So even though this journals probably never gonna be read by anyone, i just feel like writing one.

Today i was supposed to see my all time favorite band, A Day to Remember, for the first time. Unfortunately, my overly strict mother decided that a concert at night with my 21 year old friend was too much for me to handle, and i ended up not going. My fahj on the other hand decided i was responsible, mature, and old enough to partake in the badasserrie. Not knowing what to do, i decided i would see them another time. As painful as that decision was, i still don't regret it. But a friend who did get to go told me what went down: crazy mosh pit, Jeremy Mckinnon rolling around in a huge ball with a scruff, and people jumping off of balconies.

WTF, now I still don't regret not going, but i honestly do hope the next ADTR show is as awesome as this one.

tumblr_lqnjliG0XP1r276z3o1_500.gif (not actual gif from tonights show)

also today was the day my spotify decided to play ever ADTR song, on shuffle