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    • today marks a special day

      12 years ago


      today is my wife's birthday!
      she's turning 28 today
      i don't know where to go yet......i'm thinking to movies or go eat somewhere
      what do you think??

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • finally the winner of my contest......

      12 years ago


      so the person who wins my contest is

      finally too!!!
      7 rounds whew!
      that is the longest contest i ever had!

      i think i'll have another contest in 2 or 3 days

      see ya and oly oly oxen free


      12 years ago


      Ok for all you people out there that keep giving me shit about being a marine, why the fuck do you care so much, why does whether or not i'm in the Marines matter to you, no seriuosly how does getting me to say that i'm not realy in the marines i'm a faker benefit you? I am in the Marines, i'm not a faker, I'm a Major and if you belive that fine, if not I don't care just please leave me alone, don't even bother saying that i'm not in the marines cause the first thing I'm gonna do is block you. now please stop talking shit
      about me and get a life.

      and now i'm asking you only once stop getting my friends involved!!!!
      oly oly oxen free

    • your questions of round 7

      12 years ago


      for TrixR4kids

      1.what happened to the master chief when he destroyed halo?
      2.what happened at the end of chapter 5?
      3.what was the reason johnson survived the flood at chapter 6?
      4.how many people did john have to get back home?
      (give their names and their ranks)

      for grunt551

      1.at chapter 8 who did john fight?and give the injuries he got while fighting
      2.at chapter 13 who did doctor hasley meet?
      tell their injuries they got during the time to get in
      3.at pg 177 who did john meet?
      4.why did the chief not like the governor jiles at pg 259?

      good luck
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!


    • round 7

      12 years ago


      i was hoping to end the contest at round 6 yesterday.........i was mistaken

      now i hope we end the contest today with round 7
      it's going to be questions about the book halo first strike
      I'll be giving the contestants their questions and whoever answers them
      correctly and the first one will finally win the contest

      again here are the contestants!

      i'll be putting the questions up here later for each player
      on the side note
      here are the rules for round 7

      1.when you sent the answers to me make sure you got them right
      if you get them wrong that's it! you can't answer them again
      2.the player who has the most right wins
      3.and for the people who aren't in the contest,please don't help the players
      who they will disqualified

      that's it for me

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • i'm finally home!

      12 years ago


      yay! I'm finally home and away from my sister yay!
      i came home like at 6.07am i was so damn tired!

      you should have seen my dog's face when i came back home
      he was so sad when i came back
      wow i still can't leave my dog still for just for one day!*sigh*

      any ways i'm so glad i'm back home
      i want to play my XBL and i want to play with my dog outside
      even though it's like 30 degrees outside

      remember the prank my sister pulled on me?
      well it got sick again!
      damn sisters!

    • round 6 answers

      12 years ago


      here are the contestants


      you have to name the artist
      1.blow me away-by breaking benjamin
      2.connected-by hoobastank
      3.never surrender-nile rodgers and nataraj
      4.the reason-by hoobastank
      5.to be loved-by papa roach
      6.asleep-by godsmack
      7.the great divide-scott stapp
      8.it's goin' down-by yung joc
      9.pretty fly (for a white guy)-by the offspring
      10.why don't you get a job-by offspring
      11.if it works-tokyo police club
      12.cheer it on-tokyo police club
      13.be good-tokyo police club
      14 in my head-queens of the stone age
      15little sister-queens of the stone age

      there's the answers
      i will put up round 7 later on
      there's still no winner
      both of them got a tie

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • round 5...done round 6...now

      12 years ago


      here's the last 2 contestants!


      the last round!
      now this round will be about.......music
      i hope you 2 are good with music!

      here it goes
      you have to name the artist
      1.blow me away
      3.never surrender
      4.the reason
      5.to be loved
      7.the great divide
      8.it's goin' down
      9.pretty fly (for a white guy)
      10.why don't you get a job
      11.if it works
      12.cheer it on
      13.be good
      14 in my head
      15little sister

      the person who gets the most right wins the round and the contest!

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

      from mjolnir_rock

    • merry blarg mas pt6 (this is the last)

      12 years ago


      hey everyone!
      john here!
      sorry that i wasn't online for most of the day today
      (i was out at the movies)

      here's what got for my presents

      from my wife-2 new red vs blue shirts(sarge and simmons)
      from my friend Brian-a new watch
      from my mom-(i was surprised that she got me it)a new paintball gun
      from my friend jason-2 new shirts
      from my friend Alison-the wii! (yay!)
      from my friend dylan-3 new games
      from my sis-season 4 dvd of red vs blue
      and yes i was surprised that she gave me that
      (i though it was a prank)

      well i wish my friends,family,the marines a happy new halo year!
      and to the marines i hope that you come back home safely!

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!
      john chase
      oh and i'll going back to my home on Wednesday! yay!
      back to my dog!

    • round 5 again

      12 years ago


      here are the people who advances to round 5

      i told you guys i'll cut the numbers in half!

      well the 5 round that was kind of fast!

      this next round is all about my profile!

      here's my questions!

      1.who's my favorite char in red vs blue?
      2.what's my favorite color?
      3.where do i live?
      4.who's my favorite char in halo 2?
      5.what's my favorite food?
      6.what's my favorite book?
      7.what game do i play the most?(hint=i go to the arcade to play it!)
      8.what' my favorite movie?

      there's only one guy that got all these right in one go
      it was iCedrAgOn01
      he was whew!
      he got them all right in one go!

      good luck
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!
      oh and you have to answer all of them
      the first 3 to get them right goes to the next round!
      i forgot sorry!

      yet again another person to figure all this out this guy
      worship him!

      round 6 will begin at tuesday

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