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    • Almost there....

      4 years ago


      I have gotten to the point to where i just need to make the final fabric purchases to move forward with this project now that my semester has ended, however it must once again be put on hold because of my trip to California... And a 2 day car ride is not really the best condition/circumstance to be sewing, measuring, cutting, etc. Even though I'm probably going to end up hand sewing all of these projects, still not a good idea. I need space XD A 2 week break will be ok. But even then i still need to work on my cosplays for my next Con, AND the weapons for said cosplays. And school pretty much starts again when i get back.

      Needless to say, im very happy this particular project has no deadline. im so busy as it is xD

      Really enjoying the prework involved in this and i cannot wait to get started on the actual products.

    • 4 years ago

    • Preparations

      4 years ago


      Well, I have taken up the task of crafting pajamas. This should be interesting.

      I may or may not be video documenting as well so I can make one big progress vid. I still need some information before I begin crafting, so let the preparations begin!

      Heading to the Hobby Lobby to check fabric pricing, everything is going to be hand made.

      .....maybe now would be a good time to replace the broken sewing machine...

    • 2019 years ago

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