(this is my first RP..so back off if i make a mistake)

1.This is a War thread with jet fighters, which can come from Nam until today's fighters....no fighters that are on drawing board or from before nam
2.no one hit kills, just launching a missile at a target doesn't means its going to get hit.
3.no special weapons, everyone gets standard countermeasures, 20mm cannon(s), and missiles...no lazers, long range missiles or sci-fi sheilds.
4. This is Not ace combat. Places carry a limited amount of weapons and fuel....if you are up in the Air after 200 post, that you typed ...i will deem your aircraft out of fuel and you will have to wait for rescue.
5.if you need to AFK, please RTB, and if someone is offline you cannot engage them
6.you can have two aircraft that you can use
7. if you get shot down you can
a)say you are KIA or MIA or POW and make a new Character
b)Eject and be rescued
c) claim to just be damaged and RTB
8. planes do not take off automatically, try to follow procideures that war planes do in real life
9. if you think i need to add something or change something, message me and i will consider
10. try to keep aircraft within factions( NATO, USSR)

character info
Name:Real or fake
Age:Real or fake or dont say
Nationality:make it from a real nation
Callsign: please check before claiming one
Other: stuff about you or your aircraft

other Info
warzone is in Europe
two sides NATO and USSR

smiley8.gif dont be a jerk and have fun smiley8.gif

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