while i'm in the middle of the sentence and walk off and do something else...i understand that they may have something else on their mind, but why ask me a question if you don't care about the answer?

      oh well...i'm tired...cousin's are supposed to be here by now...i might post more tomorrow...who knows...but i definitely will when i get back to austin...

      thank you all for the supportive comments....i need them with your prayers...

      i love you too...

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      why yes....shame on you. smiley4.gif

      So...does that mean I get to....spank the Monkey?

      just kidding and for you pervs reading this...no, not that "spank the monkey"

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      Merry Christmas to you and yours this holiday season smiley11.gif

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      wow thanks

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      in the mood for a good laugh about mortal kombat and zombie movies than take a look at my journal

      and tell me what you think

      thanks : )

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      Where are you??????? smiley4.gif

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      Huggles kiddo (heh heh heh...."Spoon!"..."I'm a hammer!" ) smiley8.gif

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      They are unlimited and can be redeemed anytime. smiley8.gif

      Remember that.

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      I'm not sure what "quidge" means...

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      If you haven't already voted, could you vote for Vidoechick here please? Thanks for your help.

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      Oi! Where ya at?


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      Happy Turkey Day !

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      Sweet, thanks for the mods

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      I was beginning to feel like the only girl on RvB, glad to know im not! :) So Hi! heehee

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      AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.......THAT HURTS..................:(

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      There have been new developments and I can't stay in Austin :( My teach won’t let me telecommute…bastard...but thanks for the "job offer"

    • Sheva_Jade

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      I got you a present

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      So how's things going?

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      I tagged/kicked Kyle in the balls....hehe....

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      The Game of Tag
      If I tagged you... HA! You now have to follow the rules of the game:

      -You cannot tag someone who tagged you
      -You should tag at least 5 other people (those with 4 or less will be punished by flogging or any other way I can think of)
      -Random tagging is accepted
      -All tagging should be done in the personal comments section on the homepage of the tag-ee
      -Do not eat a live chicken
      -This game is only fun if people participate
      -The goal is for everyone on the site to get tagged EVENTUALLY
      -If you decide to participate, post the rules in your journal or link them to this journal
      -I have a space monkey in my pics section
      -There is no violence until I change the game to capture the flag
      -When capture the flag breaks out, the teams will cluck like chickens until I am satisfied (....???)

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      sad...only 8 people on the entire RVB communtiy likes the game, Whacked!, including me.... It's FUN!!

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      your not at work are you? cuz sara would not be on the net at work when she was suppose to be "working".....

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      Hey chica!

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      And what does that mean? oh yeah, and lemme say hey to another texan, ^_^

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      well i think that the world runs on apple. But if you like game rpg's then try marrowind for the xbox and pc, it is so much fun omg

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      Quite the eclectic list.

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      Money awww so COOOT * Cute only cuter*

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      Any friend of the Shawshank Redemption is a friend of mine.

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