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    • RWBY and the Wizard of Oz

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      mummyfrog Team RWBY

      Right so Ozpin is supposed to be the Wizard Oz

      And Glynda is The good witch.

      What about everyone else?

      I believe Ruby represents Dorothy as both are the protagonists, Dorothy has her read slippers and Ruby has her red cloak.

      Blake is the cowardly lion, The lion is always afraid and Blake is always running, (usually people run out of fear)

      This is where people could help me explain this a bit.

      Weiss could be the Tinman. The Tinman wanted a heart. Weiss defiantly has emotion issues as heard in the "White Trailer" during "Mirror Mirror"

      And Yang could be The Scarecrow as Yang needs a brain metaphorically. She always rushes into a fight without thinking and letting her emotions overwhelm her. This is clear in episode 11, she rushes in without thinking and loses her arm.

      Of course they are already based off of other fairy tale character but they could be based off of more than one.

      If anybody agrees/disagrees say son in the comments, and if you have anymore evidence feel free to expand the theory.

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    • RWBY Volume 3 finale discussion (spoilers)

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      mummyfrog Team RWBY

      Right so firstly something is up with Pyrrah "Do you believe is destiny?" That seems like a specific question don't ya think?

      Next right I think this kinda proves that Ruby is a maiden. I mean the eye wisps (or whatever) looked pretty similar to Cinders.

      Next, so because Qrow can turn into a crow is it possible that Raven can turn into well, a raven? There was a suspicions bird looking into Yang's window at the end.

      Ozpins defiantly not dead, that's all there is too it.

      And then Salem voiced by Jen Taylor. Part Grimm part human? She defiantly looked like a grimm. I'd also wager she can control the grimm and possibly let Cinder borrow her power as Cinder calmed down the dragon grimm quite easily.

      Anyway, write your theories down below!

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      mummyfrog Team RWBY

      Look right, my theory goes completely off of naming tropes but bare with me.

      OK so firstly this theory came to be after reading somebody else's, I forget who they are anyway.

      Right so Cinder FALL is the new AUTUMN maiden right. So what if Summer Rose was the SUMMER maiden and was killed by Cinder and co. (Also right I don't think Cinder is the leader.) But right Summer managed to give he powers to Ruby Rose before she died thus making Ruby the new summer maiden. If we continue this patter Winter Schnee could be the Winter maiden. I have less to go off of here but her name is WINTER and they made a huge detail out of her previously considering she was only in like three episodes. The only problem is that no character introduced yet is named spring (although there could be someone with Spring in another language)

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      mummyfrog Team RWBY
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      mummyfrog Team RWBY
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