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      That is all.

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      Dear Fiat

      3 years ago

      Clearly you didn't realize, but JLo is a cunt that nobody likes. Great marketing strategy for your hideous car.

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      SML11 Pro League.

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      Division 1: Green Army, <3, Way To Fail, National Watermelon Association

      Division 2: Hot Bikini Guyz, Nasty Neighbors, New York Pineapples, Border Patrol

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      A conversation I have weekly

      4 years ago

      *Bleep bloop* XBL random requests to be your friend
      Me: Decline
      *Bleep bloop* XBL random sent you a message
      XBL random: (voice) Dude can you get it...can you try and making [sic] it so I can talk to Geoff? At least once...I don't know how you became friends with him unless you work there.
      Me: lolno
      XBL random: ok .ur lucky that your friends with him.hav you talked to him
      Me: Of course I have. He's my friend, isn't he?
      XBL random: you know any other people from roster teeths gamer tags
      Me: Yup
      XBL random: can you tell me 1 or 2 of them
      Me: Nope.
      XBL random: plz
      Me: Not happening. They don't like to be bothered.
      XBL random: plz what would i have to do for you to tell me
      Me: 20,000 Microsoft Points
      XBL random: (voice) You're a dick
      Me: Well now I'm really not going to tell you.
      XBL random: (voice) Fine, I'll find them on the internet!
      Me: Good luck. btw they ignore all XBL messages.

      This happens to me pretty much once a week. Whenever I sign on to XBL while Geoff's filming for AH I guess. One kid wanted me to completely walk him through how to submit maps for Achievement Horse. I directed him to, but he couldn't go to the site himself because his sister was using the computer at that moment. So instead of waiting for her to be done, it made much more sense to him to have me stop what I was doing and spoon feed him. *sigh*

      It should also be noted that all messages appear exactly as they do in my XBL inbox. The horrific grammar and spelling are his.

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      SML11 Elections/Discussion/Campaigning

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      With Spring League '11 winding down, it is time to apply for next season's Committee Heads. If you love Grifball, and want to do a little more, this is your chance.

      This season with have three positions open. Head of Events, Head of Rules and Head of Advertising. Please read carefully the position description and what will be asked of you. If you are unsure whether you will be able to commit, please do apply still but let me know in the application.

      Head of Events:
      The HoE is in charged of making a bi-weekly Grifball event, usually in the form of a Grifball Rush. There will be one HoEs to provide two 'official" Grifball events a month. On the off weeks, HoEs are allowed to run a non-grifball event they think might be fun for Grifballers.

      Ability to make threads a couple of weeks in advance for the event.
      The ability to run the event, set up teams, and maintain contact with participants when event is schedule.
      Must make a write up, that will be acceptable for front page news. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required.

      Head of Rules:
      The Law maker of the AGLA. They are to be proactive in making rules for new situations that come with Halo: Reach. Can be contacted about rule infractions. There will be a slight change to this position this season, however, and the official rules writeup will be due for the end of the season, and will be written for the next season. They will still have the ability to alter the rules of the current season too.
      Head of Rules will re-write/update the rules for Halo: Reach.
      Will have to give opinions on interpretation of rulings
      Make new rules for situations that have not yet been addressed.

      Head of Advertising:
      HoA will be in charge of spreading the disease of Grifball. Will find ways to get other sites to promote sign-ups and the league. They are here to ensure the league is being properly advertised. With a possible new ladder system, this would be a season-long job now, instead of just a few days.
      Will tweet, facebook, email sites, etc. about the league, league news, and sign-ups.
      Will promote the league in acceptable ways to expand the population of the league.

      To apply for positions, please send menz33 a RoosterTeeth message, in the subject line you should put the position(s) you are applying for.
      You should be a member of RoosterTeeth and have been in the league a minimum of one season.
      Applicants will need to provide their Gamertag, what positions they are applying for, and any ideas they have to add for the respective position they are applying for.
      Applications run from Sunday, May 22nd through Wednesday, May 25th at 11:59 Pm CST.
      Elections will be held from Wednesday till Sunday

      Catch the disease!

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      GBSML11 Ladder feedback/discussion

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      We're looking into possibly getting a ladder set up for the upcoming season. It would be similar to the below format, but some tweaks would absolutely be made. This is your chance to tell us why we should/should not use a ladder and what we'd need to fix to make it work as best as possible. Many of my side notes below, especially in the "Site Changes/Needs" section, are for RT's sake, so don't read too much into them.

      -2 Month Open ladder followed by a 1 Month 16 team tournament.
      -During the tournament the Ladder would remain open for teams that do not qualify.
      -After each season, everyone would be reset back to 0 wins and 0 EXP for the next season. Except for the 8 "Pro" teams (determined after the first full ladder season?), who would start at 1800 EXP (Level 10).
      -Neutral Host games would be optional for ladder play but required for the tournament. The 3 individuals who act as NH for the most games in any given season can choose something from the RT store as a "thank you"?
      -The top 12 teams at the end of the ladder season make playoffs, plus the 4 highest ranked teams not already in playoffs in certain categories (best win % [minimum 20? games played], most NH games won, most wins vs. higher ranked teams, etc)

      -Max roster size of 6
      -Team changing allowed, but players must wait 2 days before playing once they join a team.
      -No team changing during Tournament play.
      -Players would have perks for being on the "Pro" teams. (Need some ideas for that). There will be a 1 week period after each tournament for Pro Captains to change their rosters. Otherwise they will be locked.

      Challenge setup:
      -You can be matched against or challenge any team within 7 ranks of you (based on the EXP system)
      -Point breakdown included in another document

      -First register on, then sign up on using RT info.
      -1 week wait period to join a team after registering. (Too long? I see pros and cons of shortening)

      Site Changes/Needs:
      -Challenge section that allows teams to challenge any other team, and accept challenges from other teams, and the match be automatically created.
      -A "matchmaking" section, where teams post that they are looking for a game (team name, EXP, and stats are NOT shown until the match is accepted) for any team to accept.
      -Refresh the stats page to show kills, deaths, betrayals, k/d spread, scores and bomb stops. We would get rid of the %s.
      -Free agents page so that people can know who is actively looking for a team.
      -System where once a new season is created, teams can simply click and join it (a button to open and close the season would be fantastic so we could close the old seasons)
      -People's pages would also need to show when they joined the site and when they joined a team as well as when a team joined a season. We would also need to have a page to keep track of every team a user is on, as well as a page to see every user that has been on a team.

      A team's base EXP per win is 100. Base percentage for a loss is 25% of that. Your team's level and your opponent's level will alter that, however.

      For a win against a lower-ranked opponent, your team (Team A) earns 10% less EXP per level above your opponent (Team B). The amount of EXP Team B loses is then calculated based on the adjusted EXP gained by Team A, always staying at 25% (rounded up to the next whole integer).

      For a loss against a lower-ranked opponent, your team (Team A) loses an extra 12.5% (always rounded up to the next whole integer) EXP per level above your opponent (Team B). The amount of EXP Team B wins is also an extra 12.5% per level below Team A. Team B's EXP is calculated first, then Team A's.

      Teams also receive and extra 10 EXP for a win and lose 5 EXP less for a loss in Neutral Host games.

      EXP Scales (Opponent at level 1)

      Team A level 1 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 100 EXP. Team B loses 25 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 25 EXP. Team B wins 100 EXP.

      Team A level 2 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 90 EXP. Team B loses 23 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 43 EXP. Team B wins 113 EXP.

      Team A level 3 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 80 EXP. Team B loses 20 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 63 EXP. Team B wins 125 EXP.

      Team A level 4 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 70 EXP. Team B loses 18 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 87 EXP. Team B wins 138 EXP.

      Team A level 5 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 60 EXP. Team B loses 15 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 113 EXP. Team B wins 150 EXP.

      Team A level 6 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 50 EXP. Team B loses 13 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 143 EXP. Team B wins 163 EXP.

      Team A level 7 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 40 EXP. Team B loses 10 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 175 EXP. Team B wins 175 EXP.

      Team A level 8 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 30 EXP. Team B loses 8 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 213 EXP. Team B wins 188 EXP.

      Team A level 9 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 20 EXP. Team B loses 5 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 250 EXP. Team B wins 200 EXP.

      Team A level 10 - Team B level 1
      Team A wins. They gain 10 EXP. Team B loses 3 EXP.
      Team A loses. They lose 294 EXP. Team B wins 213 EXP.

      And so on and so forth.

      EXP requirement per level

      Level 2 - 100
      Level 3 - 225
      Level 4 - 375
      Level 5 - 550
      Level 6 - 750
      Level 7 - 975
      Level 8 - 1225
      Level 9 - 1500
      Level 10 - 1800
      Level 11 - 2125
      Level 12 - 2475
      Level 13 - 2850
      Level 14 - 3250
      Level 15 - 3675
      Level 16 - 4125
      Level 17 - 4600
      Level 18 - 5100

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      I take it back

      4 years ago

      The tornadoes (one of them, anyway) were a lot closer to me than I thought. Like, a super lot. The little red dot is work (where I was at the time), and the purple dot is where I live (about 2 miles as the crow flies.)


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      Stormity storm

      4 years ago

      Yes, I live in Raleigh and yes there were tornadoes here today. I escaped unharmed, they were a few miles south of me. Downtown's pretty fucked up though. The biggest problem I had was massive flooding. I saw cars about get carried away in 3+ foot deep "rivers" that were created in flash floods.

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      I fucking love my job

      4 years ago

      I just ate a burger off our menu, called the "Blue Devil". 10 oz beef patty, cajun spice, habanero cheddar (it's usually buttermilk blue cheese, but I subbed it), fried jalepenos, and pepper bacon.

      I'm going to get so fat eating shit like that every day. It will be so worth it.

      It looked fairly similar to this:


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      FAQ, Important Threads, and Help Desk

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      Jump to Important Threads Listing

      Jump links for FAQ:

      General Questions



      Disputes and Highlights


      - General Questions -

      What is Grifball?

      Please refer to the How To Play Section

      I noticed most of the information is for the US League, is there a place for European or Oceanic players and where can I find information on those places?

      Yes, for anyone from the Europe or Africa go here. For those from Asia, Australia and Antartica, go here.

      What Is Needed to Play?

      Microsoft Xbox 360 console, a Microsoft Live Gold subscription, Halo: Reach and the Grifball Gametype and Map Variant

      Where Do I Get The Grifball Gametype and Map?

      The official AGLA map can be found here and the official gametype, Grifball Dash can be found here.

      How Do You Play?

      Grifball is a 4v4 game that takes place on a rectangular court. On each end is the team&#146;s plant point that they must defend. A single bomb spawns at the center of the court. Both teams fight to work it to the opponent&#146;s plant point. Only weapons allowed are the primary Gravity Hammer and secondary Energy Sword, both with infinite ammo. The player carrying the bomb has the advantage of increased speed and defenses. When the bomb touches a plant point, it registers for an immediate explosion and score. For a detailed list of the rules on how to play, click here

      Who is on the Grifball Staff?

      The Creator: Burnie Burns

      American League Grifball Administrators: Green Team Tex, TheOneHawk, and MenZ.
      UK Administrators:LiamTeague and Scarey XD

      Oceanic Administrator: MajScav3nger

      Is There a Website? provides the most up-to-date rules and news for the Grifball Community along with a massive set of features for Grifball League teams and players.

      Where Can I Find Random Pick Up Games?

      When the Matchmaking Playlist is not available, you can make use of the Grifball Pick Up Games thread to find players arranging matches with random Community members.

      Also, there is a permanent playlist that is in Halo: Reach community matchmaking, that contains 5 different maps, and 2 different Griball gametypes.

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      In reply to menz33:

      This guy who is the captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team that I'm on sounds just like you. Same person, imo.

    • SpudHead


      3 years ago

      One of the co-captains of my Ultimate Club is the same person as you.

      Obviously, the whole life you've been telling us for the last 3-4 years is a lie.

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      3 years ago

      Hey man long time no talk. This is going to sound super random but did SI ever have a member by the name of Brandon that now goes to Occidental?

    • MajorSilva


      4 years ago


      But yeah I really don't have a lot of time for that kind of stuff these days, which judging by the hours of work an admin requires I probably wouldn't be a good candidate for that either anymore. Sry.

    • BuckeyeDon

      BuckeyeDon Crackpottist

      4 years ago

      I am certain it isn't either, but he's publicly stated that he is not responsible, so I have to let it drop publicly.

      Try Brandon. I believe that he is the go between for basic site issues.

    • BuckeyeDon

      BuckeyeDon Crackpottist

      4 years ago

      "If only he'd reply to the PMs I sent him weeks ago about grifball."

      I've addressed RT abandoning G-Ball issue with Ben publicly recently (just before the G-Ball skin was taken away) and he claims it isn't his call.

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    • Sent2Destroy


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      Yeah you out BR'd me. I'll send you the list of gamertags along with what number I give them and have neo tell you what number he picked.

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      It's because i'm always signed in on my iPod, which was on standby, and yeah I've banned him deleted the other thread.