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    • menzraya

      Long Time No See

      9 years ago

      Hi everyone,

      I'm finally back on here, no i haven't disappeared off the face of the planet lol!!

      For thoe of you who know i ma model, well thats been taking up lots of my time, I have been doing lots of photoshoots recently and its been great, I have loved everyone of them. I also thought i would go for a change so i dyed my hair a mahogny colur kind of reddish colour.

      I thought i would hsare wth you all a sleection of my favourite new model pics, then you cna see what i get upto on my shoots, and all the fun it is.

      Well i must say its good to be back and check out whats going on around here, i must try to keep up and get on here more often, as well as update my model site.

      Love menzraya

    • menzraya

      Body Art

      9 years ago

      Well it's the christmas brek form uni, and i'm pleased its here...its been so busy and crazy lately I haven't stoppd working and haven't been around much.

      Just thought I would update you all on my latest projects...if you're interetsed that

      Im still doing my modelling and site has recently been updated for my photo gallery, so if you would like to check it out, the address is:, no i've not linkd it again. Got another shoot on monday which is quite exciting.

      I am also involved in doing a unsigned U.K. bnd review site,where we do live reviews, CD and Demo reviews and stuf f like that. We will be holding competitions, have our own merchandise and may even do a magazine for bands.

      For those of you who have got to know me on here you wil lknow that although i'm crap at art I like I have three tattoos, well I have been down to my local tattoo studio...these guys are the best, and have been talking to them about another tattoo. This really would have to be my last one, but i'm quite excited because the design looks great, it is a desing with two revolvers and their barrels crossing so the revolver are vertical and the barrels cross at the top.....such a cool desing, i'm thinkign of having it shades of grey.

      However thats not all i went in for, i decided that actually piercings are a nice form of body art too, and so off i went to have my pirecings, and so far other than my belly button (navel) piercing i have three other piercings with a view to get at least one more. I think you should feel comfortable with your body and it is oyurs to do a syou wish with....within reason i guess.

      I say this, kind of a motto or whatever:

      " The body is a plain canvas, there todesign as you wish, it to be designed".

      Love Menzraya smiley9.gif

    • menzraya


      9 years ago

      hey guysand girls, I know haven't posted a while, so I am making time to post now.

      It's been really hectic the [past couple oof weeks what with gettign back to uni and making my web site...althougth the website is what my post is about, for those of you that read my journals lots...thankyou and love you all, you will know that I am strating to get into modelling.

      I have built my own website up, and althought it needs quite a bit doing to it, its up to view, whic his cool becaus Its bringing me business...yey!!, in fact I have two photo shoots this week, you can read about them on my site. I'm quite excited in a way because I wil lbe working with a new photographer, doing different styles so i guess its all a bit like...ooh this is!

      I would be really grateful if my friends and others if you wish could stop by my site and, view the small selection of pictures up there, feel frre to leave rating and comemnts....though please bear in mind when doing this, although nice, encouraging comments and suggestions are welcome, and also ratings of favourite pictures and stuff, it is a site which is there for other models and photogrpahers to view, and it is thre to show what work I do, and get me business, so please be professiona li gues when posting.

      Comments such as whether you like the pose, or my eyes and comemnts on lighting or syaoing that i look good or whatever are acceptable but please dont put too much sexual innuendo on there it is a professional site. Anything riskque please post ina pm here or comemnt here thanx for you support guys its really appreciated.

      click the link below to see my site, and just in case you are wonderign why it says Lush Elle, this is my model alias, so when doing modellign assignments in lush elle...please don't put menzraya on there it will cause confusion.


      love menzraya xx smiley0.gif

    • menzraya


      9 years ago

      Okay to celebrate the fact i will now be on much more often, I am doing a little competition so enjoy> Here goes it is open to everyone, all you have to do is post a good journal or picture before 10 on monday morning british time and i will give out 5 mod then i will set put the rules below:

      1. You must personal message me to let me know about the cool picture or journal comment whatever
      2. My decision is argument will be entered into

      okay there you go ...its aas easy as that ...go for it

      love menzraya xx

      p.s. Whats funny or cool is your opinion, for example it could be a really cool design fora tattoo, or a sketch you have drawn or a comedy sketch you have written...whatever.
      I have also extended the time you have until monday

    • menzraya


      9 years ago

      Hmm...this is really wierd but cool, I logged onto RvB today to find that I have access to emoticons, mod history, friends journals and other stats, which you normally get if you are a sponser. I didn't have this yesterday, is it because I am at a specific karma level or something.....meh im confused.

      However it sure is groovy smiley0.gifsmiley9.gif . On the subject of karma oooh yey....I have level 32 and 3/4 so i just need a few more and i will be at 33...awesome.

      love menzraya xx smiley12.gif

    • menzraya

      Gig Night

      9 years ago

      OOOh i had such a great night monday night, me and a group of my friends went to the menzraya gig lol...and oh its was funny...i wa talking to Kev and Ben, Ben is the band's photographer and i know him he's cool. Well because I felt ike doing somhting outrageous as always i went wearing a basque and some photos done and playfully poledanced down Ben...never done it before but it was great fun.

      The night was greatand the guys played well, ooh it was such a fab night and then today i went to see Ben he's such a nice guy and he is doing a photo shoot for excited yey, its all cool.

      l will post the pic he took of me on the gig night, becaus ehe did effects to it its wicked.

      love menzraya xx

    • menzraya


      9 years ago

      I have been watching the news recently and I had heard about the terrible floods in New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina......I would like to say that I am very sorry to hear about the devestation and my heart goes out to those who have lost their homes and worse still their loved ones.

      i would just like to point out that I personally think that countries around the world partiularly europe who are developed countries should all raise some money and help to provide aid for those who are in this terrible situation.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you

      love menzraya xx

    • menzraya

      The final countdown

      9 years ago

      We're leaving together
      But still it's farewell
      And maybe we'll come back
      To earth, who can tell
      I guess there is no one to blame
      We're leaving ground (leaving ground)
      Will things ever be the same again
      It's the final countdown...
      The final countdown
      Ooh oh

      We're heading for Venus (Venus)
      And still we stand tall
      Cause maybe they've seen us
      And welcome us all (yeah)
      With so many light years to go
      And things to be found (to be found)
      I'm sure that we'll all miss her so
      It's the final countdown...
      The final countdown
      The final countdown (the final countdown)
      Ooh ooh oh


      The final countdown
      Ooh oh
      I'ts the final countdown
      The final countdown
      The final countdown (the final countdown)
      It's the final countdown
      We are leaving together
      The final countdown

      Okay that Song is just so cool, my old boss and friend Dave used to play it every saturday at five minutes to five, just before we finished work for the day...well i guess that song playing loud was more entertaining than a load of us being miserable ina call centre. So Dave you have that song in my head now...dammit!!!.

      Although there is a reason for that song being in my journal and that is, it is the final countdown to the end of my exams this year....yey, this makes me very happy, I have just one exam to go next week and then im off to see my friends play another gig.....Rock on Menz you guys, your great.

      So heres to the final countdown to the end of my exams!!! *raises a bottle of JD*

      Secondly today is great lots of the guys from univeristy arenow coming back up ready to start year 2, so this means party time...and you know parties are always good, particularly if the jd is flowing.

      If anyone is in Nottingham on tuesday coem along to the southbank bar and see Menz Raya play...oooh i think they are giving out free CD's...hehe, i'll be the first to get one.

      love menzraya xx

    • menzraya


      9 years ago

      Oh my god...I hate exams...its the worst thign ever...coursework is a better option. Anyway by the title of this journal and the line I wrote previous i'm sure you've realised that I am doing exams...oh yes, all because I was il lso now I have to do the damm things now....dammit.

      Today was Classical Physics exam it was three hours long, an evil bitch of an exam paper....i somehow am not too confident about that exam but oh well, and to make things worse its really hot so to sit for three hpours under preesure it a hot sticky room is not godd, and it doesn't styop there....oh no!! back to the revision for tommorow exam on Quantum physics and itsanother bloddy three hour thing....why oh why. This is so not fair, although at least Quantum physics is more interesting.

      So aside from revision I have been doign absolutly nothing this week, though after tommorows exam i can relax a least until next week so im thinking of going to the cinema to watch the Dukes of Hazzard.

      Err where did all my usual mates go...haven't seen you in a while...come and say hello

      love menzraya xx

    • menzraya

      Im back

      10 years ago

      Well hi there guys and girls....sorry I haven't been here in a while but because I was really ill then I couldn't do my exams at uni and so I am havign to do them next week....arrrghhh!!!! and have been so busy revising I haven't been on here much, but the good news is i am here and back and I will be here more often :-D.

      I have also posted a new image in my gallery...i am hoping to put a few others up soon, I am just in the middle of sorting throught them this photos was taken of me last night where I did a party for a friend and she asked me to model so I obliged.....i always do If you find images offensive then please do not enter my image gallery they are not overtly explicit but I have noticed that soem people on the site do have aproblem so if you don't like it don't lokk and if you know me then well guys here's a new one...itsf unny.

      love menzraya xx

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    • CoffeeNut78


      8 years ago

      knock knock..... anyone home? sheesh you run off n join the circus or something?

    • wookiejoe


      9 years ago

      u like great music!

    • punky_babe89


      9 years ago

      you seem awesome... mind if we chat sometime? later cutie smiley9.gif

    • GameRebel06


      9 years ago

      megadeth not megadeath

    • Ryko


      9 years ago

      finally! good to see someone who likes NeverWinter Nights... (The best RPG ever=)

      very impressive pics.

    • agent_z


      9 years ago

      hey merry christmas, where abouts in nottingham are you?

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      9 years ago

      smiley0.gif Merry Christmas friend! smiley0.gif

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      9 years ago

      Hello again!

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      9 years ago

      merry xmas and whatever else in this pic applys to you and yours durring the holiday season



      9 years ago

      Happy Thanksgiving!
      I am greatful to have been blessed enough to know you.

      God bless, and have a wonderful day!