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    • Soooo...... Do we know when RTX 2019 is?

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      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      I'm a little bit crazy in always wanting to book as early as possible for RTX. The last few years, they've announced when the next RTX was pretty quickly after or even during the previous one. Anybody have any idea if there's been any announcement hidden anywhere yet?

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    • 2018 was probably the best large scale RTX ever put on: A Mea Culpa

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      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      Last year I was pretty direct in my criticism of RTX 2017. I tried very hard to be even handed, pointing out both the good and the bad, but for me it was extremely difficult to get past the bad in my head to really acknowledge the good. If you look hard enough, you can probably find that post.

      This year, I didn't really know what to expect. I was more than willing to see what was going to happen with security. To me, it seemed like a pretty brilliant move to open up security several hours before it was even possible to do anything. It would completely solve the awkward issue of people paying to get into the expo hall an hour early and not even getting in at the official start time from last year. 

      Also, I loved the fact that so many good panels were scheduled against each other. I know that pisses some people off, but to me it was a brilliant way of making it easier (possible) to actually go to the panels you really wanted, no matter what badge level you had. 

      Before going in, my only real concern was something most people probably don't care about. The platinum/plus/whatever lounge was looking like there would be zero improvement over the previous year, which was a bummer, because I'd spent a ton of time emailing a bunch of people trying convince everyone I could that that room absolutely needed someone in charge who could do things like change streams and help people out where needed.

      When RTX 2018 started, the thing I was most struck by was the complete lack of drama. Everything was easy. I didn't totally love that people were being made to wait in line outside for the early FunHaus panel, but the simple fact was that there was absolutely zero reason to wait in that line if you didn't want to, because you could get into the panel even after the line was completely done. And hell, you even had a shot at some truly stellar seats during the yellow tag seat shifts that happened a few minutes before the panel started.

      This was, as far as I could tell, true of every single panel I attended both Friday and Saturday. Even the Saturday AH panel was engineered to let stragglers in, which has historically been famous for being impossible to see without waiting 4 hours in line or longer. But that makes sense, because to visit that panel, you were officially making a decision between AH, Always Open, SP7, and even RVB, all of which either overlapped or started without any time to rush from venue to venue. Hell, I even got a seat in the main room to watch AH vs FH, which I don't think has ever happened before.

      Ultimately, this scheduling limited the number of panels you could go to, but that limit had already existed in the past, only now the limit was in our choice, not based on factors out of our control. 

      Given the nature of these panels, I didn't really feel the need to visit the lounge as much. In years past, it's effectively been the sad overflow room. Now it really was a lounge. But this year either someone was listening to me or a decision was made independently to go ahead and place a guardian in the room, and it was fantastic. I visited during the Friday AH panel, and without any prompting (that I saw, it's possible somebody asked before I thought about it), the guardian switched it over from commercials to AH. It was exactly what I was hoping for. 

      Meanwhile, the RTX app was brilliantly giving me announcements about panel and line availability on a regular basis. Whoever was in charge of inputting and counting that stuff was doing brilliantly and coordinating brilliantly, and I want to give them a big hug. In my head, there's a room somewhere in the convention center staffed with all the people from a Jason Bourne movie, except their only job is to monitor how much space is available at large panels. 

      Even the nights have been brilliant. I saw Blood Fest and Kinda Funny Stand Up (If Greg Miller ever reads this, congrats on the baby, and Rock Chalk!). I missed the platinum party (turns out they don't let you in if you show up at 12:10 to a party that ended at 12, who knew!?), but I haven't heard anything negative. I was assuming First Night was going to be chaotic, and I haven't even heard any negatives about that. It's just amazing.

      As long as Sunday is even vaguely as good as everything else, I'll say right here and right now that the 2018 RTX has been the best RTX ever put on by the company, save for maybe the original 500 person RTX that I missed. Hats off to @Bethany, @nicolew, @SailorTweek, @Chelsea, the guardians, and all the people I didn't talk to or forgot I talked to about this year or last year. You've outdone yourselves in the best way possible. You took any negative expectations I may have had and absolutely blew them out of the water.

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    • I just applied for Funhaus's Production Coordinator job...

      1 year ago

      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      And I've never written a more ridiculous cover letter. But I had enough fun writing it that I thought I'd share it here for posterity. It turns out, it's way more fun writing cover letters for jobs you're absolutely never going to get. Here it is:


      I spend a lot of my time applying for jobs that tend to match my work history, and the results are rarely positive. Like... super rarely. This time, I thought I'd apply for a job that frankly doesn't match at all, but sounds like a lot of fun. My skin is leathery and tough from the rejection at this point, and it's not like you can pre-fire me.

      Wait, that might be exactly what you can do.


      After a bit of thought, if you do decide not to accept my application, I'd appreciate it if you informed me by specifically letting me know that I was pre-fired.

      I am a software project manager for media center software called Kodi (previously XBMC). If you ever hacked an Xbox in college or knew that weird kid down the hall that did that kind of stuff, there's a good chance you saw software I worked on.  Also, you may still owe that weird kid a spool of solder. My job is to handle administrative duties, communicate across departments, onboard interns, have a strong understanding of video and metadata, and have a love of pop culture. Like, the weird kind of pop culture love that forces you to have long, outraged arguments about the correct episode order of Season 4 of Futurama, while simultaneously believing that Charlie Chaplin's City Lights is the most beautiful movie ending ever made.

      I also run a few YouTube channels, including my own KordKutters and TeamXBMC, in which I provide helpful guides, chat with various people, and edit like a crazy person on occasion. These videos rarely do much with comedic timing, so here's some nonsense I put together for the RTX Ambassador application. I have a fair amount of experience with Premiere, Photoshop, LumaFusion, and Typorama.

      With the quick intro that suspiciously seems to match the job description out of the way, let's get down to brass tax.

      Look, I realize trying to squeeze my background into this job makes basically zero sense. I realize I should probably confine my efforts to software project management positions. But I've had a passion for internet video since the day I realized Strongbad was the main character on Homestar Runner's show. And I've loved the Funhaus brand of comedy since the day I watched Joel toss a VHS tape at YouTube's lawn. You will find more qualified people for this job. (Seriously, I mean, it's not even a question.) And you may find more passionate people for this job. (Again, the likelihood is pretty high.) But... uh... But I am also here! Oh, and I know the head of the VLC project, so that's pretty cool, right?

      In closing, here is a photo I took with you guys one time that I thought was pretty funny.

    • It would be cool to have a new community channel INSIDE the new website

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      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      This... might not be possible, but bear with me. I work on a project where anyone can submit code to make the project better. I was taking a break from working on that project and watched the new 15 Year RT Doc, and it got me thinking. In that doc, Matt said the whole point of the community site was for community members to entertain each other when there was no other content. 

      Perhaps it's a crazy idea, but what if a re-invention of the community site did just exactly that. People (for the sake of discussion, let's say only people with first memberships, because of cost) could upload their own videos to the site, to be played back using the exact same player as the site uses. Then, through some qualification process, possibly popularity or possibly through recommendation of mods and staff, the most popular videos could get put into a queue to be featured on the main site, just like any other video RT makes. 

      This way, RT gets extra (frankly free) content, and they give people a new reason to become first members, with the possible promise of one day maybe getting contract work or similar. And the community gets a new, cool way to participate in the company. This also would allow people to make RT edits like "The Best of..." without worrying about Youtube copyright strikes.

      Right now we can already participate by submitting art and doing fun things like crazy photoshops. But RT is a video company at the end of the day, and that's where some of the best community submissions come from. (Looking at you @Jordan )

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    • If anyone wants to sell their Platinum badge, I'm buying

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      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      Well, I missed the minute of double gold and the literal 3 seconds of First, and am now without a platinum badge. If anyone ends up with an extra or can't go, please think of me. I'll happily pay whatever, so long as it's at least somewhat reasonable. 

      edit: And, I mean, if it's unreasonable, I'm still willing to talk. Don't let that hold you back!

      edit 2: And I also have a weekend plus if you want it.

      edit 3: If I get a ticket, I'll update this post to say so. Currently, I still need a platinum pass.

      edit 4: No longer need a ticket. I used the upgrade path described here:

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    • Ignoring Friend Requests

      1 year ago

      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      Hi there all, if you send me a friend request and happen to be a beautiful woman in a bikini or similarly skimpy clothing and you happen to be a real human being instead of a bot, please accept my apologies for assuming you are a bot. But let's be honest, you're probably a bot. 

    • Sex Swing Episode 1 remix

      2 years ago

      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      I recut episode one of Sex Swing, because I was convinced it could be tightened and put into a Funhaus sort of style. Here's the result.

    • Selling two days worth of one VIP pass

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      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      This is a weird one for sure. My sister would like to use my second VIP ticket on Friday, but then is heading down to San Antonio over the weekend. So I've an extra VIP pass for Saturday and Sunday available, as well as one of the signing codes. I believe she isn't planning on going to the Friday night party either, so you could probably get it at the end of the day on Friday and go to that as well. I'd like to sell it at cost minus 1/3rd, so a bit over 400 bucks. If anyone is interested, message me. 

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    • VIP was not as good this year

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      natethomas Kodi Project Manager

      Let me start by saying that if you can afford it, VIP tix remain a nobrainer. With that said, for those have been around for two or even three years, I think I can say without question that the experience has gotten markedly worse this time around. I don't expect this to change. If anything, I'm guessing the downward trajectory will continue next year, but I thought I might detail the biggest changes anyway.

      The biggest and undoubtedly worst change has been a major population increase. This means panels have actually run out of VIP seats, which doesn't bug me all THAT much. But it also means that staff no longer feels comfortable hanging out in the VIP room.

      Two years ago, the staff hangout area was the same thing as the VIP room. Last year, there may have been a split, I'm not really sure? But this year, the split is complete and total. The VIP room is way on the edge of the convention, and whenever staff do come in, which is rare (I saw Jack), they're mobbed by non-staff.

      This mobbing was a common occurrence. There were literal lines of VIPs waiting to talk to staff at the VIP party. For the past two years, the VIP party was a place to casually say hello and then move on. This year, there were some staff members that I genuinely felt sorry for, because they couldn't get away from the mob.

      This actually dramatically improved after midnight, when the party turned into a bar and the under 21 crowd had to leave. Take that for what you will.

      I love being a VIP. I love getting into panels early and doing a lot of extra cool stuff. But I hate the sense that my VIP crowd has turned, this year, into what is basically just another burden for the staff to deal with.

      Like I said at the beginning, I don't see a solution for this. It's just a thought I wanted to air

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    • Kiwi OCC Time Lord

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      You need to add that image from Michael's Superhero Name here so we can all like it and spread it around! It is awesome!

      • Kiwi OCC Time Lord

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        It shows up on the "everyone" tab when you're browsing your feed. All it takes is an additional "like" and it goes right back up to the top!

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        Sure thing. I uploaded it just now. I'm not sure how to share it though. Pretty new to actually using this site.

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