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    • okay new award

      12 years ago


      okay mel978
      made me a new award
      here it is


      to all the people who got my last award
      comment on this journal and i'll give it to you

      from mjolnir_rock

    • my award

      12 years ago


      well i keep seeing these awards being handed out
      and now one of my friends made one for me

      this award is only if you have a cool profile
      also for my friends
      i'm going to be checking your profiles
      and if i thinks it's great i'll give it to you

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!!
      john chase

    • shocking news

      12 years ago


      hey everyone it john chase here
      or mjolnir_rock however you want to call me

      i got very shocking news
      when i went to the hospital with my sister,and my wife's brother
      the doctor told me to come with him i told them to stay with my wife

      he gave me shocking news
      remember when i told you i was going to have a kid?
      well.....let's just say that my wife is not just going to have 1 kid
      she's going to have twins!!!

      i was with my mouth open!!!!
      then i told my sister and my wife's brother
      they were like what!?!?!
      then i told my wife and she said the same thing
      the same with my mom
      and her mom and dad

      well that's my day
      from mjolnir_rock ^ -^
      john chase

    • thanks

      12 years ago


      i like to give thanks to the people who helped me and supported me
      when my wife was in the hospital

      so as a treat all my friends
      can have these pics




      also if you leave a comment
      i'll give you a mod
      ^ _^
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!!

    • good news

      12 years ago


      hey what's up everybody!
      mjolnir_rock giving you some good news here

      i went to the hospital to see my wife
      and the doctor found me and said that the kid is going to be okay
      thank god!!

      my wife will be out of the hospital in 2 weeks
      so she might be able to take care of herself
      while i do some errands
      we just hope that the kid will be born okay

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • the end lyrics for death note

      12 years ago


      well i love death note so much
      will i'm going to give you the ending lyrics
      in both languages

      here ya go

      dare ni mo mirenai yume wo mite iranai mono wa subete suteta
      i saw dream that no one could have seen and threw away anything that was not of use to me

      yuzurenai omoi kono mune ni yadoshite
      unyielding thoughts reside my heart.....

      mada REAL to IDEAL no hazama ni ite gisei no kase ni ashi wo toraretemo
      we're still in the gorge of reality and idealism.
      even if my feet get caught in the shackles of sacrifice.

      afureru shoudou osae kirenai tsuyoku motomeru kokoro ga aru kara
      my overflowing urges cannot be repressed.
      my heart's yearning is too stong

      itsuwari,osore,kyoshoku,urei samazama na NEGATIBU ni
      'lies','fear','ostentation','grief' all kinds of negativity

      torawareru hodo yowakuwanai kodoku mo shiranu trickster
      I'm not weak to be captured by them
      A trickster know no solitude.

    • more about me,me and me

      12 years ago


      more and more people are doing this so why not me?

      1. Name: john
      2. Last Name: chase
      3. Location: Chicago
      4. Place of Birth: New York
      6. Male or Female: male
      7. Bus: ?
      9. Occupation: ex-marine
      10. Initials: J.C
      11. Screen Name: mjolnir_rock
      12. Hair Color: black
      13 hair length-who cares?
      14. Height: 6"9
      15. Glasses: nope
      16. shoe size: 12
      17. eye color: blue

      Your Firsts

      22. First best friend: hmmmmmm.....that would be jake stone
      23. First kiss: with my wife
      24. First Sport: basketball
      25. First thing you did today:woke up
      26: First thing you ate today: does OJ count?
      27. First thing you said today: wow is it really 2007?
      28. First Love: my wife (duh)


      29. Movie: dawn of the dead
      30. TV Show:it takes a thief
      31. color: blue
      32. Rock Band: breaking benjamin
      33. Place to get groceries: the closest
      34. Food: ramen
      35. Season:fall
      36. Candy: the same old candy
      37. Sport: football
      42. Animal: sharks,wolfs,and lions
      43. Book(s): the halo series
      44. Magazine: gameformer


      45. Doing before you started this survey: watching death note
      46. Thinking: nothing
      47. Wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans
      48. Crying: never
      49. Eating: ramen
      50. Drinking dr pepper
      51. Doing: didn't you read #45?
      53. Listening To: papa roach
      54. Thinking about: what to do today
      55. Wanting: a new cat (mine is evil........)
      56. Watching: again didn't you read #45?


      57. Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?: a father
      59. Want to be Married: i am
      60. Career in Mind: i don't know

      Which is Better with the Opposite Sex?

      63. Hair color:black
      64. Hair length: ?
      65. Eye color: green
      66. Measurements: :D
      67. Cute or sexy: cite
      68. Lips or Eyes: eyes
      69. Hugs or Kisses:hugs
      70. Short or Tall: shorter
      71. Easygoing or serious:don't know
      72. Romantic or Spontaneous: don't know
      73. Good or Bad: good
      74. Sensitive or spontaneous: spontaneous
      75. Hook-up or Relationship: relationship
      76. Long courtship?:
      77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant one: trouble maker

      Have You Ever

      78. Kissed a Stranger nope
      79. Had surgery yes to my arm
      80. Gone commando:
      81. Ran Away From Home: 5 times
      82. Broken a bone: yes my leg 2 times
      83. Got an X-ray: to my leg
      84. Been on a cruise: yes 3 times
      86. Dumped someone: nope
      87. Cried When Someone Died:yes when my dad died of stroke
      88. Cried At School:never
      Do You Believe In

      89. God: yes
      90. miracles: yes
      91. Love at First Sight: Yeah, I you want me to prove it, just message me and I'll explain
      92: ghosts: yes
      93: Aliens: no
      94. Soul Mates:yes
      95. Heaven: yes
      96. Hell: yes
      97. Answered prayers:yes
      98. Kissing on The First date that's a trick question
      99. Horoscopes:nope

    • wow i can't beleve it

      12 years ago


      there's lots of people who doesn't have AIM

      here's how to get it (ya noobs)

      first go to google.com and look for aol instant messenger
      then click the one that says AIM.com
      then click the one that says "get a screen name"

      that's it!!
      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

    • happy new year everyone!!!

      12 years ago


      well this it 2006 will end soon
      tell me what were your accomplishments were

      and i'll tell you mine
      and i'l rank them from the best to worse

      1.getting married to woman i love
      2.being with my family and friends at new york
      3.and being here in red vs blue

      you guys can tell which one was the worse
      well this is john chase
      saying see ya and oly oly oxen free
      happy new year!!

    • is there anyone who sponsor me for mods?

      12 years ago


      i want to be a sponsor really,really bad!!!!
      cause of 2 reasons!

      1.i have lots more pics to show you guys but i can't
      2.i want to watch more of my friends!!
      3.i want to see the new episodes of res vs blue when they come out!!!
      i got like 54 mods right now but once i get more like 100
      i will give you all of them!!!!!

      also i'm clearing my watch list
      then i'm going to everyone of my friends pics to see which to watch!!

      see ya and oly oly oxen free!

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