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    • Dragonball Super ep 122

      1 year ago


      God I love this episode. Vegeta was everything that makes me think hes awesome. The art and animation was great and it set up a episode that looks like its gonna be hype as well.

      Vegeta is still one of my favorite characters in Dragonball and this episode made me remember why.


      Side note I got a dope Gogeta figure at Tomofair yesterday. Adding to my growing collection of Dragonball stuff. Now I just want a good looking Future Trunks figure.


    • Happy New Year

      1 year ago


      To all of you a happy 2018. Enjoy the fireworks tonight.


    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2:10 hours in

      1 year ago


      I got some Nintendo money for Christmas and decided it was finally time for me to pick up Xenoblade Chronicles 2. And I'm digging it so far.

      One of the things that turned me off from Xenoblade 1 was the opening to the game being incredibly slow . Luckely for me in Xenoblade 2 you get thrown in almost immediately .First thing you do is fight a crab thing and then the plot just starts going with you getting recruited to do some crazy mission.


      The plot so far is very how would I say ..... Anime. But I don't mind that much since I love anime and it reminds me of ps2 era JRPG's. I like the combat a lot too (partly cause it get explained in nice small chunks at a time). And the characters are all fun and interesting.


      I did have to turn the Japanse dub on cause oh man that English voice acting ain't good. This however comes with the downside of not being able to understand the flavor text that characters spout of while you traverse the world which is kinda sad (And shows me that the Japanse dub was probably not planned to be in the western version from the start). But I can live with it.

      speaking of the world. Omg the world is awesome. the sense of scale you get just walking around seeing how small you are compared to the creatures you fight and how small they are compared to the titans we walk on is awesome.


      One thing I do hate though and very much reminds me of ps2 era JRPG's are the fetch quests that are based around these treasure spots that give you RNG based loot. Which makes it so that you could be walking around for an hour searching for 5 apples or some shit. 

      And I hate that the rare Blades are tied to these RGB based core crystals. Which are basicallylootboxes that you luckily don't have to pay for . Kind of makes these Blades feel less special would have been cooler to have quests around getting them.


      Long story short. I'm liking Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so far. And even though I got some issues with the RNG stuff I would recommend it to fans of JRPG's who got a Switch tower .

    • Persona Trailers

      1 year ago


      New trailers for Persona stuff came out today that got me hyped up.

      First off we got a new pv for Persona 5 the Animation. Which is gonna tell the story of the game in anime form. For all those who can't play the game and those who just want more Persona .

      Its gonna start in April so I guess I already know what I'm watching in spring anime season.

      And now its spin-off time. More specifically are you ready to dance all (Moon/Star) night ?

      Well I sure as hell am. We got new trailers for Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night. Persona 4 Dancing All Night is one of my favorite games on Ps Vita and Atlus will not that Vita die. (Now lets hope they bring it out on Vita in the west too please also Catherine please).

      The gameplay seems unchanged from P4D which I'm happy with cause all I really needed was some new songs and new story. Looking at some of the visuals do make me wonder when this is gonna take place though. People who played trough Persona 5 will probably get what I mean just looking at the visual below. And people who played through Persona 3 ... You know why I wonder.


      Anyway I'm hyped as hell. Now there is one more Persona spin-off I wonder if we will ever see west since the 3ds is dying fast. Maybe just port it to the Switch (maybe just port all of these to the Switch).


    • Its a trap

      1 year ago


      Why.....Why simmons!!!!

    • Catherine: Full Body

      1 year ago


      YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They are remaking Catherine for PS4 and PS Vita. 


      Here are some details.

      Development is a collaborative effort between Atlus and Studio Zero.

      The third “Catherine” is named Rin (voiced by Aya Hirano). She is a pianist at Vincent’s regular bar, and has an exceedingly honest and gentle personality. Rin’s involvement in the story will introduce new branches for the other two “Catherines.”

      A large amount of new endings, episodes, anime movies, and sexy events are being added.

      The subtitle “Full Body” was chosen from the wine term, and exemplifies an even richer and somehow more erotic new Catherine.

      A wide range of difficulties and convenient systems are being prepared.

      There is a new mechanic where you move blocks where multiple are connected. There is also a new mode.

      There are online battles.

      There is cross-save support.

      The new “Catherine,” Rin, is described as a healing existence that assists the nightmare-ridden Vincent and shows him new values. While her speech and conduct give off an aura of considerably lacking in common, she is a very straightforward and gentle character.

      The scenario is mainly being made by full-time staff.

      The wide range of difficulties and convenient systems being prepared will enable people who are interested in the story to enjoy the game until the very end.

      In puzzle action stages, there is a new mechanic where you have to think about not only how to move cube-shaped blocks, but also blocks in a state where multiple are connected.

      You can switch between new and traditional modes during the story.

      There was unexpected excitement for the competiive mode overseas, so online battles are being included.

      There is more than one new ending.

      Development is currently 50 percent complete.

      A release date and price are still to be announced.


      Seems Like Atlus is the one company that wants me to dust off my Vita. Cause you know I will be playing this , Persona 3 dancing moon night and Persona 5 dancing star night on the beautiful 

      PS Vita.

    • Its been a bad year for Star Wars and me

      1 year ago


      I just came back from Star Wars The Last Jedi and fuck I'm so disappointed. Don't get me wrong there are moments in this movie that I think where dope and are up there for me with some of the coolest things in Star Wars. But man the bad far out ways the good in this movie for me.

      Rian Johnson Ruined everything that was set up in The Force Awakens. And just fuck man I don't even know where you go from here like wtf do you do with IX J.J. AbramsThere's stuff in this movie that made me go "the fuck is this" and "why" I just can't with this movie. Finn's story in this movie does not matter at all , Po's story could be solved by his commander telling him what the plan is. But then on the other hand Luke's story arc I enjoyed even if its ending is stupid , Rey and Kylo's interactions are the best thing in this movie until just like with Luke the ending fucks it up .

      Is it Prequels lvl bad? I don't know I would have to think about that longer.

      But its safe to say I'm not hyped for the trilogy that Rian Johnson is making.

      Then add all this up to the awful stuff from Star Wars Battlefront 2. Loot boxes and bad story and its just been a bad year for Star Wars and me .


    • Oh joyeus day

      1 year ago


      The X-men and the Fantastic 4 Ip are back where they belong. With marvel. Disney just bought Fox for $52 billion making it so the rights to those characters are now back in the hands of marvel. link here


      Now its time for the x-men to either reboot or to find a way to fit it into the MCU. I say make it the first one. Time to make those X-men play with the Avengers. Do I here Avengers vs X-men anyone.


    • Fate/Apocrypha ep 22

      1 year ago


      Holly shit where has A-1 pictures been hiding the animators on this episode. All of it looked fucking awesome I love it. I hope it continues in this style for the remaining episodes cause my god this was good .


    • DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT - launch roster

      1 year ago


      seems like this will be the full roster at launch.

      I have a slight suspicion that we will have to pay for the Dissidia 012 characters that didn't make the cut all as dlc. if you look at who's missing it does line up with the fact that the season pass will include 6 characters. So Tifa, Laguna, Yuna , Prish , Gilgamesh and Gabranth .


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