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      A new RWBY Discord server with a fresh roleplay storyline! Will you become a student in Sininen or Akai Academy? Fight Grimm and bandits as the fierce military Hexiron? Or will you be a rebel who wants to destroy Remnant, and join The Violetti? 

      The choice is yours in RWBY: The Three Kingdoms.

      We allow you to make original characters, and create your own story. Roleplay how you want, when you want. No need to wait for RP sessions like other RWBY servers. Just grab your friends and start battling the Grimm, or prepare for that combat test the teachers gave you. 

      We also have *many* fun channels for those who don't like to roleplay. Including a meme channel, pun channel, comedy war, amazing bots, and Contests; where every few weeks we have Giveaways and Contests. We give away free Steam Codes! We've given away ARMA: Gold Edition, Just Cause, Half Life 2, Stranded Deep, and many more!

      We're looking for admins, mods, RP writers, and of course, active chatters! Hurry up, because the spots are filling up fast.

      Looking to become a partner? Message SyndicateMadness#0278

      heres the invite:

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    • Torchwick

      2 years ago


      Yeah, by the way, Roman and Neo aren't dead. Yeah, so it turns out Neo floated down safely, and because Roman was eaten by a beast with no teeth, he just kinda sat in its stomach. Yes, most of you will say, "But the ship exploded! He couldn't live that!" well pal, that giant Grimm cushioned the blast ;)

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    • metallicmakarov

      2 years ago

      Yo dudes, join this awesome Discord Server about Red vs blue! 60+ members!

    • metallicmakarov

      2 years ago

      Sup Y'all.

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