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    • Two weeks later and still nothing

      4 months ago


      Well, that's not exactly true. Gray has tweeted about it, Chelsea made a post, but neither actually answered the things we actually want to know. While it's nice that they finally confirmed it officially, and updated the error screen, we still have no more information.

      If you don't know (and I don't blame you with the misleading advertising) gen:lock is blocked from Japan and China. We were never told this. Many people bought (not me, but others did) bought First memberships to watch gen:lock and found they could not. We don't know why, and yes - this is RT's responsibility, not Japan's. Please look at my other posts for more information.

      We want to know when we can watch this show, how we can watch this show. We want to know why we weren't told, why it was region locked in the first place. We want to know if more shows will be region locked in the future, and if anyone will bother to tell us.

      If you don't want to care, then I don't know what to tell you. This could very well happen to you and your region, and if we don't make a stink now then you will be left in the dark too.

      This isn't an attack on the community managers, I know they're doing their best and are most likely just the messengers. Fans in Japan and China simply do not want to be ignored. It feels as if RT thinks they can get away with not saying anything because this audience is not predominantly English speaking. But this issue will not go away if you ignore it. We will keep making posts on the site, reddit, twitter, etc. I plan to. I plan to cancel my first membership, and to actively tell fans in this region to either not bother buying one or cancelling theirs. It is not worth getting one if we aren't getting what we paid for. 

      Just give us an actual update.

    • gen:lock is region locked and you should care

      4 months ago



      As mentioned in my last post, gen:lock is officially black listed from Japan. We are not allowed to watch it, and nothing has been said about the situation. The above image was only added today. Before it was just a black screen, leading JPN fans to piece the situation together enough to complain on reddit, where we finally got some confirmation from an RT site engineer. (Link here)

      The main problem here is of course, we were never told. Gen:lock has been massively advertised and promoted as a FIRST exclusive show. So many JPN region fans with FIRST accounts excitedly logged on, only to find a blank screen. Not once in any of the advertisements was it said that it would be blocked in Japan. We had no idea. We still don't have any sort of official confirmation on why. All we want to know is when and how we will be able to watch the show.

      Maybe they "forgot". Maybe they didn't think the JPN fanbase was big enough to complain, or don't speak English well enough to say anything. That isn't true. RT made this show and they are the ones who choose the distribution licenses. They chose to do this.

      As far as I know, this is the first time a region has been excluded from watching a video on this site. If this is now the new normal, then Rooster Teeth has to start telling people. Not just sitting around and hoping no one will notice.

      So why should you, those who don't like in Japan, care about this?

      Well, you might be next. That sounds dramatic yes- but it is true. This is a major shift for the sight and they definitely won't implement this just for one show. As RT works with more outside licenses, such as with Day 5, we may see more shows removed or blocked from certain regions. Even shows that are marketed as FIRST exclusives, despite this, you will still be paying the same amount for a FIRST account with no additional programming. Licenses are tricky, and I'm not going to blame RT for deciding to make distribution deals. 

      But I will blame them for not telling anyone.

      Luckily, if this starts happening you will at least know why your video doesn't play - you will have the screen above, which us JPN region fans did not have. But if you want to know ahead of time if something will be region locked, I recommend you start caring now. Because they didn't feel the need to tell us, and if no one complains they won't feel the need to tell you.

      We aren't asking for them to break the distribution deal, rather to just tell us that it even exists. For the sake of transparency, they should be telling us that it will not be available in certain regions, and since RT owns the license, they should be providing updates on when and how the show will be available. 

      If you live anywhere that isn't in the US, you probably deal with this sort of annoyance all the time. My recommendation is to let them know now what you want out of this change, so that getting blindsided in the future doesn't happen to you. If you don't want to see the site split up by region then give them feedback. If you expect transparency give them feedback. More people need to do this, not just the JPN region fans.

      As of now, I have received no official comment on anything. I will update accordingly when (if) RT ever decides to tell us what is going on.

    • Surprise! Gen:lock is region locked!

      4 months ago


      Hey RT, maybe it would have been nice to let us know gen:lock is apparently region locked out of Japan and China? You know, instead of telling us that the first episode would be available for "absolutely everyone". As far as I know this is the first time you've region locked something on the site. If you're going to start doing this then you also have to start TELLING us this. Many users who live in Japan have tried to watch the episode only to find a black screen instead of a notification. I had no idea it wasn't a browser based problem until I found another comment from another user from Japan who had the same problem. From there, many users have pieced together the region lock. 

      You have to announce this. In both English AND Japanese for your user base. No one expected this as this is the first time that this has happened (once again, as far as I know). We were all led to believe that the usual First restrictions applied. But I'm a First member, and have been one for years, I cannot watch any of the episodes. 

      Be more transparent. If this is the new way things are then you have to TELL us. You have to announce it, or have a message pop up saying it's blocked in your region. Frankly I'm extremely disappointed. I was not expecting this to be my return post to the site.

      Be better.

    • Guess Who Finally Caught up on RvB?

      3 years ago



      That's right, me. Definitely didn't cry at the end of season 10...

    • RTX 2016 is a go!

      3 years ago


      Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? Life really caught up to me in the past couple months. But now it's summer, and I actually have time to think again. I passed all my classes, survived lacrosse season, and now RTX is right around the corner.

      After trying to go for the past couple years, my friends and I are finally making it to RTX. We bought our tickets months ago, and less than 15 minutes ago I just confirmed our Airbnb reservation. It's all set!

      Hopefully I'll see some of you guys in Austin!

    • giving it another shot

      3 years ago


      Hey guys! I'll post a bigger update soon, but for now I'm just putting it out there that I entered the BIGBITE fanart contest again. Please vote for me!


    • Journal Update: 2/20/2016

      3 years ago


      I'm trying to do this thing where I start posting journals updates about stuff.

      So the past couple weeks have been pretty rough. I got hit in the head during lacrosse practice and ended up with a concussion, so that sucks. On top of that I'm sick, so I've basically been feeling like crap all week. I'm not supposed to practice or do stuff on the computer, so I haven't been able to do anything that I really like to do. So no drawing, video games, working out. It really sucks walking past the field and seeing the rest of my team practicing without me. I'm also trying to stay on top of my work, but it's kinda hard to do that when you're told to limit screen time, especially is you're a comp sci major like I am. Hopefully I should be back to normal soon.

      Yeah so, that's really the first journal update I've posted. I'm gonna try to post a weekly one if I can, and hopefully some new art once I've been cleared for screen time (yes I know I'm obviously on a screen right not, but it's not the same as staring at one intensely without f.lux). See you guys later.


      Here's a picture of mercury in booty shorts that I drew for someone on tumblr and never posted here.

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