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      It was many years ago now (almost 10! Jeez) that we had a rooster teeth room. It used to be decently popular and the room was almost always full for a few months. I very much enjoyed it and just recently discovered a modern recreation of in Naturally, I made a rooster teeth room.

      Feel free to pop in and if there's a DJ spot open, toss on some tracks! I'll probably be chilling in there for a while.

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    • 5 years ago

    • RTX 2014

      5 years ago


      I bought my ticket on Friday and I'm still hoping I get picked as a Guardian! I'm so hype, but now I have to book the rest of my stuff haha

    • I'm bringing it back as best I can...

      6 years ago


      The Rooster Teeth Turntable!

      I loved this place when it was kicking, helped me meet a lot of the RT community when I was just another member. I made a lot friends and a lot of connections. It saddens me to see it die, so I'm doing all I can to try and revive it. Any support of getting the word out is great! Or if you just want to stop in and check it out, that supports the cause as well. Thanks for Reading!

    • At the airport

      7 years ago


      On my way to the Mecca that is Comic Con international! Will try to update as much as possible!

    • My Official Comic Convention Guide

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      Tips on surviving a convention!

      1. Wear comfortable shoes

      You'll be walking a lot, so if you don't feel comfortable in the shoes you think look nice DON'T WEAR THEM.

      2. Light clothing

      Most Convention centers have air conditioning, but there are tens of thousands of people in one room, it won't be cold.

      3. Bring a snack

      Odds are you'll want to stay the whole day at the convention center. So, to prevent yourself from starving and therefore buying a $7 hot-dog, pack something like a PB&J sandwich. Its light, cheap, and tasty.

      4. BAG!!!!

      Most conventions are know for tons of swag. (*Swag: free stuff). While I believe most conventions will give you a swag bag, they are usually collectible, so use your own bag to keep that one safe and wear-free


      Panels can be some of the most entertaining and informative parts of a convention, however they are very popular for this reason. Most times the person in front of the line for the next panel has been standing there for 2-3 hours. You need to plan (see next tip) ahead and keep time handy. Time is very important to know. Keep an eye on panel times and closing time for the convention (which for NYCC is 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM on Thus and Sun and 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM on Fri and Sat)

      6. Plan your day

      Very crucial tip to fully enjoying your day at NYCC and avoiding any regret and disappointment. Check the Panel Schedule! (will be posted in early Sep) See what time the panels you want to attend are and try to make it there at least an hour in advance. I know it may seem like a lot, but most times even that is late. The Exhibit Hall is the last thing to close, so don't worry about missing the RT booth, it will be there all day. Also certain booths have time sensitive events (see next tip). Having a plan makes the chaos of NYCC feel way more organized to you. Believe me, when you see everyone aimlessly wondering around and you have a certain destination that you have to make it too, you feel more confident.

      7. Do research

      While Panels are very cool and scheduled, booths also have planned events. For example, some booths have a person signing merchandise for an hour and only on one day, if that matters to you then you know that for that hour and about an hour before it, you have to be there. Also, comic conventions especially, attract a lot of attention in their city. Look around the neighborhood. Some movie, comics, and games have signings, events, giveaways, and more at locations surrounding the center. So take some time and look around. Again, having an idea before going into it is much better.

      8.Bring Cash

      You may go into this thinking that you won't want anything, but believe me, you will want somethings. Especially things that you will not find anywhere else. Also, even if you already own something you can buy it again and get it signed by the staff (RT smiley8.gif ). Also, if you crack or don't listen to tip 3, you can use money for food.

      9. Stay Calm

      Its a big place and there are lots of people there, but you have to stay calm. Hyperventilating because you don't know where you are isn't a solution. Just stay calm, have a map, and follow your plan. If you have structure, you will feel at home.

      10. Starstruck

      Places like this house many of the people you idolize (RT smiley8.gif ) and if you stand there with a dumb look on your face it won't get you anything. Try to talk to them. Socialize with the people around you. If someone catches you chatting with bunch of other fans, they might notice you and want to talk to you. It works, I talk from experience.

      11. Have a good time

      Above all, you payed good money and are spending your time here, have a good time! Socialize, take pictures, collect as much as you can, just take it all in and you will enjoy yourself!

      I will add more and edit with info as it comes, I hope you find this useful!

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    • W00T!

      7 years ago


      I just got my Season 9 DVD of RvB!! (For the time being) MY COLLECTION IS COMPLETE!

    • Hey, you might want to check this out

      7 years ago


      I made this a while ago for the NYCC group and looking back its amazing how great I made it. I just wanted to share it on a grander scale. If you do like it, please spread it!! I know plenty of people can use it, and if everyone followed these it would mean that everyone would have a good time at these conventions with RT!

    • Can you do me a favor?

      7 years ago


      Hey Friends/Watchers (that sounded kinda creepy), can you do me a solid? Caleb and co. are holding a community vote for sports games over here and I would totally love it if you could vote for Madden 12! Hell, if you vote then post here that you did, I'll owe you one (and I'll follow up on it).

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