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    • RWBY Halo characters

      3 years ago


      Here's something I did (preliminary) that I don't feel is ready to post on the RWBY thread.

      RWBY with Halo factions

      Covenant/ UNSC's rebellion: White Fang

      Flood: the Grimm

      UNSC: Humanity/Faunus

      Prophets: Adam Taurus, Cinder Fall (Truth)

      Arbiter: Blake, possibly Lieutenant

      Spartans: The Hunt

      John 117: Ruby Rose

      Cortana: Weiss Schnee?

      Gravemind: Salem

      Tartarus: Mercury Black

      Heretic leader: Raven? Blake?

      Jiralhanae: Elements of White Fang devoted to bloodshed, possible human group

      Two distinct elements of WF: Blake's and Lieutenant's

      Sgt Johnson: Jaune Arc

      Halsey: Ozpin/Qrow

      Guilty Spark: Papa Schnee?

      Penitent Tangent: Winter Schnee

      If this is right, the Schnees have some sort of weapon up their sleeve that could change the course of the conflict.

      NOTE: This also means Winter will die, either at Salem's hand or Grimm's.

      Also, Ruby is the Grimm's demon (the reaper imagery, mainly).

    • 3 years ago

    • RWBY Volujme 4 Preparations

      3 years ago


      Okay, now that RWBY3 is done, I'm going to try to make a catalog of as many potential Chekhov's guns I can find, and I'll post updates regularly.

    • Questions

      3 years ago


      Okay, about the new questions thing. Do whatever you want with it.

      However, if you want to challenge me to draw make a symbol of something (preferably something rich in meaning [my profile pic is the Pillar of Autumn, for instance]), go right ahead.

      Let's see if I can meet your expectations.

    • 3 years ago

    • Symbol Corner

      3 years ago


      I'm going to start putting symbols (depictions of ideas in art form) on here, and would not mind suggestions for what to symbolize (know that I will provide my own take on the issue).

      Ground rules:

      1. It must be something intangible. If it physically exists in real life, it doesn't need a symbol to represent it.

      2. No defaming the symbol if I depict something negatively. You can argue against the idea (and I in fact welcome it as long as you do so reasonably), but my artistic preference is my artistic preference.

      3. If you see a way I can better my style, just say so (respectfully, otherwise I may discount your opinion).

    • 2019 years ago

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