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    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Here's some rwby character interactions from the fighting game. I'd link the story cutscenes but its kinda nothing...you'll see what I mean. I'll put it in there but you don't need to watch all of it. Who knows maybe you'll find use for these in a future video.


      Blake <this might have the worst voice acting IMO. I can't quite put my finger on it.



      Episode RWBY <Suggestion 1.25 or 1.5 speed. 

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      Just learned about rwby chibi season 3. Something you can wash your eyes out of Season 5

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      can't wait for you guys to commentate over that mech rt animated show

    • ARX7

      2 years ago

      Big fan of your analysis videos, saw something on youtube you might find interesting. 

      So Vic basically explains how he got his role and Miles and Kerry's 'direction." So basically he's given absolutely no context for his lines, background for his character and has to basically guess at the kind of line delivery they want. Mad props for being as good as he is in the show under those circumstances.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      How do you feel about these world of remnant in between episodes? 

      • mikeyfell

        2 years ago


        It's mostly that I wish they had some relevance to the story, but that hasn't been true yet

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        I feel like I could of used this info during classroom scenes if this was season 1 rwby.

    • Knightofbalance

      2 years ago


      So huh, how does it feel knowing that a RWBY hater, one whom I've fought with and is guilty of the same sin of attacking writers for the sake of attacking them, pieces together shit that isn't there and nitpicks like hell (AKA your target audience) and also hates my guts sides with me?

      • mikeyfell

        2 years ago

        Oh, my goodness, You and Chirstopher Webster are besties? 

        That guy hates me because I told him off in the comments of one of my RVB 13 posts. 

        He got so frazzled when I showed him screenshots of what I was talking about he edited his comments to make it sound like he was talking about a completely different scene

        I love that your attempt to make me feel bad was to link me to a post that called me good, and asked if anyone was better than me or Kalack.

        That's pretty special. 


      • Knightofbalance

        2 years ago

        Apparently you can't read.

        HE. HATES. ME!

        Honestly I couldn't give two shits about the guy. And that sounds like some bullshit he would do. And honestly, he's no better than you. He attacks the writers too (Hell, he attacked Monty, a dead man), piece shit together that isn't there and makes up flaws in the show. AKA the exact same thing you do in your reviews. And yet, he hates your reviews. A guy who jacks off to the thought of RWBY being cancelled and he hates your reviews. And in the comments below that one, he goes on to convince your "fan" otherwise. So yeah, it's more of a monument to how truly bad of a reviewer you really are: so bad that even the niche you appeal to rejects you. Even the people your reviews specifically pander to hate them.

        And note what the journal says: entertaining. Not good, not decent, not informative, not even bare bones right. Just entertaining. SO to recap, you are only entertaining but are so in the most basic of ways, you abandoned any hope of actually being good to pander to your lowest common denominator, you are full of holes and just get worse with time. 

        You're the SAO of reviewing.

      • mikeyfell

        2 years ago

        Hating you doesn't make him special. 

        Hell hating me doesn't make him special.

        Also I'm pretty sure you linked the wrong URL because none of that stuff in the second paragraph is reflected in the link you did post.

        But then again when have you ever said anything supportable by evidence.

        Go back to the comments of my video the notifications don't work properly on this site 

      • Knightofbalance

        2 years ago



        All it takes is a minute of searching. He tried saying That RT was ripping off the comic writers and when I proved him wrong, he blocked me.

        And you say I don't prove myself. That's ironic.

    • thesupreme1

      2 years ago

      lol, fan artists can be great sometimes. 





    • TheRealAChan FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Are you going to factor videos like these

      in your V4 review?

      • mikeyfell

        2 years ago

        No, I mean Ruby's poofy elbow thing clipping doesn't have anything to do with the story.

        I did notice that she set her interpolation curves to linear which could explain why V4 looks so crappy, but my videos are primarily about the writing and I only talk about animation errors when they're funny.

        Trying to talk about how well RWBY follows the principles of animation isn't my area of expertise and going through every frame making sure the elbows aren't clipping would be silly

    • Z_Mikado

      2 years ago

      If you would still like to fall back on the universality of subjectivity as a naive argument against any sort of criticism after that, I cannot imagine a more illustrative example of what I have just said.

      • mikeyfell

        2 years ago

        What do you mean by "Still" 

        facts aren't subjective and pointing out a fact is not subjective

        You are the one saying the things in my review are subjective and I said you were wrong and retarded and now I'm suddenly the one on the side of universal subjectivity?

        Suck my dick until it falls off then fuck yourself with it

      • Z_Mikado

        2 years ago

        Pointing out a fact isn't subjective? You really need to take an epistemological, not to mention linguistic, lesson within the last three centuries, as that's the saddest thing I've heard all fucking month. And not only is it outdated and childish, but it directly contradicts your own "any measurement of quality is inherently subjective", which was the only staple you had in your last response aside from making exaggerated straw men out of what I said in an effort to fit your narrative. So by being the container of objective facts, the implication must then be you're the arbiter of objectivity. If that's the case, you must have noticed that what you're pointing out is an infinite retrograde that rests upon your own gratification and whimsy.

        Facts are objective; our means of qualifying them and communicating them are not. This should be fucking obvious. At best we have an approximate value of what "reality" truly is, because we're tied to  elucidating it via language and thought structure, i.e. common meanings and conceptions, which we then base our measurements off of. You apparently hold the view that you live in a vacuum and inherited a perfect and self-invented language where all the meanings and ideas and beliefs of yours are self-evident with no possibility of arbitrary value (afterall, you delegated the whole of subjectivity to emotion), and so are the judge that determines them for others (or is it rather people who give you criticism?) at your own convenience. In the space of ideas that from the start allow us to form the very ideas of what subjectivity and objectivity are, everything is potentially subjective and objective and everything rests in a web of references; that's what meaning structure is and that's what the arbitrariness of a sign is. That's not a pure and easy naturalism of thought, as the whole of intellectual conflict and "progress" will show you. I find it ridiculous I have to give a basic fucking lesson in the last century of thought to someone who reviews web cartoons and thinks he can give a pure assessment of them. That's not what a reviewer or an entertainment analyst is, and thank fucking christ you aren't a fucking scientist.

        My point is that you identify yourself as a reviewer yet have insisted upon the same ground of "Fuck this show", to such a wide berth over such a period of time that it can't help but rely back on its own repetitions and ideology of milking its own set-in-stone position; that is not solely objectivity, nor is it solely subjectivity. When you judge something, you refer it back to whatever model you feel it would be more ideal as by criticizing it's own system of logic consistency or supposed lack thereof. That obviously does not make your account more justified than it, as you know, but when you universalize your standpoint to cover all details in the show to make them easy offenders, who knows whether you believe you're being a tongue-in-cheek entertainer or serious reviewer. You either offend one side or the other. Maybe consider at least that much.

        But hey, someone who does meme-laden Let's Play podcasts six years too late and who can't realize the intellectual dishonesty that is personified in opening up a Patreon at 1k YouTube subs. How is that for being a real reviewer who actually respects his craft, you delusional douche. Oh, but you're influenced by RLM and YouTuber "reviewers" to the point where you imitate them in your 20's, why would I expect you to have any such quantity of self-awareness or quality control. 

        Figured I had to get extraneously nasty like you, because that has actual substance that spurs discussion, right?

      • Z_Mikado

        2 years ago

        I'll cap everything off; 

        When you review art, what you (the royal you) say isn't an absolutely valid judgment. It's not purely rooted in truth. You must know that, right? Because so far you've revealed here that you believe otherwise, and in all likelihood that's the root of your own bullshit.

        Not only is what you do polemic rather than "analysis" by getting caught up in your own shtick/niche, but by your own measure of what you do which you've said here, you seem so confused as to think any criticism of something else that reveals supposed "issues" is entirely truthful and not at all based in differences of taste or belief or opinion. That's pure delusion fit for an ideologue and you're trapped in it 95%. And you're trapped as a result of trying to milk imaginary issues of taste while still convincing yourself it's actually valid and coherent and "objective" criticism.

        And if it breeds the same shit in you by being so self-satisfied, I think the only way to actually become somewhat self-aware is to at least acknowledge that much. Or do you really believe you're doing something new? Fucking podcasts where you repeat the same shit? Reaction videos? Surely even you know that's pathetic and overdone.

        By making your current conception your resting point you're not so much a honest reviewer as someone infatuated with some imaginary ideal of what the occupation actually entails, chances are from watching people you like who are closer to what actual reviewers are. Fucking sad if you think that's impressive, dude. It's a relative model/springboard (which you forgot the own relativity of) that tends to confuse its entertaining side with its attempt to make an actual assessment side. And the two don't compensate each other. Something you also seem to forget.

        Blanket opinion here but anyone not in their fucking teens who just wants to say "Yeah, fuck RT (while I still watch them)!" can tell you that your "issues" being objective and all that is a juvenile deformation of what art criticism is in its very essence. Talk about self-involved. To act content with that makes you far less dynamic than the actual people and content you criticize, as repeating yourself from the same position over a period of years will readily illustrate. That level of laziness and ignorance of self winds up as an expression of you insisting on your own subjective issues rather than telling any sort of truth outside of yourself. I recommending reading a fucking book for a change.

        And since your mislead definition of subjectivity is just simply "emotion", do you or do you not thinkthat your being wrapped up in the same standpoint for so long isn't self-gratifying to a gross degree that only strives to maintain itself rather than grow? Bit of chasing your tail and unable to move on to newer prospects? Different video formats of the same shit isn't growth, my friend, as you must be aware of since you've even resorted to bringing your friends into your videos who don't add any contrasting opinions. Sad. Take some time off and expand your palette instead of shitting out the same low quality garbage for a few measly bucks. That's lazy and ignorant, to boot, and it's not gotten you very far. But hey, another dick joke completely lacking in wit will really compensate for your incapacity to contend reason, as you've already shown.

      • amathematicaltabulation

        2 years ago

        Alright.. mikey I was here in ur older journals a long while ago on my older rt account before i lost the fucking thing.. and i gotta do some justice to say that.. mikey you have not been able to logically approach or even understand any legit criticism you get here or elsewhere.. which i guess is why u not being able to make a decent response or discussion here. when i see you making the same shit its just like cmon dude.. it was cool at first i guess since i didnt have a place to talk about roosterteeth the way i wanted to but you're so fucking repetitive.. and would put out journals that were so sloppily written and you would only reply to people who said what u wanted to hear. when people did actually have genuine criticism of you u would ignore them. your vids reek of desperation now more than ever while being disorganized and sloppy and its fucking sad but really thats what you get when you cant grow because ur this full of urself. if u cant handle opposition to the point where u actually think what mikado is saying or what anyone says against you has absolutely no merit because of what you call subjectivity.. just ugh dude. thats using something you defined incorrectly as a crutch and its just not a good defense.. and fuck dude instead of even being defensive and hostile by not listening u should realize the truth in what mikado is saying because its pretty fucking clear and obvious. if u think being a fan of rt at least gives you a more attentive edge to what u say and pick up from them then take it in the same sense from me to u. mikey your replies here and in the questions are sad and show why people who tried talking to you in your older journals have left.i was there dude. but like what you said was so ridiculous that the insult you said afterward almost felt ironic. i gotta just say.. grow up man. the few fans u have wont be able to tell you or even recognize that much, but if that fact is cool with you then u need all the pity u can get

        mikado theres no use roasting him when you destroyed him more than once.. kinda like hes already been in the comment sections of his videos over and over. 500k + views on a video yet hes still barely breaking 2k subs.. wish mikey could take a hint lol..

      • insertusernamehere23

        2 years ago

        I typed a lot of shit here so uh.. don't read it if you don't want to I guess, but I haven't ever heard these points made in your youtube comments or in your journals so I thought it would be worthwhile.

        the lightning thing was.. I mean fatman I don't want this to sound like I'm only trying to make your opinion seem absurd but it's quickly on the road to being akin to counting all the a's or e's in a book to justify whether you think the book itself is bad or not.. thinking something so abstract and torn away from the experience of what you're watching is not only legitimate but objective almost makes me think you're on the spectrum, man. There is no easy rule to abide by when you're not only reviewing something, but comparing fiction with what you believe to be common experience and expectations and motifs. I write for my college paper doing that kind of thing so I know it's hard to make seem interesting or illuminating a lot of times.

        the side issue that left a pretty bad taste about fatman's stance here and in the journals was.. well look, subjectivity is self-consciousness at its core, right? so, you gotta see how your own beliefs and opinions are like a bubble within a larger social bubble and so they aren't completely your own. it makes a double-sided relativity of how the 'I' and the 'we' think and overlap each other. What can be called objectiive is still within its the arbitrary models of its dual subjectivity. I think instead of recognizing that here uh. well, 1) what you've said here fatman makes you come across like you believe any two correlative thoughts (all thoughts are correlative) always constitute an objective point, and 2) you lack the basic self-awareness of what your stance is and that in turn removes you from anything to the contrary.. You may say this is just an opinion, but it's coming from another person, so yes it is, and the truth/falsity of it isn't pointless unless there wasn't a certain common understanding/thought between us that can help us realize what we're saying.. When you do rarely agree with something in RWBY it's usually some arbitrary detail of taste that you don't really go into.. like you're just saying it to give the impression of legitimacy before you quickly move on from it.. fatman, you may disagree with this or say it's merely my opinion, that's fine, but if that stops you from reflecting on the potential 'reality' of that, then you're indeed closed off..

        I know the second point sounds unfair, but fatman you said something in the beginning of your 2nd RWBY volume review that really stuck with me for a while (I'm on youtube and don't really go on this shitty site much to discuss this stuff). It was about how the Mr. Plinkett voice you did in the 1st volume review was because you felt RWBY was such a shitshow and not worth your time and all of that.. and that just struck me like.. do you really believe anyone buys that?.. You copied another's guy's persona because you're clearly a big fan of his and it was only after you got shit from it in the comments did you have to make up a post hoc justification in the 2nd volume. It was an obvious attempt to make an easy way out on either end..

        I mean the Mr. Plinkett persona is great, no shit about that.. in its very essence its mocking himself, what hes reviewing, the fact that he is reviewing it, and that's all before he even begins to make a point. And after that it's doubled because of how someone who sounds like a basement dweller is actually making relatable points. It basically does the work for itself. But hijacking that angle then blatantly making up an excuse on why you hijacked it shows, in a larger way, that you give a shit more about this little pocket, or as mikado said, this niche, more than doing real reviews without an agenda behind them. and lets be honest, the cliche of the internet blogger doing reviews is divorced from what were proclaimed, and not self-proclaimed, actual reviewers of the past, so the legitimacy thing, from a self-proclaimed or self-styled review is.. in essence, pretty far askance from your point of being objective..

        disclaimer. I dislike RWBY and most of what RT does as I have a hunch these guys probably do too. but that doesn't mean i should stop and not point some shit out when i think their reasonings are flawed and a bit self-indulgent

    • Z_Mikado

      2 years ago

      In reply to your answer,

      "So issues can not be subjective, they either exist or they don't and subjectivity dictates how strongly someone feels about the issue."

      That's so blatantly incorrect that you're either hopelessly narcissistic or you're, again, playing the worn-out persona of a martyred "ex-fan", or, as your occupation states, "Analyst, reviewer" as a means of justifying your own so-called subjectivity to the point where you almost purposefully misunderstand me with your own narrative. 

      Nitpicking, a word which you take such offense to to the point where you have to imagine "others will laugh at me", is not meant in this instance to quickly brush away your own argument and to assert my own opinion over yours, and I'll elaborate on that more in a moment now that I have the character space to do so. But the main point is that to state that issues are not subjective is laughably narcissistic and devoid of self-inventory/ability to take criticism. As a quick but telling side judgment, I would say that your shtick of bitching about content creators on their own website over years, yet stating (and I'm guessing sadly convincing yourself) that you have hope for them and that you're just disappointed in them, is so obviously steeped so far up your own ass that you're as self-feeding as you claim they are. Intellectual dishonesty would be falling back onto stating that everything is inherently subjective as a cop-out instead of realizing the two self-evident points of being repetitive and self-indulgent in this area and milking it to your gratification. That's essentially what a niche is. The fact that you agreed to this yet still asked what my point was probably points to your recognition of this while still not comprehending the self-evident problem of it.

      To take two examples to illustrate what I mean by nitpicking instead of resting with your assumption that it's merely based in some subjective tangle of nothingness between two people, it would include using a fucking math equation to judge how the lightning spell someone used was "incorrect", or someone used the word vault in the wrong sense (which if you would have Googled, you probably would not have assumed). That's not a review. I'll do the actual hard work between us and go out on a limb to say the best definition of objectivity in reviewing a show would be details that conflict with its own internal logic, and your stance is so broad that you take minute fabrications like this as fodder for your own position to milk a two hour review, which borders the run-time of the actual season. The easy route is to rest with "Everything is subjective". That's necessarily true but not going the extra distance to grasp the point.

      "First off, reviewer or Ex-fan? Huh?"

      They exist in the same space of what you consider yourself, and being an ex-fan obviously puts you at a bias to what you're actually reviewing. My only problem with this is again you do it to such a broad standpoint and you're so incumbent upon it that just about everything becomes a straw man against your position. To put yourself in the lofty occupation of a "Analyst, reviewer" is a gross self-proclamation that doesn't make that a lot of sense.

      "Are you referring to my radical notion that the main characters should maybe do things?"

      No, I'm not conveniently taking the exact opposite stance to your own that RWBY has no character flaws, so when I say you rely on personal disagreements, I'm saying you imagine problems that are more representative of your own hard position than what can be said to be the real issues. You obviously take umbrage with details that go beyond "the characters are doing nothing", again an obviously exaggerated claim (for the sake of entertainment rather than a serious assessment I would hope), so let's not confine ourselves to that and say you're flawless beyond the realm of someone else's opinion. To make a blanket statement, I would say you stuff your reviews with shoddily explained and self-indulgent fluff that take up almost the entirety of your reviews save a solid five to ten minutes. 

      "Fuck you"

      Yeah, that's how you know someone can handle criticism. I'll try to glad-hand you to make you feel more safe and special next time. Good sense of growth there.

      • mikeyfell

        2 years ago

        You owe me back the time I spent reading that.

        I even read it twice to see if there was anything I could even ask you to elaborate on. 

        but no. 

        So I stand by my assertion that "Fuck you" is the only rational response to you.

        Shoddily explained self-indulgent fluff is going to be the title of my autobiography 

        and the chapter about you is going to be called "The guy who is so stupid that I wrote a whole chapter in my autobiography about him"

        So... enjoy that

    • Kenzushi

      3 years ago

      Heres something that'll give you a lil chuckle https://www.reddit.com/r/RWBY/comments/49izzi/piss...

    • Sairue

      3 years ago

      -Video was Copyrighted-

      So, yeah.

    • KamenRiderthe1st

      3 years ago

      Mikey, sorry being a bug to you as of late.
      (Ha, Get it...? Because Kamen Rider is a Grasshopper..?)
      No, I'm sorry for that too.

      Kidding aside, I'm very much new here on Roosterteeth, at least in terms of the social side of the website, so I'm still getting familiar with the website's tools and systems of communication. So do feel free to ignore my last question that I asked just now. Once again, I'm terribly sorry for being a bother.

      Anyway, with regards to the last two questions I asked, here's the Youtube link to the AfterBuzzTV Episode with Miles and Kerry that was summarized in the Tumblr post of the blog I linked in my questions, just in case you want to use it for your future reviews/videos.


    • thesupreme1

      3 years ago

      So, um... are you doing a V3E12 review?

    • Sairue

      3 years ago


      So that's why Yang got her arm cut off? Miles turn off Yang's OP switch. Miles' explanation @ 16:00

      • Revanchist

        3 years ago

        Her semblance isn't getting angry; her semblance is absorbing enemy attacksto make her stronger. Miles is an impressive and tragic kind of stupid

      • mikeyfell

        3 years ago

        thanks for the link

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      well I lose rwbingo.

    • jman10trex

      3 years ago

      I am so happy they didn't waste jen taylor like we thought

      • Sairue

        3 years ago

        On one hand, it's awesome to see Jen get a role other than narrator. On the other, the script is so fucked. Still kudos to Jen

    • Kenzushi

      3 years ago

      It's a sad day to be a fan of Roosterteeth http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5347642/?ref_=ttep_ep8

      I mean, only 6 people rated it, but still.

    • spectreoffice

      3 years ago

      Another obvious recommendation for an RT video, but the Metal Gear Solid Immersion is basically just the RWBY writers being hurt as badly as they hurt my suspension of disbelief. If you fancy being a bit sadistic, it seems right up your alley!

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      hope you saw this http://roosterteeth.com/post/51193367

      • mikeyfell

        3 years ago

        I saw that, I commented on it. I said this:

        Really? A show that advocates racism isn't for kids? You don't fuckin' say.

        I always assumed you guys were just thrilled to have won over the bad parents demographic, this does make me curious about what could possibly happen in the rest of Volume 3. so you have my attention

      • HOWtwoROCK

        3 years ago

        I found it but I'll be copying that fight you had with that moron. For something later

    • cain13 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 years ago

      i dont realy consume media criticaly, but i do enjoy watching other people break it down,(cinema sins, nostalgia critic) so i guess thanks for being one of those that uploads their criticism to the internet, also have you seen jonfawkes everything wrong with rwby? if not you should he brings up some of the points you make and a few you miss, if some are because of tech limitations

      • mikeyfell

        3 years ago

        I have seen the EWW RWBY video I liked both of them and look forward to the third one

    • Revanchist

      3 years ago

      I like your stuff on YouTube. I also share your opinion that RWBY is problematic to say the least

    • UberDueler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago


      You're quite the controversy.

    • AlexanderCo2

      4 years ago

      I think red vs blue season 13 is still great in my opinion. But you do make a pretty good point. So keep doing what you are doing. Oh and my YouTube account is biowarelover.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      4 years ago

      Saw season 9 again. Nice to see the box canyon setting again. but once this hits the shit part you talk about in later seasons; might as well be fan-fic work

    • NewMarshall

      4 years ago

      SO you one of Chaotic EVil's and Diffrent Natural's Nic pic's. Of Natural's and Chaotic Evil's.

    • FinalUrchin1

      4 years ago

      I probably sound stupid to ask this but what do you mean by chain mail?

      • FinalUrchin1

        4 years ago

        oh ok

      • mikeyfell

        4 years ago

        Oh crap is that still on my front page...
        It's those things like "Send this to 5 people or blah blah blah"
        those were really big back when I put that on my page

    • p3drit0

      7 years ago

      why do dudes post pics of girls as their avatars???

      • Revanchist

        3 years ago

        Because if they're going to look at an icon every time they go to a website, it might as ell be female

    • Recoome

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    • Jesterskull0 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      8 years ago

      why do u hate me soo..

    • 9_tailed_pup

      8 years ago

      Hello, this is Mikuru, and since you were in the RvB SOS Brigade, I thought I would invite you to the new and improved:
      RvB SOS Brigade 2.0

    • Jesterskull0 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      8 years ago

      ........It says I accept all random friend request, but you have not accept to be friend with me for half a year......why do you hate me so

    • TVcool

      8 years ago

      nice pic!!!! xD

    • NICK980

      8 years ago

      ........nice profile picture man

    • totalwar1012

      8 years ago

      saw ur pick now im playing portal

    • Star357

      9 years ago

      Dude you gotta check this out!



    • sebasman

      9 years ago

      So... I herd you liek mudkipz...

    • evensteven93

      9 years ago

      u got some epic profile pics dude :)

    • spartan1248 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      Portal 2 is going to be sweet, here i was thinking how awesome portal is and then, bam i saw your profile pic, The second one is going to be even sweeter.

    • ozean717

      9 years ago

      i've got my fingers crossed for exactly that

    • ozean717

      9 years ago

      Portal is an awesome game and when I saw your profile picture I thought "bam I must say hello to this guy!". I'm sure you're excited about Portal 2. I can't wait for it and more of that twisted humor.

    • sebasman

      9 years ago

      THE GAME

    • sychosam FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      Saw you profile pic and had to grab it. Pretty hot. And snaged a couple of other ones. Hope ya don't mind. Some funny shit there. Thx. smiley0.gif

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      9 years ago

      it is not a joke

    • Aeronator

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      hey dude. whats up?

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      hey whats up?

    • LSF

      9 years ago

      lol yeah snow is a bit lame, but vanilles voice drove me insane for the first half of the game. The first 20 hours or so i didn't like because of the lack of variety in being able to use abilities instead of non-autocombat but it was good for the learning curve and the storyline was the main focus i guess.

    • Raltrios

      9 years ago

      There are a good number of Wii games I want, but I have no job, and therefore, no Wii. Graces looks awesome, dammit. And I really like the opening.

    • PVTMcGriddle

      9 years ago

      ive never been a FF13 fan myself the turn based combat tossed me away so i cant exactly say but my friend plays it and she said it was win

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      9 years ago

      People who have lost... you, me, everyone who looks at my avatar.

  • Questions answered by mikeyfell

    The final season 6 reaction is in the editing bay right now

    and there are 7 Abridged episodes left  (Maybe 6 depending on whether I decide to combine 11 and 12 into one episode, which I might do)

    Maybe that's the same one I watched with Floof

    We were talking about the story boarders a while ago,

    but something is wrong with them

    I saw like 2 skits in season 14

    The color blind one and the one that looked like a scene from a Tell Tale game. 

    I haven't seen 15, but I might, just because a lot of people want me to talk about it

    It was explained on an RT Podcast

    You should go to the wiki and look for it

    I have no idea which one it would be on, but Kerry and Burnie were on it that should narrow down the search

    I've seen it

    it was ... It just was

    I tweeted a clip from it 

    Cinder has never even been close to how she was played in Chibi

    so asking if she went from a 1/10 back down to a 0/10 is irrelevant when one series over she's like a solid 6.5/10

    I don't think they ever did

    that was Professor Lionheart 


    This was the best "Episode 8" out of the 5

    it wasn't good, but it could be worse

    5, 6 and 7 were WAY WORSE

    Which isn't unusual, in volume 2 episodes 10 and 11 were both worse than 8

    and in volume 4 Episode 5 was worse than 8 


    they did a lot of "Ozpin is weird" Foreshadowing at the very beginning of the series

    never heard of Filmora I'll check it out

    I have tried Adobe Premiere, I don't really like it

    Jaune has a back story?

    (If you mean the whole sneaking in to beacon with fake transcripts thing I've talked about how that's self contradictory)

    not interested in it. 

    knowing them they'll probably bury relevant exposition in the middle of one of those books.

    but that's kinda their fault


    It's not like there's some sort of video project I happen to be working on right now that could cover that topic in depth so I can see why you're curious to hear my thoughts on the subject

    Well I've never seen Sherlock so I'm not going to watch this for 2 hours right now, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up agreeing because I love Elementary despite everyone and their dog telling me I should be watching Sherlock instead.

    but I'll probably finish watching 5 or so minutes at a time over the next 3 or 4 days because it looks interesting

    I don't dislike RWBY

    I think it's awful

    there's a difference.

    See RVB makes me sad, because I got attached to the characters like a decade ago, and now it's just awful.

    RWBY is just a piece of shit.

    It's the difference between watching a Youtube compilation of car crashes from Russian dashboard cameras, and watching your friend get injured in an accident.


    it was average. 

    Even the good moments were plagiarized out of the book titled "The least creative way to make a critically minded person begrudgingly admit that your movie had at least a couple good moments in it" 

    The setups to emotional pay offs were telegraphed so heavily that you can't even call them predictable in good conscience 

    Michael's natural ability to be funny is the saving grace of the movie.

    Everyone else felt like there were oddly self conscious about the fact that this movie was getting a theatrical release, so they lost a lot of charisma.

    And the effects were goddy as fuck.

    the joke is that Culton Dunn could run fast, so they recorded him running slow with a high speed camera and just doubled or tripled the frame rate and added motion blur

    This is my copy pasta response:

    They can't recover from Chorus.
    The only remotely likable character any more is Kimball and in all likelihood the new writer is just going to return the old bloodgulch crew to status quo again. and if they're allowing themselves to write like that why even bother?

    RVB had impeccable (And humorous) continuity for a decade then Miles soft Rebooted it and fucked all the characters up

    I mean I watched these characters go on a journey, but during season 11 they all reverted 5 years and got Lead poisoning.
    Kimball got the lion's share of the solitary brain cell all the characters had to share during the Chorus arc, but there's no way in hell the new writer is going to scrap everyone else and focus on her for the sake of all the people masochistic enough to continue watching after season 13.

    He's going to keep writing about the old characters and either reboot them, which is cheating
    continue on with the new Fetal-Alcohol-syndrome rattled personalities Miles gave them, which is stupid
    or revert them back to their simplest recognizable traits, which is bad writing.

    no good can come of it, RVB is over for me.
    Haters ain't even gonna hate any more. Miles won. I gave up.
    Show less

    Season 11 as a stand alone installment wasn't bad, but it didn't have any excuse for undoing all of Sarge's character development

    Season 12 was dull, that's honestly all I remember about it. I never re watched it except for that one episode in the middle where Locus and Felix out themselves as badguys

    I wouldn't techenically be a "New" signup

    I was a sponsor for 7 years


    I mean if season 15 pays about as much attention to 11-13 payed to 7-10 then all will be well.

    But if they can just change the writer every 2 weeks and deport the shitty episodes to Retconville what's the point? 

    But I'm pretty sure they're going to continue to cram in action scenes where they don't belong because that's RT's "Brand" now. 

    I don't think I'm going to watch season 15

    By "Shut down" do you mean refused to answer? 

    Because he'll do that a lot.

    You know "no spoiler questions" and all that. 

    But beyond that I don't know

    It's an okay diagram. 

    One thing I would change is Blake's line 

    I'd draw it straight from "Why" to the "Midpoint" instead of drawing an arc that implied she had a properly set up first act 

    Also this circle diagram is sort of conflating the heroes journey with a standard plot.

    Since the act 3 thing is a change in the equilibrium the plot wouldn't have gone around in a circle the same way the heroes journey does. Which is a little distracting.

    The reason the heroes journey is a circle is because by the end equilibrium has been restored so the hero returns home

    Also breaking it down the middle as if the second act is suposed to focus on a different conflict from the first and third act is also odd...

    But for the purpose of putting a lot of information on one chart for ease of viewing they could have done a worse job. This did a better job of describing volume 4 than volume 4 did at telling its story 

    she took her motorcycle. it's like way faster than walking on foot... yeah


    I mean that raises the question of why team Orange didn't rent bikes or something...

    Or take the train... I mean Oscar took the train... 

    Why did they walk? That's the dumbest thing in the world

    Something they said in their RTX Sydney panel should be telling.

    They answered a question by saying.

    "We wanted volume 4 to have more episodic episodes, like an adventure of the week thing, but we did not have time for that" 

    So... They don't have time... to make things happen... in the show they're writing...

    and considering there are only like 6 months between the end of volume 4 and volume 5... I doubt they're going to have time to make things happen in volume 5 either. 

    So yeah, if anything the RT Brass knows that people who watch RWBY don't care about... things happening, I guess... 

    So they're just trying to make it as quickly as possible

    Not to me, looking for a QRcode isn't what I valued in TLR. 

    The poem in the first episode of that gave you all the information you needed

    ELR is more like an ARG than a mystery. 

    Plus they try to drag too much humor out of stereotypes which is lazy.

    The funniest thing in the series so far was when Blane was yelling at Burnie and his suit was squeaking every time he moved 

    I still get a few chuckles out of it but playing the game is something I immediately gave up on

    I wouldn't dream of anticipating Miles and Kerry's madness. 

    But the smart money for a volume 5 prediction is...

    "Nothing happens"

    I would be impressed if they even mentioned a relic in volume 5. 

    So... I guess I'll say that

    Watts was mean to cinder once and drank tea once. That's not enough for me to predict his back story

    that would be 10/10

    I would forgive every plot hole and inconsistency in RWBY (Including the ones that would cause) if that were canon 

    There was nothing to foresee about watts. Salem told him to go to haven in the first episode.

    I didn't know that the headmaster was the inside man... that was different. 

    I have no idea what they're going to do with Neo. 

    They did say she was alive, so that's good I guess. but I don't know what they could do with her. Raymond wants her to team up with Yang and get revenge on Cinder for Torchwick's death, which comes with it's own can of worms, but the Ship is solid... so yeah

    Do you know if anybody reuplaoded the whole panel? It'll probably hit youtube eventually but if you've seen it up somewhere let me know

    'Tis an interesting way to put it. 

    Because with the way Episode 11 ended I don't think it can actually be a satisfying finale without major flaws. 

    Yang and Weiss, the two most interesting parts of Volume 4 are in transit... so cutting back to them... going from point A to B would be meaningless, and having them anywhere near point B would be an excuse to bring up the whole "6 to 8 month" thing again. 

    Same point about Oz and Oscar

    Blake is going to go "take back the White Fang" which is... wrong, because it hasn't fallen yet as far as she knows. at most she's confirmed that Adam's group has members in Menagerie.

    So what? She's going to barge into the White Fang HQ and... yell? 

    Adam being in Menagerie would be a flaw, or at least should be a flaw on par with Blake spending half a year on a boat wearing skintight leather pants without getting some horrendous form of crotch rot.  

    So anything Blake could do would be a big anti climax 

    What are they going to do warn the White Fang leader that Adam's coming for him, then... wait for his boat to come in all the while wondering how anyone managed to communicate with him whit the network down? 

    So, 3/4's of the plot points are in stasis for 6 to 8 months at least

    Leaving Orange V Horse is the whole finale.

    They couldn't fill the time unless they stretched and padded. 

    or if they wrapped up the action sequence in a reasonable amount of time they'd have to move on the bulk of the runtime would be... status quo shots? Orange walking towards Mistral, Weiss Shawshank Redemptioning through the secret tunnels under Schnee manor, Yang driving her motorcycle into the ocean  (Or parking it on a ferry like a sane person) I mean we've seen her driving in Vale we know she has some way of getting it over the water.  Oscar listening to Ozpin complain about how the Stewardess on the train won't sell Oscar booze even though he has an ancient immortal spirit living in his brain, or Blake trying desperately to drown out the sounds of her mom fucking Sun in the other room... 

    But I've rambled enough I might as well answer your question.

    How I'd write it would be Ren would say something like "We've got to get out of here, this Grimm is going to fuck our shit"

    and Ruby would go "We're not leaving Qrow" and she'd uselessly flail at Horse Grimm a couple times and get ragdolled.

    Ruby wakes up back in the cave with Ren using his semblance to hide them all from the Grimm

    And Ruby starts freaking out like "Where's Qrow?"

    and Jaune tries to calm her down poorly like "We barely made it out of there alive by ourselves"

    and Ruby's like "I'm going back maybe I can still save him"

    "No way that thing's too strong and you have to face it Qrow was going to die anyways" 

    "No he wasn't, I could have used my silver eyed bullshit powers!"

    "You don't even know how they work!"

    "Fuck you you killed my uncle!"

    Then Ren pipes up like "Chill the fuck out I can only quell so many negative emotions!"

    And Ruby's like "You don't tell me to chill out!" And she points her gun at Ren but Nora steps between them giving Ruby the death stare.

    then Ren passes out from using his semblance too much. so Jaune and Nora are like, "Well if you aren't going to calm down you should just go. who knows maybe you'll be able to do something to that grimm after all."

    So Ruby goes back down the mountain to Kuroyuri but the horse grimm is gone and she sees Qrow dead, not mauled by the grimm just dead from the poison. and she has a supersayian transformation where she goes "full Silver eyes mode" 

    Then I imagine it would cut to Blake trying to plug her ears to drown out the sounds of Sun and Kali going at it, but she has 4 ears so she doesn't know which ones to plug

    After an appropriate amount of time the rest of team orange get to Haven  where the head master is like "Oh good you're finally here, Ozpin told me about you," then he gives something to Nora like "You must be Ruby Rose right? Ozpin told me to get this to you as soon as possible I'm glad I'm not too late"

    But Nora's like "... Actually I'm not Ruby" 

    so the headmaster of Haven snatches it back like "oh fuck, where is she"

    And Nora's like "She decided to leave the team to go avenge her uncle"

    So Headmaster's like "Oh shit, Her uncle? Qrow? What? He's dead? oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck this is bad" 

    Jaune speaks up "I know it was a big grimm, but Ruby knows what she's doing. if worse comes to worse she could always use the silver eyes power Qrow was telling her about" 

    And Headmaster's like "Oh, no no no no, we have to get her the choice relic before she unlocks her powers otherwise she won't be able to control her actions, and she's just going to exert more and more power until her body gives out! What 'big grimm'? Why would you let her fight something like that on her own? Doesn't anyone from Vale know what teamwork is? What has Ozpin been teaching you assholes?"

    Then as he's shuffling them out of Haven back to Kuroyuri to look for Ruby somebody in the crowd is Watts with this look on his face like "Did I hear someone say 'choice relic" 

    and he follows them out 

    And it ends on a big spooky cliff hanger.

    I couldn't imagine cutting to any of the other characters would be worth it except to pad out a little time during the transitions. but in a nutshell I'd be happy with that kind of a set up for volume 5