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      9 years ago


      Wow, all this time I called EB Games (Australias main game store) lame, and wished for a Gamestop because everyone advertises pre-order deals with Gamestop. Go to the Gamestop website, click on Australia at the bottom, and guess where I go?

      The EB Games Website. All this time. Don't I feel smart right about now.

    • Update on well, stuff

      9 years ago


      Ok, so no one probably reads this anyways, but I'm still gonna write some stuff

      Ok, so I've recently gotten an airbrush off ebay, so I should be getting some 40k done properly. The problem is I lost a whole pot of GW Blood Red paint, which I need for the base colour on the armour of my Space Marines

      Also, I've actually started using steam. Currently I've got the Orange Box, Garry's Mod, Global Agenda and Dawn of War 2 (Plus Expansion). If you feel like playing any of those with me, add me on steam or xfire

      thecrimsonsniper is the name you have to remember for both steam and xfire.

      The 360 crowd at schools giving me the shits now as well. If another 360 fanboy shows my the 'How to kill a brand song A.K.A the PS3 song' I will probably go to their house and smash their beloved 360. Seriously, they aren't that bad. It's not that I hate Halo, it's that I'd rather play Uncharted 2, it's not that I hate Fable 2, it's that I'd rather play inFamous.

      Well, that's about everything I've got to say

    • Official Guide

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      -Estimated Achievement Difficulty: --
      -Offline: -- (-- points)
      -Online: -- (-- points)
      -Approximate time to 1000: -- hours
      -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: --
      -Number of missable achievements: --
      -Glitched achievements: --
      -Do cheat codes disable achievements? --
      -Does difficulty affect achievements? --

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    • A letter to our dear friend mario

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      Mr. Mario Mario,

      What the fuck is your problem? Do you know how much time it takes to construct floating bricks and coin boxes? Do you know the amount of effort I went through to levitate bricks and hold them in place with quantum mortar? I've spent over a million man hours funding and supervising this project in Worlds 1 through 8 inclusively, only to find some jackass plumber and his retarded brother are busy smashing it all to pieces without a thought.

      I mean seriously, who the fuck runs around thinking to themselves, "I'm going to smash that brick with my FACE!" Never mind the mind boggling insanity of having the ability to FLOAT BRICKS IN MID AIR WITHOUT SUSPENSION. I guess you and Luigi couldn't be bothered to stand back and marvel at the incredible feat of engineering I had mastered. I can't blame you entirely since you didn't start smashing everything before you found and ate my magic mushrooms, but still, you stole my fucking shrooms.

      And while we're on that note, I can almost forgive the vandalism and destruction if it weren't for the fact that you were MURDERING my employees. Do you know how many compensation check's I've had to write to the families of all the slain Koopa's and Goomba's? Especially for the mental health sessions after they discovered you killed them by SMASHING THEM WITH YOUR ASS. I can almost forgive that in light of your more onerous transgression of getting into my weed and somehow vomiting fucking fireballs at them. Now I have to deal with greaving widows who have learned that their husband, FROGMAN, WAS SET ON FIRE UNDERWATER AND BURNED ALIVE.

      Of course, the poor Goomba's have been going crazy and started an intercity war because of the way you used a Koopa's corpse to murder 12 of them at once. It might be their fault for lining up, but more accurately it's YOUR fault for throwing his squashed and dead ass at them. And I'm not even going to get started on the spirits of these poor people. Every time I look away I swear they're sneaking up on me as if this is MY fault.

      Plainly put, Bullet Bill is pissed and has sworn to fire himself out of a cannon at you, repetatedly. My other 7 construction supervisors have incorporated a LAVA PIT in their office should you decide to pay them a visit. I also suggested they arm themselves with battle axes in case you somehow learn to magically fly. Or go disco again. I don't know what the fuck that was, but when you turned into a sparkling disco ball half my employees exploded by merely touching you. Perhaps it was the epileptic seizures from the myriad of lights, maybe it was the shitty 1940's porno music that you were playing. I don't know, I don't care. Fuck, Bomb-omb detonates at the mere SIGHT of you now. He's so mad he's EXPLODING with rage.

      What I do know is that I'm sick of your shit. You've cost me billions of dollars, thousands of employees, endless torment and grief, and you stole my drugs. I'm taking your girlfriend (who's a stuck up bitch by the way), and I'm going to keep her in my office. You never know, maybe I'll throw her in my own lava pit just for fun. Or maybe I'll set her on fire... slowly. All I know is that until your actions against my corporation come to a halt, I'm going to start kidnapping and murdering the people you love. First up is 7 of your retarded mushroom headed cousins.


      Bowser Building and Koopa Konstruction Ltd.

      P.S. You've stolen exactly 1752 coins from my coin boxes. With interest over the last 6 months you now owe 1841 coins and 18 lives payable by end month.

      This came from a friend of mine, hope you like it. Anyone else got something similar, or a reply?

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    • What game are you playing at the moment?

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      As the thread title suggests, what game are you playing, title of the game in bold please mabye a few short lines about likes/dislikes.

      Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

      Gameplays decent, with the original butcher bay that I have on Xbox (Original not 360), it's essentially 2 games for 1, on a half price sale. Above average shooter, lengthy game, fairly challenging in places. Overall I like it. HOWEVER, with the remastered butcher bay, the pit level, the level I hate more than anything because I always found it so freakin difficult, well, the whole challenge was removed, the removed the part where you have to find the valve to attach to the controls to open the gate, now you just need to find the gate. Grrr, that level should not be finished in a minute 30

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    • Name Changed

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      Ummm, is it possible to change our names somehow without deleting our account and then re-opening it? I haven't used the name Miniature in at least 3 years, actually, this rt account was the last thing I made under that name. Can we change it somehow?

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    • 9 years ago

    • 9 years ago

    • Sponsorship

      9 years ago


      That's right RT, I now contribute towards your yearly wages

    • Laptops, advice needed

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      Hey guys, I'm going to be buying a Laptop soon, as I am in need of a computer that isn't shared and there's no room for another desktop, plus I like the portability of a laptop. I have a few questions first:
      1. Will the up-to-date laptop chipsets, such as the ATI Mobility HD5470 or nVidia GTX260M have the same compatibility with the up-to-date pc chipsets with most games and programs.
      2. Who is likely to give the best deals on a laptop, and who is the most reliable

      I'll add any other questions if I can think of them. If you've any suggestions on what specific laptop, then by all means, fire away. I live in Melbourne, Australia so preferable someone who can deliver, and I've a limit of say $2000, I could probably stretch it out to $2200.


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