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    • Mafia Game 2

      14 years ago


      I have been working on creating a new mafia game lately, its pretty tough to keep it all organized, but I am really excited. Hopefully, I can get good at this and run the game more times than just this once. Right now I am working on how my story is going to flow so that we can keep the game timely. It sucks though, because, I don't know who is going to die when. Thus, when creating characters I have had to gain a general idea of how I want that character to die based off their profile and relationships with other characters. I am also trying to make the story of very subtle hints to who the key characters are, hints that will take a magnifying glass to spot. Well back to homework and eventually the story.

    • What is your embarrasing idiosyncrasy?

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      Everbody has them-embarrasing behavioral issues-enlighten us.

      When I am bored in class I will sometimes, very inconspicuously, tickle myself-No, nothing happens below the waist.

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    • The One thing to do before death.

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      Everybody has a list of things that they would like to do before they die. The only problem with making a list is people usually don't get a warning letter before a train makes them go splat. The answer to this problem is to destroy the list. Give up and die or choose the must important thing you must do before you time is up and post it here (doing it is also an option). Than you can go back to procrastinating and eventually die-or do it.

      The thing I must do before I die, I already did the hanky panky (had sex) and I know it is most every guys fantasy to do the hanky panky with two women (and to not leave the ladies out, perhaps their fantasy to play naked twister with an emotionally senstive man), but I must earn 12 million dollars (whatever the going rate is for space travel) and do the hanky panky in space with no less than four women-zero gravity simulation will substitute just fine.


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    • Today is just another day.

      14 years ago


      I woke up today, went to all four of my classes, went to work, and I am awaiting to rejoin my bed this evening. *Wants to hit you in the Face....fatty*


    • ESPN Fantasy Games: Recruitment

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      ESPN Fantasy Games: Recruitment

      I would like this Thread to be dedicated to recruiting members for Fantasy Games and Seasons.

      Every year I try to play my favorite fantasy games and every year I run into the same problem, none of my friends are interested because it requires work (at the least, a weekly visit to adjust your team). Therefore, I get left in a group by myself or with people that I can’t interact with inevitably depleting the enjoyment fast. Does anyone else run into this problem? Well let’s fix it.

      I am currently playing ESPN's "ESPN Fast Break,†it is a revamped version of "Virtual GM (General Manager)." If you already have an entry but no group you are welcome to join mine it is called "Creighton University;" I currently only have two members. Or if you want to start a little behind you can always make a new entry and jump in. Halfway through the NBA season the points will split and start at zero for the second half the season. So if you start fresh now you can consider the first half the season as practice for the second half. I would be more than willing to develop a prize system so that we can generate some exciting competition within our community.

      Here are links to get started specifically in “ESPN Fast Break:â€Â
      ESPN Fast Break Front Page
      My Group’s Page:Creighton University *Can only be visited after you have created an account and signed in.

      Keep in mind, this thread is not just about my fantasy team or games, post the fantasy games that you play or are playing with a little information on how we can add to your group or invite you to ours.

      Here is a link to ESPN Fantasy homepage for all their games in all the major sports:
      ESPN Fantasy Games

      *Note: You do have to generate an account with to play any of their games, but keep in mind the account is completely Free. I cannot remember-I opened my account years ago-if they ask for anything that deals with payment methods because some games do cost money to play, I generally choose not to participate in those games. Remember creating an account is completely Free.

      If you have any questions, message me and I will answer as quickly as possible.


      Just think what we could do for March Madness if we get this Thread working.

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