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    • Lady_Abyss

      11 years ago

      Heya Caboose! long time no see.

    • halofan5009

      11 years ago

      hey i just wanted to drop by and say hey.
      anyways my halo story is out you can see it on my
      journal or message me and ill send it to you ok. bye

    • xeTzRvBClan

      12 years ago

      Hello. I am the =RvB= leader. I am here today to talk to you about the =RvB= clan. We are a Halo PC clan. We consist of 42 people at the moment and are rapidly growing day by day. We are an active clan. We do clan warz, macinimaz, practicez, and much more. Our main key iz loyalty and repesct to the leaderz and to other clan memberz. If you are interested contact us at anytime on this site.

      Thank you and have a nice day!!!

      =RvB=LEADER Agent -xeT-

    • Irondragon

      12 years ago

      2377ss.jpg check out my journal. Spread the word

    • dsman

      13 years ago

      cool profile

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