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    • it's four sentences, you can read.

      9 years ago


      so, i traded mixed CDs with this girl today. i'm listening to it right now. it's mostly full of songs about boys with out girlfriends, wanting this boy, and love... is she trying to tell me something?!?

    • I hate people sometimes

      10 years ago


      today, I Bought a book for my girlfriend's birthday called My Mistress' Sparrow is Dead it's a compilation of short stories about love.

      as i'm walking out with the book in hand, a 12-14 year old wigger walked up to me (presumably reading the subtitle) and asked if i was a "fag".
      i said no, i was buying it for my girlfriend. he then proceeded to say that it was just an excuse to protect my own sexuality. We then had this exchange.
      "at least I don't cover up my own racial identity"
      "wha do yo mean?" (best attempt at a gangster accent, forgive me)
      " well, you're white. and i get you like rap, hip-hop, etc. but you don't need to dress or act in a manner that makes you look like an asshole."

      he then ran away to his mother. I know this because a minute later an angry middle-aged white woman showing an embarrassing amount of cleavage walked over and started to yell at how disrespectful i was. i told her exactly what happened, and she responded to me explaining that her son is a gentleman, and would never insult anybody with out being provoked. I'm a Pacifist (ironically). she then made me apologize to her son. i said sure, but when she turned around I walked through the Starbucks behind me. there better be some thing good at the end of this rainbow.

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