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    • merry blarg-mas pt5

      12 years ago


      hey everyone
      it's john here
      i woke up around 8.59am to see my payback
      and it worked
      i knew my sister really good and her worst fears too(heheheh)since I'm her bro!
      so here are her worst fears
      1.dogs(i don't know why)
      now i thought in my head what kind of prank should i do?
      so i went to the pet shop brought a rat and stuffed it into her bathroom cabinet
      i know i know it's kind of stupid yes
      but i know it will work
      i woke up early to see my sis's face

      and man is payback good or what?
      i forgot that she had her alarm on
      so she woke up at 9.03
      and the next 15 seconds she screamed!

      i started to act innocent and pretend i didn't do anything!
      but she figure it out and whacked me in the head(owww)

      and now I'm stuck with a rat in my old room
      and in his cage

      I'm think to call him honk jr.
      what do you think?

      this mjolnir_rock
      from the NY
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • merry blarg-mas! pt 4

      12 years ago


      if it isn't old new york the city that i grew up in!

      well it's not really that bad than i expected to be this morning
      i was on the lookout for any of my sister's pranks(read last journal for more details)
      right now i'm just waiting for everyone else to wake up(including my sister)heheheh
      i have a little trick up my sleeve (it's my payback)

      my sister won't know what hit her!
      i'll tell you more about it later on!

      see ya from NY from mjolnir_rock!

    • merry blarg-mas! pt 3

      12 years ago


      right now I'm at new york to visit my friends and relatives
      my mom,and my sis were surprised to see me and my wife

      after we got back to my home i saw my high school friends and my cousins
      were holding up a sign that said "welcome back! john!"
      i was surprised!
      after a while we went to the big hill near our house to go sledding
      we went back home to eat,then (here come the not so good part)
      my sis
      ever since i could remember she been pranking me
      she put a bucket on top of the front door and then (splash!)
      this whole mess of water went on top of me and now i'm sick again!
      i hate her

      well I'm tell you all about tomorrow

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • merry blarg-mas pt2

      12 years ago


      what's up everyone!
      this is john!
      right now I'm in the airplane waiting to get to NY
      i have to say I'm kind of nervous
      cause of 2 reasons

      1.my sis is already there(and sometimes she pulls pranks on me)
      2.i still hope my mom is alive and well cause i been in the marines for almost 10 years and i haven't heard from her since then
      (i still hope she's okay)

      right now,me in the airplane,are
      3.tired-why cause we got on the airplane like at (here in the US)11.30and i still feel lazy
      right now it's 2.10 pm we been in this airplane like almost 4 hours

      well i have to go remember my motto
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • merry blarg-mas!

      12 years ago


      merry blarg-mas everybody!
      well okay it doesn't come until tomorrow at 12.00am
      but still I'm going on a plane to new york to spent time with my family and friends
      I'll be taking my laptop with me to stay in touch with you guys yea!

      for the people who made it to round 5 congrats!

      merry blarg-mas everyone!

    • blarg,blarg!

      12 years ago


      the contest is still on for all the people who answered in round 4

      i decided to give the public my wish list

      1.(for the people who watches raw)to see john cena kick k-fed ass
      2.a million bucks
      3.my XBL back!(sniff!)
      4.a new snowboard
      5.a new cellphone
      6.another cat
      7.another dog
      8.to wish my friends a merry Christmas!
      9.wish the marines who are serving a merry Christmas and to come home safely!
      10.to see black Christmas (playing on Christmas day)
      11.a new computer
      12.halo 3 (which come out next year!)

      i wish all my friends,the public,and the red vs blue cast a merry Christmas!
      also to the marines!


      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • that was fast!

      12 years ago


      here are the people who advances to round 5

      i told you guys i'll cut the numbers in half!

      well the 5 round that was kind of fast!

      this next round is all about my profile!

      here's my questions!

      1.who's my favorite char in red vs blue?
      2.what's my favorite color?
      3.where do i live?
      4.who's my favorite char in halo 2?
      5.what's my favorite food?
      6.what's my favorite book?
      7.what game do i play the most?(hint=i go to the arcade to play it!)
      8.what' my favorite movie?

      there's only one guy that got all these right in one go
      it was iCedrAgOn01
      he was whew!
      he got them all right in one go!

      good luck
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!
      oh and you have to answer all of them
      the first 3 to get them right goes to the next round!
      i forgot sorry!

      yet again another person to figure all this out this guy
      worship him!

    • round 4 start!

      12 years ago


      here are the people who advanced to this round!


      that's it! i congrat you !

      now since there's still lots of people
      i'm going to see if i can cut the number in half!
      round 4 is about...............the halo and halo 2 games

      here's the questions!

      1.what's the stage name when johnson said that's right you mothers! run! answered by texler
      2. what happened to the elite at the beginning of halo 2? answered by grunt551
      3.what decision did cortana make at the high charity stage answered by mc2
      4.what happened to chief at the end of the regret stage? answered by HachetAxe
      5.what happened to cortana at the end of the great journey stage? answered by kyree_san
      6.what were the final 4 words the chief said at the end of halo 2? answered by TrixR4kids

      here's from the halo game

      1.who said "don't get any funny ideas
      2.who said "something tells me i'm not going to like this"

      for the people who did not answer at round 3
      sorry! but you're out!
      well at Saturday I'll put up round 5!

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • round 3 start

      12 years ago


      here are the people who answered a question from the last round

      that's it!
      for the people who didn't answer a question go to my last journal and answer one before 5.30 pm today!

      i've been thinking i should i make round 3
      a red vs blue quotes or halo and halo 2 questions?
      hmmmmmmm....hard decision.....so i asked my wife and my friends
      and they all said red vs blue quotes!
      so here they are
      you have to guess which character said it !

      here they are!

      1.who said" it's amazing what you can make caboose do if you promise him a cookie and orange juice !" answered by HatchetAxe

      2.who said "see sarge is dead of an aspirin overdose? really?" answered by Carnage1

      3.who said "it okay we can still fuck this one!" answered by TrixR4Kids

      4.who said"it emotional conversations like this that make me miss my mom"
      answered by twinky211

      5.who said"woo-hoo! go blue let's win!" answered by grunt551

      6.who said"what about caboose are't they in love or something?" answered by macdaddy45

      7.who said"yellow armor what does that mean?" answered by zeromaster3

      8.who said "hey we're blue now'' answered by blackwolf119

      9.who said "i don't push your buttons and you don't push mine" answered by mel978

      10.who said"and now grif has asked to say a few words about our beloved sarge" answered by mc2

      11.who said"i'm okay!,i'm okay! i'm not okay!" answered by texler

      12.who said" where's the 21 gun salute?!"answered by kyree_san

      13who said"or snacks!? dude i'm asking cause you wanted to!"

      i'll put more quotes up once the people who haven't answered

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!
      good luck!

      in addiction can anyone help me put pics on my about section?
      i got some good ones and i need to know how to put them up!

    • round 2 starts.....now

      12 years ago


      here's the contestants


      i thought why not make round 2 questions about the halo book
      fall of reach?

      here's the questions!

      1.what rank was Jacob keyes at the beginning of the book? answered by texler

      2.what was keyes and Dr.hasley doing in eridanus 2,elysium city? answered by twinky211

      3.what the AI's name in the beginning of chapter 3? answered by kyree_san

      4.who was john's instructor in the beginning of chapter 4? answered by grunt551

      5.for the "playground"with what two people did john get stuck with?
      (include their number too!)
      answered by HatchetAxe

      6.at the end of chapter 5 what rank was john given? answered by Carnage1

      7.name the side effects of the augmentation that made john a spartan?

      8.in chapter 7 where was john when he fought 4 odst's? and in what ship?
      answered by mc2
      9.at chapter 8 what did the spartans needed to get to complete the challenge?

      10.what rank was john at when he got the armor? answered by macdaddy45

      11.what happened to sam at the end of chapter 14 answered by Trix4kids

      12.at chapter 22 what mission did the spartans accomplished?

      13.in page 236 how was cortana described? answered by mel978

      14.who died an pg 328?
      why did she or he died of?

      15in page 249 what 2 things Dr.hasley said that it'll take time to get used to?

      that's it!
      here's the rules
      1.you can only answer ONLY one question!
      2. you lots of chances to get it right!
      3.the next round will start on tuesday!
      4.you MUST MESSAGE me your answer!

      that's it from me!
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!
      from your friend
      my friend daveddude is having a contest check it out!
      also check out my friend's halo1745 journal!

      the people who are not crossed out still need to answer!
      you must turn in your answer by tomorrow before 5.30 pm!
      so please answer!

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