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    • The 4400

      13 years ago


      I am watching the TV show called the 4400. Great series with a deep story and a mix of sci-fi, drama and intrigue. USA network is running the series marathon today7/2/05. Really people give it a look. its really good..well i like it and i dont give bad advice to anyone......
      EDIT the show is on at 8pm central on USA on sunday nights..forgot to mention that......sorry

    • I beg some of my "FRIENDS" .....

      13 years ago


      please read and comment. seems like only some are making any effort unless i harrass them...ok im done bitching.....this message will self destruct!

    • A short time a journal

      13 years ago


      that was right here!
      Due to laziness and the need for MC Chris to get attention and credit...mostly laziness though, i have decided to put up this link and lyrics for the song Fett's Vette by MC Chris. Guys my idol! Is Hesh on Sealab 2021, small roles on Aqua Teen and musician. he deserves some props ppl! (Enter the site....go to "LISTEN" then click the phrase "Life is a bitch and I'm her PIMP!" Click on Fett's Vette for a great SW song!!!


      Cruisin' Mos Espa
      In my Delorian
      War's over I'm a
      Peace time Madalorian

      My story has stumped
      Star Wars historians
      Deep in debate
      Buffet plate at Bennigans

      rhyme renegade
      sure to penetrate
      first and second defense
      I won't hesitate

      Got a job to do and
      Darth's the guy that delegates
      Got something against Skywalker
      Someone he really hates

      I don't give a fuck
      I'm after Solo
      For all I care he could be
      Hiding at Yoda's dojo

      Gotta make the money
      Credit's no good
      When the jawas run the shop
      In your neighborhood

      Think you can cook
      I got a grappling hook
      Let's make this quick
      'Cause I'm really booked

      I'm a devious degenerate
      Defender of the devil
      Shut down all the trash compactor's
      On the detention level

      My backpack's got jets
      I'm Boba the Fett
      I bounty hunt for Jaba Hut
      To finance my vette

      I chill in deep space
      A mask is over my face
      I deliver the prize
      But I still narrow my eyes
      'Cause my time
      I don't like to waste

      Get down

      I'm a question
      Wrapped inside an enigma
      Get inside the slave one
      Find your homing signal

      From Endor to Hoth
      Ripley to Spock
      I'll find what you want
      But there's gonna be a cost

      Say my name is Boba Fett
      I know my shit is tight
      Start not acting right
      You're frozen in carbonite

      Got telescopic sight
      Flame throwers on my wrist
      You still don't get the jist
      Spiked boots are made to kick

      Targets are made to hit
      You think I give a shit
      Your mama is a bitch
      I see you in the Sarlaac Pit

      You just flipped my switch
      Integrity been dissed
      You scratchin' on my itch
      You know I shoot the git

      Got Bambinas at Cantinas
      Waitin' to lick my lusty lips
      So I'll let you get back inside
      You're little space ship

      Give you a head start
      'Cause I'm the sportin' kind
      Consider the starting line
      The sneaky smile I hide inside

      Hope you have hyper drive
      Pray to stay alive
      Don't try to slip me a five
      'Cause I never take a bribe

      To the beat of a different drummer
      Bad ass bounty hunter
      Let no man put asunder
      Or else they be put under

      As in six feet
      Got an Imperial fleet
      Backin me up, gonna blow up
      Any attempt to defeat

      They gotta Death Star
      Got four payments on my car
      Hand it over to Hammer Head
      At Mos Eisley Bar

      He used to carjack
      Now he's a barback
      Just goes to show how you can
      Get back on the right track

      As for me that's not an option
      Can't say that with more clarity
      Me going legit would be like
      Jar Jar in speech therapy

      My backpack's got jets
      I'm Boba the Fett
      I bounty hunt for Jaba Hut
      To finance my vette

      I chill in deep space
      A mask is over my face
      I deliver the prize
      But I still narrow my eyes
      'Cause my time
      I don't like to waste

      Get down

      Slice you open like a Tan Tan
      Faster than the autobahn
      Or a motorbike in Tron
      Do the deed and then I'm gone

      Jaba has a hissyfit
      Contact Calrissian
      Over a colt, the plan unfolds
      No politic is legit

      Back in the day
      When I was a slave
      Living live in the fast lane
      Like in a pod race

      My mean streak tweeked
      I became a basket case
      So this space ace
      Split that place, post haste

      Took up a noble cause
      Called the Clone Wars
      'Cause life's not all about
      Girls and cars

      Getting fucked up
      In fucked up bars
      See I'm not a retard
      Or gay like de barge

      I'm large and in charge
      With a face so scarred
      A cold black heart
      That's been torn apart

      The sith wish that they
      had a dick so hard
      Cuz it's long long ago
      in a pussy far far

      Call me master 'cause I'm
      Faster than Pryor on fire
      I no longer have to hot wire

      I'm a hunter for hire
      With no plans to retire
      And all the sucka MC's
      Can call me sire

      My backpack's got jets
      I'm Boba the Fett
      I bounty hunt for Jaba Hut
      To finance my vette

    • Work, work work all day long.....

      13 years ago


      work, work, work, while I sing this song.....

      have pity on me here. worked 12 hrs yesterday (11am to 11pm) then worked 2pm to 3 am...i am fried.....sleepy time all.........spoon ya laddle!

    • What is your problem??

      13 years ago


      I have had a thought in my head for the past couple of days. What is your problem? No not in a condescending way, in the sense that we all have problems and I have found that speaking of them helps. I am not referring to the fact u need a nose job or that if u just had the money to get new boobs people would like you.

      Let’s look at it this way, I have a hard time focusing on certain subjects, a problem with a smoking addiction, a lack of desire for my body but am too lazy to exercise, or tend to be overly concerned for things I have no real relationship. We all have some sort of vice. My goal here is simple, let the typing be your therapy. Let me know what ails you and I will in turn see if I can help in any small way…….this leads to the possible solution.

      Change is defined simply as an act of making different, to transform or make new.
      This ties into the above thought but in a general way. What is it about you that needs to change? You know its there like a paper that needs to be written and put off daily. All of us need to realize its our desire in life to fit in as best we can. The fact of the matter is that change is inevitable like the sun setting and us dying. What’s funny is people who seem to be apposed to it or afraid of it.

      If you could make one positive change today what would it be? I know each of us has one but I want this to go a step further. A habit requires at least 30 days of continuous use to form. Some more some less but regardless, if you need to do something then do it! Don’t keep putting it off is there? Why? Because you don’t have time? Don’t have energy? Excuses are the first line of defense for change. As soon as we stop making them results tend to show. The next time you catch yourself trying to excuse something that shouldn’t be, you will know what I mean. The difference between an excuse and reason is that a reason is a positive answer where and excuse is usually a cop out. You know I’m right!
      Let me know your desire to change I will do my best to ask you how its going. With some positive reinforcement, I believe that anything you wish to do different may be achieved. And if you post it as a comment, then I think others may be able to relate and help do the same. See past journals about circle theory or ripple effects.

      The world is full of people itching to tell you what your doing wrong or a job that has a file on the mistakes you have made. I want to start a trend of reinforcement and to help people realize that some of us believe the world can be different. Person by person, if we can simply look beyond ourselves and see each other and help in such a simple and small way as a compliment or encouraging word, the world starts to look very new. So again I ask you, what your problem, because I know each of you has one as I do. I am willing to help as I am sure others are but it comes down to one person and one thing: YOU and the desire to be the best you can. Change may be inevitable, but sometimes it can be for the best and when it comes to you only the best will do!

      Thought of the day-It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. -Alan Cohen

      Nonsense for the day times 2-If one synchronized swimmer drowns; do the rest have to drown too? Look out for #1. Don't step in #2 either.

    • Much to do about nothing.....

      13 years ago


      I have found over time that if I save my thoughts for a little bit, I tend to have better things to say than “well I paid my bills and my cat took a dump todayâ€Â. Anyway, I was going to get an AC unit today but was reprimanded for the fact I wanted the biggest one I could get so forget it! Enough of that….

      Now that I vented I wanted to get back to some previous thoughts I have made. Have you ever wondered why people who are down and out seem to have so many things go wrong at once? I know I have but consider this for a second. When someone has a bad day or week or life for that matter, who are they thinking of?? Yep, you know this one! There thinking of themselves and not of anything around them. Yeas depression can be harmful and needs to be treated but what is it besides the ultimate act of selfishness. It screams I want attention but don’t. as we internalize our problems and create a barrier of oh whoa is me, we shut the world out. The more the world is shut out, the further we go down. When the responses we expect to happen do, we justify our position by using extremes like everyone is against me and no one cares about me.

      On the other hand if we focus outside of ourselves and bring the world in, regardless of how good the day is going or not, we tend to worry less about how bad things are or could be and tend to look at our situation as one of a lesson learned. By putting our thoughts and actions on others, be it there problems or there good times, we spread that attitude around us like a ripple effect. Make one person smile and it tends to attract more to it. Negative attitude has no time for others and in turn subjects people around it to move away and keep any concept of happy out, again reaffirming the world hates me approach.

      They say you get more flies with honey and the same works for attitude and emotion. Show people you care, even those who may never see you again. It makes a difference to me. Some of the best compliments and constructive criticisms come from strangers because they have nothing to gain or lose by being honest and polite. Try it sometime! Tell someone how nice they look or that they are doing a great job. I know I like those comments and if more of us keep the ripple effect going, the pond can cover the world!!!

      Thought for today-“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon--instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.†--Dale Carnegie

      Nonsense of the day-“You know your in trouble when the voices in your head also tell you to shut up!â€Â

      *edit*-here is some proof that what i have to say can impact ppl whom i have had no contact with.
      Posted 2 days ago (6/22/05 7:44PM)
      From chickentikka
      man, just read your journel post of a series of unfortunate events,
      i've jus split up with my girl of 4 months tonight and was feeling a little low..... but after your journel entery it got me thinking,
      i've been through many relationships, and felt this way before.
      and it's reminded me...... everything will be alright in the morning!
      cheers ya top dolla bloke!

      Thanks man and again I am glad to help!!!

    • Happy Fathers Day to u all!!! and me!!!

      13 years ago


      well its that time of year again when we dads get to have a day of diffrent gifts and praise!!! good job all you dads! Keep it up!
      My kids are in my images and since i am not expected to do anything today , i am not making a link to it! HA!

      seriously though we love u DADS!!!

    • This is a good entry...I'm POSITIVE!!

      13 years ago


      Ok, the air in the "hood, I've come to call it over the past week, needs to be cleaned. I have seen some good personal journals and some flat sad attempts at "look at me" attention. Here's the thing. I have decided to post only positve things in my journal. Things that still bring people attention to the world without sending all into a tizzy of anger and depression. I see enough of that stuff on the news and newspaper.

      Personally, I think labels and grouping can be misused and wrong. Case in point has to be the stuff I've read on Christians getting a bad rap for the things some do. I am one and trust me, I don't support those positions. I think people today need to simply and truthfully take accountability for there actions. If I am wrong I will attempt to admit it. Can others??Stop pushing off blame on the rest of the world or say well if so and so did it then it must be true of the rest of them. Not to mention believing hte world somhow OWES us something. EARN IT!!!!!!!!!! I am a do onto others kind of person. I will give you more than the time of day and in return, you give me a little respect. Fair?? I think so....

      Does this mean I am not human and have a bad day or won't rant from time to time? Not at all. That' the most wonderful thing about being human. We get to make mistakes and we get to learn from them. I only hope that I can enlighten a few of you from time to time. Others I hope to make laugh. The world is too short to keep putting ideas in peoples heads that the world is a bad place. The good still out weighs the bad here and I hope to continue that.

      *edit* - one more thing if you doubt the validity of who I am or what I stand for, please feel free to IM me on yahoo at muellertime.Or for that matter in here. I am not anything more than i appear to be. (the ppl who this is for know who u are.) I was unfairly judged in the past couple days and just wanted to clear the air. I will treat anybody who comes to me as well as I am treated. That I promise. Ive been lied to in the past and know the sting of it. I would not want to do that to anyone else. THANKS!!!!!

      Thought for the day- There is always someone somewhere having a worse day than you. Like wise there is always someone somewhere who is not. Don't wory about how bad it is. Rather concentrate on how good for you and others you can make it!
      Nonsese for the day- He/she who lives in glass house changes clothes in basement!

    • Out fo the mouth of friends.....

      13 years ago


      i cant take credit for this but found it to be quite funny. the gentleman in question is a clanmate of mine and had this to say on our forum about Vin deisel....

      Vin Diesel didn't actually star in The Fast and the Furious, it was his younger brother, Rim Diesel. Upon hearing that his brother used his name, Vin Diesel proceeded to beat him to death with his own veins. The producer later remarked that although it would have been ironic if Vin Diesel was fast and furious, he was actually slow and calm.

      . Vin Diesel was asked to give his comments on a new game called Enemy Territory. All the classes are of Vin Diesel’s intermixture skills. He has never lost a match and had played 30 skilled players vs Diesel. Once, he threw a grenade from axis spawn and killed all 30 allies. Vin just said, “oopsâ€Â. If you play Oasis, enter the south gun and plant 3 dynos on the light fixture. Then you will blow both guns but beware. Doing so will crash all ET servers for a period of 3 hours.
      Vin Diesel has racked up over nine billion Flawless Victories in Mortal Kombat. Not as a character, he went into the game itself.

      If you dare even think about calling Vin Diesel by his real name, it will set off a chain of events that would find the two of you, decades from now, trying to kill each other with .50 caliber Browning M2 machine guns in Chilpancingo, Mexico on New Years Eve. While dressed as penguins.

      As a child, Vin Diesel could be found staring absently across a large gorge. When asked what he was doing, he said he was going to burn the bridge down. Well I'll be a flyswatter's Aunt Sally if he didn't sit there for 14 years waiting for that bridge to be built, and when it finally was he torched it and was gone in the blink of an eye.

      Vin Diesel now never plays a medic, engineer or any other class besides mortar. He is the game and can disable dynos, blow bridges etc.. by gazing at the enemy on his monitor and using him as a flotation device, pliers etc.. He just struts down the map holding a motar and smiting everone!

      The last digit of pi is Vin Diesel

      Vin Diesel’s secrets to his playing style were once leaked when he was swimming at the Bay of Bengal near Bangladesh. He needed a rest since he started in New York. While resting at a Port Blair, he absorbed too much of the ocean floor nutrients. He began advising people of whom he had no idea but they where afraid to walk away since his eyes emitted a glowing hazes that attracted people in a 50 mile radius. He then explained that his average FPS is precisely 100343.333333333. His monitor actually displays average human characters. He gets upset when fighting little characters. He didn’t get too much in the specs of his custom personal computer that he built from sand and parts from lamont’s (Sanford and Son junkyard)house after he had that hear attack. All he muttered was that 1.21 jigawatts was needed since his energy is absorbed via his sweat that evaporates into the device.

      Vin Diesel once faked his own death after a sheperd boy hit him in the head with a rock from a sling

      oh...i remember an ol tail stating....God and TMAN (another of my clanmates)once made a bet for the souls of all mankind. The challenge was to see who could eat the most chicken pot pies in 60 seconds, which Vin Diesel won by 3 pies. He still hasn't decided what to do with the all souls.

      i thought it was funny anyway.......LMFAO~!!

    • A Series of Unfortunate Events???

      13 years ago


      Alas..this could be said of the past couple days. The old saying goes Life gives you lemons then make lemonade. Then i thought what if you don't have the recipe? that was my attitude of life for quite a while. Then I realized something of it all. Out of every so called bad thing that has happened to me, some good has always come of it. so to continue on the first thought; if I don't have the recipe I will make my own!!! Such is my view of life now and connects in no small regard to my journal entry of the Circle Theory.

      On my way to work Thurs. afternoon I got a flat tire and had to walk about a mile or more to work, was late and, well, had to work 8 hours before i could get back to my disabled vehicle. Upset? not really......I did my job as usual and got a ride to my car to repair the bad tire. Sure it might seem like a hassle and one would wonder what good could have come of it. First, I came to realize that people by nature like to help you if they can. The guy from work who frove me went a couple miles out of his way to get me to my car. He asked if I wanted help, but i really didn't need it so i sent him on his way. Secondly and most important my waife called and made sure I was ok as i was changing the tire. There is a lot to be said of anyone, significant other or not, who does this sort of thing. It amde me feel special and important.

      The next day i called somewhere to get it fixed and explained that my car probably needed more work than four tires. I was right to the tune of over $800.00. Disheartened?? no not really. WHy you ask? Because the car, a 94 Ford Taurus, was bought back in 2000, paid off 2003 and in that time has had no problems. That means I have never spent any real money on the car except to get oil changed and make its payments. Simply put, I call the money spent overdue maintanence and did I mention that when they check the brakes, which I replaced, I had none because the cylinders had frozen about 2 or so yrs ago they figured. Lady luck don't fail me now!!! Regardless, my car is home, paid for and running great!!

      Oh but the story continues.....My PC has been a sore spot for the last couple months. I have the problem of having to reinstall XP about every 3 weeks. This time though my DVD/CDRW doesn't work either. (Mind you my car is now in the shop and I now need to get this thing fixed). SOOOOO, I call the place that built it and I decided to take it in. Not sure what might be wrong with it but whatever it is won't be cheap to find. Am I upset?? Am i typing?? Right now I have a laptop and my brothers PC to work with so I'm fine and my PC will be fine too when it's fixed. IF it can't be repaired correctly the well I deal with it the way it is and in the end get a new faster better one. So how am I suppose to be upset by this!!!

      Am I done? Hardly!!! For times sake I won't get into all the rest of the things I tend to endure in a normal week. What I will tell you is this: Life is way too short to let the normal or even abnormal events that occur day to day bring me down. As you can see i may not have the recipe. I may not have all my ducks in a row, but i finally made sense of an old old saying that forever got to me because I wouldn't, not didn't, understand it.....A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Why that one? Because happiness ladies and gentlemen isn't defined by what we have or do. It isn't defined by sun or rain or all the great things that may or may not surround us. It's defined by US! If happiness could be summed up into one word it's this~CONTENTMENT. You find what makes you content and believe me, that next batch of lemonade life forces you to make will never taste better!
      PS-watched A Series of Unfrtunate Events tonite as well...LOL! Good movie.

      THOuGHT OF THE DAY~ I wasn't always this way nor am i perfect and have my moments but remember this, LIFE WILL PASS BY LIKE WATERFALLS THAT NEVER TOUCH THE SKY.

      Nonsense for the day~ Why is it when Donald Duck takes a shower, he wears a towel, but when he's out and about he wears no pants???

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