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    • My Pokemon Silver Adventure Part 3

      1 year ago


      I joined an old mans resistance last time I updated you. His name is Kurt and won't you know it he is quite the hype man. He told me all about these evil team Rocket schemes and got me all fired up to beat the shit out of their animals with mine.

      We made our way to the entrance to the Slowpoke Well. Kurt got so fired up himself he just charged straight in . Sadly though he forgot that gravity is a thing and made quite the fall. (hes got a broken back now very sad #pray4Kurt).

      With Kurt out of comission I had to pull double duty. I made my way to the leader of this operation who came prepared for a epic battle. He send out his mighty Koffing ...... hold on his only pokemon is a lvl 14 koffing... this gut-->109.png. I told him straight up I said, "hey man i got a lvl 19 Flaafy 180.png who for 1 is to adorable to waste its time on you and 2 just wiped all your friends. Also  I got a Quilava 156.png bro you can't even catch this guy in the wild.

      He agreed that it was not gonna be a fun time for him and left the well with his crew. Which honestly like for real you gotta respect a man who knows when its over you know.

      After that little situation it was time for a legalized official animal blood sport match. 

      I challenged the Azalea Town gym's leader Bugsy21.gif....... wait .... hold up... is he/she a boy or a girl..... like I can't tell. I mean its cool either way 2017 and all that but you know I like to know(he/she never told me)

      I led off with my boi Quilava156.png time to burn gym to the ground who you got Bugsy .

      011.pngMedapot for real you got a lvl 14 Medapot....... Medapot evolves at lvl 10 man what you doing? Ah well we burned it down what you got as your next fighter man come on lets go! 014.png........ Oke what the fuck man........ Kakuna ....... The fuc.......

      I swear to got if this guy got another weak as  HOLLY Shit what the fuck is that 123.png that motherfucker got swords for arms ! Is that shit even legal! Fuck this Quilava burn the gym down I'll grab the badge and run! And we did do just that.

      I ran into the Index Forest. Am I proud of what I did...... no ..... but as Ash Ketchum tought me. When a gym battle doesn't go your way , you destroy the property. (What a fantastic trainer. Wonder what hes up to now a days.)


      Next stop Goldenrod City! Going by the last 2 the gym is probably hella easy haha.


    • My Pokemon Silver Adventure part 2

      1 year ago


      As I made my way out of Violet city I saw off to the side these old buildings. In search of new Pokemon I entered the only new looking building in the place. In this building I was greeted by a man saying he wanted to discover the mysteries of the Ruins of Alph. He asked for my help to which I as the protagonist promptly responded: No thank you, I got legalized animal fighting to do in the next town over , See you later Nerd. (Like a true hero).


      We made our way along Route 32 were we found the most adorable little fluff ball ever179.png

      Of course I had to have it . After a little spat I threw my little portable prison at it and It joined our mary a band of travelers. Along the way I passed this guy who wanted to sell me something called a Slowpoke tail , I don't tend to eat stuff being offered to me by some random people in the middleof nowhere but he seemed like a straight up guy so why not. when he said I didn't have enough money though well lest just say my new fighter and i proceeded to electrocute every fighter on route 32 and a good bit of the union cave. And the little fluff ball even evolved to a bigger one180.png. Ain't she adorable 

      As I made my way into Azalea Town I passed this nice looking gentleman56.gif. He told me he was guarding the Slowpoke Well so that no one could mess with their plans. Of course by plans I assumed he mend cleaning the well for the Slowpoke and I moved along thinking, man one day I hope I can be a G like him. 

      As I got to Azalea Town I found out the truth though. They weren't cleaning at all, they where cutting of the slowpoke tails to sell to people as food *gasp*. 

      As the good person I am I decided maybe I fight the Azalea Town gym next week when the police deal with this Slowpoke business. But as I was about to leave Ginger Kid showed up. He did his hole speal about strong Pokemon insulted me again and would only let me pass if i beat him in a animal fight. 


      Now I wish this was Epic and all that but my fluff ball just wiped him. After beating him he just pushed me to the ground like a savage and locked the door to the next route behind him. Like the dick he is he told me I would have to deal with all the towns problems and and beat the gym before he opens the door again. 

      So here we are . I'm about to enlist in some old man who tells me he makes pokeballs from tree's(real nut job)  his resistance (of two people , three if we count his 5 year old grand daughter). And we are gonna fight this so called team Rocket.

      My team currently is this guy 156.png and the most adorable destructive force known to man 180.png . So we should be fine...

    • My Pokemon Silver adventure has started (again)

      1 year ago


      In my wait for Danganronpa V3 to come out (26th September in US, 29th September for EU , Please don't spoil me ) I've picked up Pokemon Silver on 3ds Virtual Console . My favorite generation of Pokemon.

      My adventure started with a all to familiar choice. Who will be my starter.

      Chikorita   ,    Cyndaquil   ,    Totodile

      152.png         155.png        158.png

      I chose Cyndaquil. This much like gen 1 is such a hard choice cause man all these starters are so well designed. (Yes even Chikorita , you Chikorita hating monster).

      After I chose I was on my way on an errant for Prof.Elm. But before i left the town I got beat up by some ginger kid . He physically kicked me. Like a savage  

      When I got to the location of my errant I met the Prof.Oak. He gave me a sick ass mini laptop to record all the animals I catch and fight. Always handy.

      On my way back I met the ginger kid again. But this time we fought like true gentleman . By making our animals fight each other . (Sure he insulted me first but that's just pre fight banter).

      My animal beat his animal and all was right in the world. (Also btw's he stole his Pokemon from Prof.Elm, Probably not a big deal).

      Got to Elms place, It was totally a big deal. The fuss was there and asked me for the kids name.

      Which of course I gave cause even though snitches get stitches the kid kicked me so I already got those. No worries for me.

      After that little incident I make my way to Violet city and its illustrious Sprout Tower . Now everybody like , oh you gotta go to the Sprout Tower its great . Wrong! Here's what you get in Sprout Tower:

      You get a bunch of these dudes:58.gif  with a ton of these 069.png also two of them got one of these 163.png

      But we beat up all these animals in the tower and our little cute fire mouse is now a dope ass volcano Pokemon  156.png. So that's rad. 

      Now here's the thing in Violet city there's this thing called a gym. Its where the pro's fight with their animals. Real big league stuff . Now the Violet city gym his run by this dude 20.gif Falkner. He's got daddy issues and a bunch of birds016.png017.png

      Now I can't do much with fire about his daddy issues. But I can burn his pigeons in my flames.

      So I did. And he took it really well. Gave me a sick cd and a cool looking pin 13.gif.

      Just shows you that even if someone has issues you can still all get along.

      We also got a egg now from Prof.Elm's aid . Always good to know I got some people back home making sure I can eat a healthy breakfast. 

      Well of too Azalea town.

    • Art History

      1 year ago


      Art History class was really intresting this week. You know mainly cause I was watching the live stream of the Sony Tokyo Games Show press conference  on my phone . 

      And boy it was a great one. some of my highlights include:

      Final Fantasy IX is now available on ps4 , Dissidia  Final Fantasy got a new trailer showing new game modes and the boyband prince Noctis.

      Also holly shit a Zone of the Enders 2 remake with full VR support. Fuck yes I'm gonna play the shit out of this with my PSVR. (And puke all over my room) . Like I've been wanting to finish Zone of the Enders 2 for like 7 years. Ever since my friend grabbed the copy of HD I borrowed from him back when I was just starting with 2.

      Then something only I am probably excited about. And I honestly don't even think it will come to the west. JAPAN Studio VR in concert. I can chill after a long day of school and listen to some ochestrated music from such games as Gravity Rush, Shadows of the Colossus , Ico , Last Guardian and Wild Arms with 2 wacky cats. Sign me up!

      Then Kojimas art guy seems to have a new job at Square Enix working on a game with a cool looking tone. Left Alive. Not much was shown but I will be keeping my eye on that.

      And then finally. Holly fuck you see that Monster Hunter World trailer. It looks so dope , its got story now too , new monsters and a insanely big monster that just begs for me to come over and beat the shit out of him.

      All and all it was a way better conference then I expected it to be.

    • Dragonball Everything

      1 year ago


      Its been a pretty great week for Dragonball. We got a in my opinion great episode of DB super (Roshi MVP). Cant wait for next weeks gohan episode and the week after's one hour special main event.

      Also on the games side. In Dragonball Figthers Z we got confirmation that the story will center around the time of the Android saga. Which combined with the Cell saga is my favorite part of Dragonball period. But as the games now a days do its a what if type of story with a new android called Android 21 and what looks to be copy's of the Z warriors. I'm so excited for this.

      Speaking of the Z warriors. Tien and Yamcha got confirmed for the game. Which in any other dbz game is a whatever but since this centers around the android saga where they where still actively involved I am all about those boys.


      And in the Xenoverse 2 world the roster is getting a bit bigger again. Super Buu Gohan absorbed and Debura are joining the roster and Zamasu is becoming a mentor. I'm so down for this Xenoverse 2's roster keeps getting better and better and I love the game so much I'm thinking of picking up the Switch version as well. Now if only they add Tapion, Android 13,19 and 20. Then they would really make my day.


    • Where Weiss at?

      1 year ago


      Or Blake or Yang or any other Rwby character? I do hope Blaz Blue Cross Battle isn't just reused assets from older games and Ruby. I need some more Rwby reps and hell some Persona 5 would be nice too , maybe some Guilty Gear.

    • Long weekend

      1 year ago


      So I got a long weekend (4 days) and I intend to spend it on playing games and doing some homework (exciting stuff I know). 

      The long weekend started off yesterday with Nintendo giving me a solid Nintendo Direct. 

      Which damn I'm excited for so many things they showed in that. Doom for one like hell yes! I played halve of it on Xbox one but because of exam's that year I fell out of it. But I will totally be all over that on Switch.

      Also even though its a god damn crime that its not on Switch. You know I'm gonna be all over Mario Party: The Top 100 (especially now its been confirmed that its not just minigames). I mean just look at those updated classic Mario Party mini games.

      I'm also gonna be all over that Splatoon 2 update, PokemonFire Emblem Warriors and Mario Odyssey. But right now I am all over the amazingly titled (Not really) Project Octopath Traveler . Holly fuck this game looks good. Its a 2d sprite based RPG but it takes full advantage of Unreal engine 4's amazing lighting and fuck it looks so good . Just look at some screen shots I made.


      God it looks so good!

      For the rest of this weekend I'll probably dive deeper into this demo and make some more headway in Mario + Rabbits. Which continues to surprise me with its fun writing. 

      Also sleep. I would like to have a ton of that these 4 days. Cause you know I really miss it.

      Anyways thanks for reading my ramblings  tower.

    • Made in Abyss

      1 year ago


      I say this to people a lot in my daily life but after this weeks episode it just reinforces the statement. 

      If you are not watching Made In Abyss you are missing out on the best anime to come out this season.

      That is all.


    • My first day at the new school

      1 year ago


      I can give you a hole thing where I go trough the day and stuff but lets be real I know what your here for.

      What did I need 3 socks for?!! 

      So for gameplay and Interaction class we did a bunch of really quick "creative" exercises. One of which was to put 2 socks on your arms and one on your head. WHY?? I DON'T KNOW.

      So the word it in this way that's like oh we wanna see how creatively you solve things . But lets be real this is the teachers there way to fuck with the new kids in school.


      You cant see my socked up hands but Whitney (the girl next to me) shows you what its like.

      So yeah it was a strange first day.

    • Didn't have a single class yet already have homework

      1 year ago


      Like the title states I have not had a single real class at school yet but I already have homework due for tomorrow . have to write tis thing about what this education is , why I wanna do it , show them my cv , interview a fellow student, write about my favorite game, write about the game I made to apply there and write about the stuff I made during my spare time. 

      Also I gotta bring 3 socks a towel and a bottle of water for some reason...... yeah... weird.

      Student life started alright.


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