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      Recently the true form of Hip Hop has made a huge comeback. With artists from the States and the United Kingdom making waves in the music world. Hip Hop has gone back to what it used to be. All about the beats and sick lyrics. No longer do we have to subject ourselves to 50cent and Pdiddy and others of low class.

      If you are into hip hop or want to get into hip hop jus post a question here or tell us what your favourite hip hop artist is and/or song.

      This thread can also be used to talk about Drum And Bass and the whole Ambient movement of chill out music.

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    • Field Hockey

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      The next Field Hockey World Cup is coming up soon. This thread is for anyone who wishes to discuss the recent internationals held or their experiences as a Field Hockey player.

      I play Goalie and Full Back... recently i have moved to my prefered Full Back position so i can take my beloved Penatly Corners.

      If anyone wants to watch free Field Hockey matches click here

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    • Cricket World Cup 2007

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      The up and coming Cricket World Cup in 2007 is being held in the West Indies (Jamaica) and some matches in the United States . In my personal opinion its going to one of the better World Cups in recent history. Expect the 1992 World Cup when Pakistan won it. Australia have won the last two World Cups in a row and this time we are hoping for a more even competition.

      This thread is just for anyone interested in Cricket and Your opinions on the up and coming World Cup and any International fixtures as they are happening.

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    • blueproject

      14 years ago

      Hey Rookie

      hmm, hip hop, I'm down with that. I saw J5/faithless/N*E*R*D/Audio Bullys and many many more last summer....

    • _HK_47_

      14 years ago

      Best song ever. I am the Walrus - The Beatles.

    • PiperHo

      14 years ago

      dude. if you played your SNES for 52 hours straight, you're god.
      that is all i have to say, badass!

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