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    • OK never mind about that smoke!

      13 years ago


      yeah well since Alan called me, I guess I don't get that smoke right now..... and now that he's talking shop with his dad about his car, I'm left singing to myself. Don't you hate it when you get put on hold and there's no hold music! Anywayz yeah everyone at school wouldn't leave my hair alone today.All everyone wanted to do was play with it and style it and so on and so forth. It got kinda annoying but it was ok because I was looking for something different. I guess I got it. It amazes me how many changes people go through when you haven't seen them for almost 4 years. Like Alan..... when we were dating, he was so jealous over everything and everyone. Now he's laid back and .... well damn..... I'm not sure how to explain him now. He's just more grown up now and a whole lot more...... knowledgable? Forgive me but I'm trying to keep this half way clean and I'm not able to do that at any other point and time. And by the way, I don't like being called a liar Alan! Why do guys do that? They ask you something and then tell you that you're lying! Go figure! Anyway gonna go for now. have fun with this one.

    • Just to start with

      13 years ago


      Interesting day....... not much to it same old routine. I can't wait til Graduation though. Cross that out. I can't wait for Thanksgiving break and then comes Graduation. That's better. I've never actually placed journal entries online so forgive me if I sound like I'm talking. Cause I am. Anyway..... I went to GA forever my 18th birthday and had such a blast. I think it was the best thing for me right now having just canceled a two year engagement and not getting any time to myself. It's pretty bad when you look forward to school and work just to get out of your house. I hate walls. I always feel like I'm in a prison. Anyway I need a smoke so I'll chat at ya'll later. Peace out!

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Glaxton

      13 years ago

      Congratulations on being here at RvB for six months!

      I created a banner for you Here, you can download it and post it if you like.,
      OR, just delete this message and go on with your life! smiley0.gif

    • Alpha_Prime

      13 years ago

      Just wanted to tell ya, Happy New Year!! Now go drink somemore booze!!!!......

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