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    • Dissidia Final Fantasy story

      1 year ago


      The first bit of Story mode got shown in the form of 2 little cutscenes .

      I have no clue what there saying but I'm just happy this game got a story mode since I loved the story in the psp games.

      Also seeing my boy Noctis besides Warrior of Light and Cecil is a little weird but still cool.

    • Look at all this cool stuff

      1 year ago


      On this installment of Mattyou gets hyped about things:

      Oh my god Violet Evergarden looks so fucking pretty. like damn son look at this!

      I don't even know what this show is about but holy shit it looks good

      Also the trailer for Shin Megami Tensei V which also looks cool. I do have a question for you guys though. Do i need to play Shin Megami Tensei 1/2/3/4 to play this or is this a Final Fantasy / Tales of situation. Cause I am down for what this trailer is putting up.

      On to a game that's closer to being played by me. Mario Odyssey . I still cant believe that its out this Friday. Like there is a new Zelda and a new Mario in the first year of what is shaping up to become my favorite Nintendo console ever made. I have had some trouble this week with dodging spoilers from those assholes on the interwebs who have the game already trough whatever devils deal they made to get it. What are spoilers for a Mario game you ask ? Secrets and Costumes of course you dummy . Plz don't spoil me.

      From that to a game I own and am debating buying again on Switch , the game that keeps on giving Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Its getting even more characters. more specifically 2 of the 3 movie characters I have wanted since day one. Android 13 and Tapion (the third ofcourse being my boi Bojack). And its getting a new game mode and Buuhan and Debura . I'm telling you man this game is awesome.


      Also I'm on chapter 5 of Danganronpa V3 but I got derailed by South Park The Fractured But Hole. I'm about 16 hours into South Park so I should be almost done and then I wanna try and power trough the last bit of Danganronpa V3 before Mario takes all of my life.

      Anyway thanks for reading

    • RTX London: The Mattyou story part 1

      1 year ago


      Hey I went to RTX London last weekend. Why did't I write a journal about it like last Monday or something? I was busy with all my deadlines hitting the week after RTX.

      But ah well let me regale you with the tale of me at London / RTX London.

      So I walked from the airport to my hotel which looked a lot more getto then the pictures(the hotel ,not me walking). But the inside was fine so It was all good.

      After dropping all my shit in my room it was off to find my British friend in London . I took the underground which my god that's a maze and a halve . And made my way to the London Bridge which in fact was not falling down. 

      Now my friend was at the Big Ben (which in fact did look like it was falling down)


      And his phone battery was dying. So I came up with the masterful plan to make him walk to London Bridge and make me walk to Big Ben both along the water and if we did it right we would just run into each other. And we did  tower.

      Now when we found each other we had food and drink and made our way back to the hotel.

      Lets fast forward to RTX day one :

      What was the first thing Mattyou did when he entered. HE PLAYED MOTHER FLIPPING MARIO ODYSSEY !!!! ITS SO GOOD!!! can't wait to explore the full game next week.


      After that I stood in the line for the store and watched Bruce and Adam play ... You guessedit. MARIO ODYSSEY !!!! (side note I spend so much money. While there I kinda forgot about the hole exchange rate thing ).


      When that money was spend it was time for me to play a shit ton of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. 

      I love this game. Its a 2d fighter made pretty simple so that a casual like me can play it. And it's got 2 of my favorite series in Persona and RWBY in there. I think I played about 10 rounds with Ruby and Yu Narukami before I had to run to que up for the RWBY Pannel.


      Speaking off the RWBY Pannel. That was so fun. I made a hole new group off friends in line cause in the chaos of lining up I lost my other friends. We got to watch the Yang short and the first episode and man watching RWBY with a crowd of people who are as into this show (if not more) as I am is just awesome . Also they showed us a little preview for Gen:Lock which looks so cool.


      All and all RTX Day one was a ton off fun. I bought cool stuff , I made new friends , I played awesome games and I got to see cool RWBY and Gen:Lock stuff which I'm always up for.

      When I find some more time I'll type all about Day 2 where I go to more panels and meet some cool people . But for right now I got some homework to finish .

      Thanks for reading.

    • RTX London

      1 year ago


      Heading to London tomorrow for RTX. I am so hyped I can't wait !!!


      Also I might have the most unlucky flight to London. I fly on Friday the 13th I depart at 13:00 and I sit in seat 13a. Its got my superstitious mom freaked out that's for sure.

      Ah well to all that are going as wel , I hope to see you there . To those of you who won't , I'll take pictures.


    • HYPE!!!!!!!!!

      1 year ago


      I can't fucking wait for this !!!!!!

    • RTX London and Some other things

      1 year ago


      Just a few more days and then I'll be flying to London for RTX. I'm so hyped for so many reasons.

      First being : omg I can finally go to a RTX , Second I'm meeting a friend I've known for the last 8 years or so trough Xbox in real life for the first time which is gonna be fun, Oh and also its my first time in London . I'm so hyped I saw that Nintendo and Arc system works are there too so you know I'm gonna be all over that Mario Odyssey and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. I can't wait!

      Also is anyone else who's reading this going? Let me know.


      Some other things I am hyped about was the big fight from yesterday. Which one you ask? The only one that matters. Limit Breaker Goku VS Jiren the Gray. And holy shit what an awesome fight it was . I think it might be one of my favorites in the Dragon Ball franchise. It has fantastic animation it feels epic and man I can't wait to see next weeks continuation of the Tournament of Power. It is for sure my favorite arc of Dragon Ball Super.


      Then on to what might become my anime of the Fall season. The first actual episode for The Ancient Magus' Bride just came out and it does not disappoint. I was already in love with the 4 part ova series but the first episode of this just solidified my love for it. Just look at this opening.

      Sidebar: Holy shit we are less then a month away from a new 3d Mario game. I want it so bad.


    • guess who else is getting a season 3

      1 year ago


      Tokyo Ghoul! they will be covering the Tokyo Ghoul:Re manga with this one.

      Which gives me one question. Do they just pretend Root A never happened? 

      Since a ton of shit that sets up parts of Re doesn't really happen or happens in the wrong places under different context in Root A.

      Or do they just try to figure it out. Guess we will know soon enough.

    • Tokyo Ghoul Re 143

      1 year ago


      So hold up. they set up the most epic fight since Kaneki vs Arima on one page and then flip to the next page and they just skipped all of it. You know its shit like this that makes me not like Tokyo Ghoul Re . Kind of wish it just ended at the final part 1 chapter.


    • Everybody get a season 3!!!!

      1 year ago


      everyone is getting season 3's and I am all about it

      You wan't Sword Art Online season 3. Here have it 

      + a spin off while we're at it.

      I'm kinda excited about this. I always liked the world of Sword Art/Accel World a lot even if I think the writing of the show is all over the place. And I never read passed Mother Rosario so this is all new material for me.

      But on too a more important season 3. Boku No Hero Academia is getting a season 3. Thank whoever I need to thank for this cause man I did not want to start reading the manga for this.

      Not to be down on the manga. But I think Bones does such a great job with the anime that I don't want to read ahead of it.

      And the for the most important Season 3 of all. Fucking fuck yes A Certain Magical Index is getting a season 3. I am all about this. I love  A Certain Scientific Railgun and anything that gets me to those characters and that world again I am so down for. (also by the comments this one guy made it looks like Railgun might get a season 3 as well. Plz).

    • My Pokemon Silver Adventure Part 4

      1 year ago


      On our way to Goldenrod City we encountered this little critter 043.pnghe's called Oddish and he likes poisoning people ,putting people to sleep and absorbing peoples life energy. Ain't he cute!

      Along the way we also fought this guy named Todd Snap. I was super star struck as I thought he was super star photographer Todd.


      Turns out photographer Todd Snap has brown hair . This Todd has black hair and keeps sending his shity instagram Photos to my PokeIPhone(gear) asking for likes for likes or some shit I don't know.

      Now here's the thing. You remember that egg that I wanted to eat at some point? well turns out it wasn't for eating.... I know right crazy talk what kind of messed up egg ain't for eating. Turns out the Pokemon kind cause this thing came out of the egg175.png. Well it almost did. It seems to be stuck inside the thing and I can't get it outa there. So I figured this can't be my problem I got battle's to fight. So I gave it to these old people along the way. They had a nice house so I'm sure it will be fine.

      As we put all that behind us we finally made it to Goldenrod City. After a short lunch we set out for the gym. It was time for the ultimate gym battle. 

      My memories of lives past still haunt me too this day. But here I was back again to face the mightiest trainer and Pokemon jotho has ever seen. I was about to face Whitney and her Miltank. 


      The fight was hard fought. Oddish poisoned the Beast to the point that it was one chip damage away from death. But I made a fatal mistake. I fed my Pokemon too many berry burgers at goldenrod’s local WcDonalds .


      They were too slow. And one by one they fell too that savage beast’s mighty rollouts.


      With our first lose we retreated to the pokemon center where we planned our training so we could fight another day. Mark my words Whitney.  I will defeat you!

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