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    • School Intro and Portable gaming

      1 year ago


      So I just had 3 days worth of introduction days at my new school and it was surprisingly fun.

      Normally I'm not really into these things at school since they tend to be half assed and make you do shit you don't really want to do (the usual teambuilding exercise bull). But this one was really well organized and had a Pokemon theme which even if people aren't in to it anymore still brings up some nostalgia for most. 

      I made a ton of new friends , learned directly from second year students what at least the first 2 years of my school life will look like and ended the 3 days with BBQ and bev's with all the other new students. All and all it was a good time.

      Something else I've learned in those 3 days is that traveling 3 hours every day with public transport is not as bad as people make it out to be. Well you know if you got a Switch and a phone filled with anime to watch. I watched like 12 episodes and a movie from Hanasaku Iroha (which if you like Slice of Life shows like I do is just fantastic) and I also finally watched Akira which was also fantastic.


      On the gaming front I've been making my way trough Mario + Rabbits. I'm on world 2-6 now so I think I'm probably like halfway trough the game since so far as I can see there's 4 worlds(don't tell me if there's more). And its so much fun. Its the first time I liked the Rabbits and its just the right amount of challenging with its gameplay .

      I'm gonna write more on it (probably a hole journal dedicated to it) when I'm done with it cause I think it right now is one of the must haves if you got a Switch.


      I also treated myself today by buying Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack on Switch which contains both Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 and 2 . I really loved the 1st game on 3ds but I never played the 2nd one so this will be great to play on my commute to school too.


      I'm excited to start actually doing schoolwork next week. And even though I know its gonna be hard, I will become sleep deprived , maybe even complain from time to time and have less time for the hobby's I enjoy it will be worth it in the end. 

      Here's to the upcoming school year whiskey , Lets see if I got what it takes to get trough it.

    • The last few days of my summer vacation + some anime news

      1 year ago


      So I got one more day left in my summer vacation. Wednesday I start the first of 3 introduction days and after that we go back into full school mode. I spend my last few summer days watching this anime called Hanasaku Iroha. Which is this fun slice of life following this girl who starts working at an inn. (I'm not done yet I'm about half way)

      And tomorrow (the final day of summer) I start playing the hottest new game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I'm really excited, the reviews seem to be positive and the Xcom style gameplay is right up my alley.


      In Anime news i got two things to look forward too aswell. First of Pokemon is getting a two episode arc where ash returns to Pallet Town and meets with his old companions Misty and Brock. Link here. I stopped watching after my brief return to the anime in the XYZ saga because I don't like this new art style they use in Sun&Moon. But this is gonna be so nostalgia I can't resist .

      Secondly Dragonball Super is getting a hour long episode that's gonna focus on a big fight in the tournament of power and a transformation that's been teased for a while now. And I can't wait to see it in action.

      But yeah my summer was great. I planned to do a bunch of other stuff then the stuff I did. But with my new hobby of Final Fantasy tcg I started at the beginning of the vacation and the 4 games I wanted to finish now that I had some time I feel like it was still pretty fantastic.

      Tomorrows the final day of rest before I gotta get up insanely early to get to school. So if you got some tips about getting yourself ready for school in 30 minutes at some ungodly time in the morning I would like to know. Oh and thanks for reading.


    • The Defenders

      2 years ago


      I've finished watching it. Its good I really liked the back and forth between the main defenders. The secondary characters where kinda just there for their defenders to talk too most of them don't do very much. Which I liked cause it would have taken to much of the focus away from the Defenders in its short 8 episode season.

      I really liked the villains in this too and their goings on. One of them is a little weird in the fact that I have no clue what his/her motivations where for everything (Trying not to spoil things). But all and all an other good Marvel show from Netflix.

      I rank the Netflix shows like this now

      1. Daredevil S1

      2. Daredevil S2

      3.Jessica Jones


      5.Iron Fist

      6.Luke Cage


      Also same day as Defenders came out Netflix dropped a trailer for the Punisher. 

      And It looks radd as hell.

    • Review makes me wanna buy this shirt

      2 years ago


      I was watching the kinda funny morning show and they brought up some interesting reviews on the Kev likes to party shirt. And to say the least I want this shirt now just look at these reviews.


      I mean this shirt just work miracles. Seems to bring some amazing luck. Time to get some cash buy this shirt and Kakegurui it up!


    • Portable gaming recomendations

      2 years ago


      School is starting up again for me in two weeks. The commute to and from school together will be 3 hours. So I'm gonna have that time to play some portable games I'm just not sure which ones besides the upcoming Mario+Rabbits , Mario Odyssey and Danganronpa V3.


      I thought since I now have give or take 15 hours to play in the week maybe you guys got some good recommendations for me. I would like the recommendations to be mainly for Switch and PS Vita games but if you got a 3ds/ds recommendations I'll bust out the old 3ds for it. (virtual console and psp/ps1 classics are also welcome).

      As for what I like to play. I like pretty much all genres. But the ones I really love are RPG's/JRPG's , Rhythm games and Action/Adventure games.

      So if you got any recommendations for games I can play on Switch/PS Vita/3DS please let me know. Cause god knows I am about to have a bunch of time to play em(please help).


    • Persona OST / gaming life

      2 years ago


      So I found a Twitch stream of the Persona Super Live 2017 P Bomb! which I of course downloaded cause you know that shit is gonna be gone do too copyright. And fuck its an awesome 3 hour concert. The songs are so dope live and there seems to be a little storyline trough the hole thing with characters from Persona 3/4/5 which I wish I could follow but no subs mean I can't. But man if you got the time and can find it (in case the version I link is gone) go watch it.


      On the gaming side of things I've been playing trough Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Man the Grinding in that game is insane. Every main missions recommended lvl is like 4 above mine and you get 14 characters that don't get exp if there not in battle. So the grinding goes from 4 lvls to 56 lvls if you wanna keep using everybody. Which you wanna try to keep using most your guys cause enemy's will do crazy damage if they don't one shot you. The story is rad though even if the voice acting is not that great. Darker then the Final Fantasy's I'm used to. But I like it so far.



      2 years ago


      Netflix just announced they got the streaming rights to Kyoto Animation's next anime Violet Evergarden.  I've been waiting for this thing ever since the first trailer dropped. 

      And now if I want to watch it legally I gotta wait probably till Fall 2018 judging by their resent distribution of Little Witch Academia. And their announced plans that Fate Apocrypha a show airing now in japan on Netflix week by week will get to everybody else's Netflix in November. Oh and of course the great move of Kakeguri a Anime also airing now in japan on Netflix will reach everybody else's  Netflix in 2018 WTF! 

      How can Cruchyroll have English subs 1 hour after it airs in Japan and Funimation do English dubs 2 weeks after the episode airs in Japan but Netflix needs half a year to get it all together ?

      AAGGHHH rant over guess Netflix is forcing me to act like its 2008 again and rely on fansubs.

      I just want you to do anime as good as your competition Netflix get it together .

    • The rhythm game gods have answered my calls

      2 years ago


      It looks like Danganronpa 3 won't be the last game to hit my Vita cause Atlus just announced 2 titles I can't wait to play.

      Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and  Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night will hit PS4 and PS Vita in the spring of 2018. Hopefully they will release around that time for us as well. But with it being Persona I assume we will have to wait 6 months again. They do publish under Deep Silver now here in the EU so at least I don't have to wait 6 extra months after the USA gets it. 

      I really loved Persona 4 Dancing All Night on Vita so I can't fucking wait for this. I do wonder when the story of Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night is set though. Cause for one the characters don't look older like in Arena Ultimax + there's the hole thing where the mc is a door now so you know .... doors can't dance. Its gonna be fun for those of us that like rhythm games and its gonna probably be not so fun for the haters of Persona spin offs. Either way I'm hyped.


      There was also a little something called Persona Q2 so if you got your 3ds (Not Switch why !!!!) you got something to look forward too.


    • Whats next

      2 years ago


      So I finished my 4 games I wanted to finish this summer. But I still got like 4 weeks left.

      So what should I play next. I got Gravity Rush 2 DLC , Until Dawn , Kingdom Hearts dream drop distance hd and Bayonetta at the top of my list of potential options. But I thought I ask some RT friends over here for some recommendations if you wanna push me to play one of the things listed above go and make a case for it down below. Also if you want to recommend another game please do. I got a ton of consoles and handhelds so as long as i can afford buying it I will look into playing it.


      The once I already got will of course have more chance of me playing it. But everything you guys can recommend I can keep in mind for when I'm looking for something in the future .

    • Gravity Rush 2 Finished. (Kind of?)

      2 years ago


      So with Nier done, Horizon done and Persona 5 done there was only one more of my summer games to wrap up. Gravity Rush 2. And I did!


      The game was more of the same Gravity Rush goodness that I love and I needed that. At first I was a little sad that it wasn't on my little gem the Ps Vita. But after Playing and seeing how much bigger in scope it is I was glad that they made the switch to PS4.  

      But honestly I just missed my lovable goofball Kat.


      I thought the ending was great and a good sendoff to all these characters I got to know and love over the 2 games. I still wanna go back and try to get the platinum trophy . Since i got the one for the remastered version and its doable so. Since the ending was such a good sendoff I kinda wish I made sure to get all the trophies before the last story trophies but I can't see the future.

      Now of course I forgot till like 20 minutes after finishing the game that it got free DLC where you get to play as best friend Raven. So it seems that there is a little more Gravity Rush in my future. And I'm A oke with that .


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