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      hey guys im right now playing ME2 im at the level where you go into the derilict collectors ship and im on the floating platforms im running the 60 round sniper the hand cannon the advanced avenger and the collectors beam heavy weapon and im on insane iv played this leave about 40 times any tips or hint on how i can survive this onslaught?

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    • ugh...

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      so school just started again today and to top that off i had to leave straight from school to go to work. as i go to get out of the parking lot i get backed in and am stuck there for twenty minutes so i ended up geting to work late and didnt even have time to get gas so i ended up having to walk to go get gas just so i could get home. today ended up great but oh welll i came home and got to work on my secret RvB project i should have it done in a few weeks and im sure its going to be quite a masterpiece ;)

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