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      As I'm rather lazy and don't want to do my English homework, I'll use this as an excuse. What I mean by that is that I will be porting my game reviews and movie reviews over to here, rather than in the dark corner us gamers refer to as the real world.

      So for starters, I'll post a quick review for anyone interested to get the gist of what's to come, in other words, read, then bookmark the living fuck out of this blog. I want to see favicons on your browser, on your desktop, your bedroom's ceiling, on your toilet, and plastered on the roof of your house. Don't ask how you'll be able to use those bookmarks to access a page on the internet, just make it happen. So, on to to the good stuff...


      JUST CAUSE 2 - Just 'cause the first one wasn't enough of a failure...

      The game revolves around a guy, working for some people, and he shoots shit and has a parachute that manages to repackage itself, and oh yeah, he's god. By he's god I don't mean he's a total badass (which he kinda is) I mean it's impossible to kill him. It's similar to the Super Mario franchise in that sense, actually. In the game I managed to jump off a 500 foot mountain, land in the middle of the road, get run over twice, then shot about five trillion times by some random people who hate me for no reason other than my crappy voiceacting, and I still managed to jump up and walk it off. Never before have I seen the use of it's just a flesh wound so overkilled.

      As it should be apparent, some of the gameplay mechanics are flawed. You don't hold enough ammo to last more than 15 seconds, your grappling hook sometimes decides to get a random case of down syndrome, and the AI is about as smart as Paris Hilton...on crack. As a matter in fact, the AI didn't even seem to want to try, rather they just stood there blindly shooting their guns at me like an Iraqi Freedom Fighter until I finally managed to rip their heart out with my grappling hook.

      As for that grappling hook which is oh, so popular in this game, it's a stolen gameplay element from Bionic Commando. It seems almost like as if they ripped one of the guys out of that game, gave him a parachute and put some dumber AI in the game. Half the game is spent jumping around using the grappling hook to do amazing feats like, shooting 100 feet into the air, landing on a helicopter, shooting the copilot and then beating the pilots brains in with your bear hands until finally stealing it and using it to take out an armed convoy. Oh, it can also be used to move around faster.

      Don't get me wrong, the game is fun, but it was hard for me to enjoy something that was as bland and overdone as Just Cause. It seemed like it was more a collage of a bunch of games put into a melting pot resulting in something similar to Los Angeles.

      The map is huge, but unfortunately fails since 90% of it is just mountains with the other 10% being small towns of 5-10 houses. This is even more depressing when we have games out like Operation Flashpoint and GTA4 which both have huge maps but don't fill it all with random garbage. Just Cause actually manages to try to boast how much nothing it managed to fit, it's like Al Gore boasting about how big the universe he owns is. Yeah, chances are he claimed he made that to.

      The final component to the game is, surprise, another stolen gameplay idea. This being the whole kill shit, get better with faction idea used in Mercenaries and Far Cry 2, except those games DIDN'T SUCK. In all actuality, the game can be fun with some awesome stunts and stuff to do, but the game simply didn't hold enough water for me to cling onto it as some others have, poor AI, a bunch of overdone gameplay mechanics, a map of nothing, and the lack of any good voice acting or story bring the game down drastically.

      My score - 7.5


      F3AR Outlook - Failing, Flailing

      For those who haven't seen it yet, it's a combination between live action and hidden failure. I have nothing against the FEAR series, I love the games, but this trailer just succeeded in showing us how the newest title will fail. I get that they tried being unique, which was a popular term in the marketing department when I used to work doing corporate design, but it can't be used everywhere.

      For instance, showing real world and then game world lets us more easily point out the shit graphics, which aren't shit, but they do sure as hell look like shit when you compare them to real life. It also doesn't help that they didn't show more than 5 seconds of actual gameplay and the whole trailer was live action. I was getting ready for a movie announcement, but was then greeted with that.

      This shows me that they have nothing good to show, no good gameplay, nothing cool or interesting at all. It shows me that the game will fail and they're trying to cover it up with some cheap, crappy live action. I surely hope they spent more time towards the game than that, because if the trailer was a sign of things to come, I'm going to hide in my closet...with the lights on, of course.


      Splinter Cell: Conviction - Riding the sinking vessel

      Possibly one of my favorite games has to be Splinter Cell. I had actually picked up the first game when it came out for the original Xbox and was immediately dumbfounded. It set new standards for both stealth games and games in general, after it came around I had an expectation that I should be able to sneak in any game, often finding myself caught with my pants down in Halo games as I attempted to shoot out the spotlights. Note to self: trying to sneak around in a shoot'em'up just doesn't work.

      However! That is the premise of Splinter Cell: Conviction as they turn the heat up and make Sam Fisher go from a sneaking around badass to a bigger badass. The gameplay has moved from the much slower stealth action to something similar to Burn Notice, in the sense that improvisation is a must. Although stealth is a major ke

    • Flight Simulator X

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      Who here plays Flight Simulator X?

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    • Pollitcally Incorrect #1 - Propaganda

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      One thing far too few Americans see is how badly propaganda is affecting us. It makes us go against, and for a war we know nothing about except those of us who personally know people there. It makes us suddenly opposed to fast food, something which was considered a godsend. It makes us think the majority of America is fat, and the reason is unhealthy eating.

      "But there's facts supporting all of that!". What is "fact"? By statistics you mean a survey. Issue #1 with surveys, they never tell you where that surveyr was taken. Amongst what group, ethniticites, ages, etc. For all you know, the one saying 80% of America is obese was taken in a Fat Camp. You'll never know, and this is where you need to look into stuff yourself.

      FACT says foods have always been the same over time. My dad and his friends put pure sugar in water and drank it. They're fine and look young as ever, yet for some reason with drinks today they are harmful if they contain more than 1 tablespoon of sugar? Weird?

      So where does all of this propaganda come from? Not so much the government as it does the unions. Unions attempt to get us, over time, on their side. The democratic party did something similar with the Iraq War. Ever since it started they've made propaganda campaigns that say how bad it is. "Another soldier dead in Iraq, another roadside bombing" etc is all you ever heard for months, correct? Yet, now all of a sudden that all vanished from the media.

      The reason is that this is their way of making it seem like, because of them, that Iraq is getting better. Yes, they are not in office. Unfortunatley, America does not see this. Since the past months have only talked about the elections and democrats, they are stuck in Americas minds subconsiously. So now when we hear the Iraq war is getting better, we thank the democrats. Don't lie, you know you do.

      Maybe this is a good thing? It shrouds the public so we don't know about half the bad stuff that happens. Surely you would not want to hear about how we've nearly had to declare war on Russia 6 times i nthe last year? Yes, America loves to be frightened by the news and only likes bad news, but this is where I hope we can correct things. Less bad, more good.

      Back in WWII and the 40's, we were very strict on our propaganda uses and our censorship. So, of course the Western Theater of WWII is considered to be an okish fight. When you think of Germany, you think it was an average war. Now think of the Pacific. Which do you picture to be worse?

      FACT says we lost many more soldiers in the West and that it was possibly the worse of the two, but because of these two things you think otherwise. Propaganda and censorship. It wasn't until around 1945 at a Pacific island that the media was allowed to film dead Americans. This hit us hard, and as soon as that happened, look what you think now.

      Then also propaganda was used for good in a sense. IT was not used to get the American public away from the Army, but to join it. IT was not used to get us to not buy food, but to enjoy it more. Now we are told we can't do any of this without being killed. Now we can't even go over a certain amount of calories per day or we'll die young!

      Yet, again, our parents and theirs were fine, skinny, well built men and women. They were not obese, they did not worry about such things as this and some still lived to be in their late 90's. So why would we think this all? Simply propaganda. So, as I close this, thin kthe next time you drive to work and look at a billboard what it is suppsoed to make you think. What it's supposed to get you to do.

      Ending quote, "Heavy explosives solve any problem."

    • RVB Idea For H3 Revival

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      Just had an idea and didn't know where to post it.

      I figured once H3 launches, you guys could make an episode. In it everyone would wake up with headaches, but cause they werw all shot and killed, someone managed to switch Cabooses and Sarges armors so the Red team thinks Caboose is Sarge, and the Blues think Sarge is caboose...think of the possibilities...

      Also when they wake up it'd be almost like starting over. They wake up, wonder what's going on and come to an agreement they should kill anyone with a different armor color.

      Just an idea RT, and you guys can feel free to flame me now...

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    • Microsoft Laws Petition

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      [url=]Sign the petition[/url]

      As you may or may not know, machinima jsut got a shitload of new laws which actually ban us from using Halo 2 for machinima purposes along with other games. So, sign the petiton and help fight the MS fuckers.

      Stop Machinima? NUTS!

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    • Bad Religion

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      Well, no one has made a thread for them yet, so chat away.

      I know you've hear dthem before, they did songs like "21st Century Boy" and "Infected". I urge you to immediatley illegaly download them via limewire.

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    • Cookies? Brownies? Pie? Cake? Argh!!!

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      Which in your opinion is better? Brownies or cookies? Cake or pie?

      I say brownies and pie...

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    • This Or That

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      This is a simple cool game. Simply select a choice the member above you saysm for instance....

      Corvette or Porsch?

      So you would post your choice and post a "this or that" of your own.

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      nope, have no idea how to properly work that pen tool. I just use the pencil tool and free hand it.

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      flash? nope, don't use that at all. just photoshop

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      I'm not in anonymous. I support their cause. I can't hack for crap. But I hope that wasn't a serious question.

      Scientologists think some crazy alien warlord sent a bunch of aliens to earth and killed them, and their spirits tried to go get him. He built giant soul vacuums and put them in the sky to suck up all the souls, and sent them to giant movie theaters where they watched pro-Xenu (name of the warlord I believe) propaganda. When they left, the movies had confused their ideas of right and wrong, so they wandered the earth for thousands of years until humans evolved, and they went into us, leaving us all the hate, problems, and violence we've ever had.*

      *This may be off by a little bit, but this is my understanding.

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      Yep, the rules change over time. Changes are made in new posts to that thread, so if you watch that thread you'll be informed of all changes.

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      something tells me ur familiar with the 50.

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      Contests involving people giving you mods are not allowed.

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      I've never heard of the M16 jamming because of the round falling short in the barrel. It's always been a gas tube blockage from water or grit.

      Also, last I checked, the XM8 was designed by Heckler & Koch, a German company that prides itself on quality rifles and handguns. America just won't allow its forces to use it because of a few problems that need to be worked out. H&K is currently working on fixing those issues in Germany.

      Yes, AK-47s are less accurate than M-16s, but they make up for that shortcoming with raw power. The 5.56mm round the M-16 uses is accurate, but it doesn't have a lot of stopping power. The AK-47's designated round, the 7.62mm, is much heavier than the 5.56, and while it's inaccurate past 400 feet (the bullet quite literally just starts dropping out of the sky any further downrange), it packs a ton of stopping power.

      And yes, intelligent conversations are good. Much harder to find on the Internet, but when you do find them, they are a godsend. smiley1.gif

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      I'm not retyping comment since on itouch. So check reply I posted in the jurñäłÃ‚¡

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      For God's sake, please don't start a petition over this crap.

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      Not escapin this time!!

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      Bwaha!! Caught you while you're still online!

      How the bloody hell did you manage to evade me??!!?? ARGH!

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      Hey if you have time read my blog.. k?

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      Wresting with my friend.....i pulled his legs out from under him and he fell on me and my face skidded across the graound.

      It's pretty healed in that picture.

      The no means no comment made me laugh. smiley0.gif

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      I heard about you -80 mod point thing. And I'm usually a nice guy, so why not. I'll give you +2 mod points...

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      Ha! You were on 24 hours ago! Finally!!

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      You havent been on in foreeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Ok so in my contest round two is starting. I dont need many vote just enough to get me through the round. Please go vote for me here.

      Each round will last 3 days (72 hours)
      Others may vote for you once
      You may vote for yourself only once
      You may aquire votes by any means, however please obey the rules of the site

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      well an idea is an idea, it just turns out that one...wasn't that...brilliant lol. but it's good that you're contributing, you would not believe how much people bitch that no one is contributing new ideas to the thread

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      You make a lot of good points, on the theology fourm. I'm deffinately interested in your views on how the forerunners.

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      Also, I have created a website with tutorials on it... (click on the image)


      You may also MSG me with any questions.
      If you don't know how to send private messages, there is a tutorial on the website smiley11.gif

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